My Divine Diary-Chapter 459

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Chapter 459

In the moment when the giant crystal bomb suddenly appeared, all the cultivators around gathered their attention. Only one thought came to their minds: Is this massive green ball the Crystal Thief?

Before anyone could react, the giant crystal ball erupted in an instant.

The faint green light emitted from it turned into a dazzling white light, expanding instantly to several hundred meters in diameter like a sun appearing out of nowhere, illuminating the earth into a bright white. Everyone who saw it couldnt help but have their pupils shrink to needlepoints, closing their eyes. The white light even penetrated the thick protective mist array, illuminating the entire fog.

The dozen or so Unity Realm cultivators enveloped by the light ball had not yet understood what had happened. Their layered shields collapsed one after another, and their entire consciousness was turned into a blank white void. They lost their ability to think, sinking into eternal whiteness.

The remaining twenty-plus cultivators who were luckily not enveloped by the white light felt an unimaginable force smashing into them. As their outer shields shattered, their soul consciousness also shattered into pieces, not even having a simple thought anymore.

If they were to have any thoughts at this moment, it would be white!

If they were lucky enough to survive today, they would never forget this extreme whiteness, as if it could pierce through their souls.

Their bodies were unable to resist, being shot outwards like cannonballs.

Their powerful spiritual power appeared so weak in the face of this immense force.

All of this happened in just an instant.

Yet, for many cultivators, this moment seemed endlessly long, as if their consciousness had been frozen.

A powerful shockwave spread from the center, causing the grass, trees, and rocks on the surface of the surrounding mountains to disappear in a short period of time. Some mountains were blown into dust, scattering outward.

The protective mist that permeated the Yunzhong Valley was also blown away in an instant, allowing many cultivators who were fighting inside to catch a last glimpse of the two suns in the sky.


Following closely was a loud roar, and after hearing this roar, the ears of many cultivators immediately buzzed, unable to hear any sound around them for a short time.

The intense vibration made everyones scalp tingle, and their bones instantly softened, as if their bodies were about to collapse at any moment.

This also caused many cultivators movements to slow down, giving the enemy a chance to shoot directly.

Whats happening???

This was the confusion in the hearts of all the cultivators, a scene they had never seen before.

Did a Unity Realm cultivator self-destruct? But even if a Unity Realm cultivator self-destructed, it couldnt have this kind of power, which was incomparable to the explosion this time.

Yashan took advantage of the enemys momentary distraction. After killing an enemy with one sword, he immediately showed a knowing smile. This is Boss Weis bomb!

Following the explosion, a brief 0.3-second silence was observed for the unfortunate soul who was blasted.

On the other side, Feng Ling and others wore bewildered expressions, not knowing what had happened. With a trembling hand, they casually shot and killed the intruders who had been stunned, then exchanged puzzled glances.

Feng Ling muttered to herself, Could it be something Feng Wei caused? Impossible But whats impossible?

Feng Cheng and Feng Huas ears were buzzing, and their muscles were tense. Obviously, this had exceeded their cognitive range.

Meanwhile, the Elders of the Yunzhong Valley were unaware that their leader had escaped alone, leaving them behind to hold the line. They continued to steadfastly maintain the mountain protection array, fighting against the invading enemies.

However, they gradually found themselves overwhelmed. More and more disciples died, and one by one, the array nodes were disabled. It wouldnt be long before the mountain gate was breached.

When they saw the dazzling white light outside the mountain gate and heard the tremendous roar, they were reinvigorated and mustered a bit of fighting spirit, doing their best to resist the enemy Nascent Soul cultivators. It must be our leader! If the leaders are fighting outside the sect, we cannot lag behind!

Some Nascent Soul cultivators from the Eighteen Sects guarded outside the sect gate to prevent disciples of the Yunzhong Valley from escaping. At this moment, they looked into the distance, feeling the powerful shockwave, equally puzzled.

Whats happening?

This is so shocking! What kind of magic could cause such a scene!

The explosion Isnt the Sect Patriarch there?

Should we go and take a look? Only crazy people would go! Its better to move away while we can.

Out of the thirty-nine Unity Realm cultivators, twenty-one survived after the explosion.

Eighteen cultivators died directly in the violent explosion, and their bodies were difficult to find intact.

Among these eighteen Unity Realm cultivators, fifteen were directly killed within the core of the explosion, while the remaining three could not withstand the subsequent strong impact and died as their entire protective shields shattered.

The surviving twenty-one Unity Realm cultivators were scattered farther away and barely withstood the explosion. However, they were heavily injured, looking miserable. They no longer had the calm and ethereal appearance they had before.

When they barely regained their senses, they subconsciously tried to activate their shields, only to find that their spiritual power had become chaotic and uncontrollable. Although they managed to activate their shields, they appeared much weaker than before.

Their Heart-Locking Formation, formed by multiple types of spiritual power, had unexpectedly collapsed!

In other words, their Unity Realm cultivation, obtained through the assimilation of other compatible spiritual powers, was shattered in the violent explosion!

At this moment, only the spiritual power cultivated from scratch by themselves could still be controlled at will. The spiritual power acquired through plunder gradually slipped out of their control. If they couldnt find a place to meditate and reorganize the chaotic spiritual power in their bodies, these Unity Realm cultivators would regress back to Nascent Soul cultivators.

The key point was that once they regressed, it would be impossible for them to cultivate back again. As their bodies foundation collapsed along with the dispersion of spiritual power, even if they remained as Nascent Soul cultivators, they would be extremely weakened. Whether they could live for another ten years would be an unknown.

We need to leave this place and stabilize our injuries as soon as possible! The Unity Realm cultivators who realized this fact were filled with despair, hastily activating their techniques and fleeing for their lives.

However, to their horror, they found that their escape speed had slowed to the point where it was barely faster than Nascent Soul cultivators

The Sect Master of the Elemental Constellation Sahne Peaks, Ling Xuan, was now filled with extreme regret. Everything was fine, so why did he have to join in the excitement? Now, he might end up getting himself involved in trouble.

From the beginning, he couldnt deal with that Crystal Thief, yet he still thought about causing trouble for the other party!

Desire for profit truly clouds the mind!

However, as a Unity Realm cultivator, he had already reached the pinnacle of this world. What else could he want? What other benefits could he pursue? Wasnt it good enough to enjoy food, drink, and entertainment for the rest of his later years?

What exactly had clouded his judgment back then, he no longer had time to ponder. He just wanted to leave as soon as possible, exerting all his efforts and constantly accelerating his escape technique. freewebno(v)el

When Su Hao saw the white light rising from afar, his spiritual perception was disrupted by the intense explosion, causing him to lose track of the Unity Realm cultivators.

Su Hao murmured, The power of this explosion seems decent. It should be able to directly kill several, right? If I cant kill a few, it would be a bit of a loss to throw out half of my spiritual power!

It wasnt until the explosion subsided that Su Haos spiritual perception returned. It was also at this moment that the shockwave from the explosion finally reached Su Haos location, accompanied by some sand and wind hitting his tall crystal armor.

However, over such a distance, the shockwave had already lost its power, only able to rustle the surrounding grass and leaves.


The rumbling sound stretched out and reached Su Haos ears.

Su Hao lifted the long knife in his hand, shimmering with a faint blue light, and swung it twice to test its feel. A deep voice came out, There are still reactions from twenty-one Unity Realm cultivators, but compared to before, they are much weaker and chaotic! Ill go and greet them now.Hehehe, the Crystal Thief youre looking for has arrived!

Su Hao fully expanded his spiritual perception, locking onto the Unity Realm cultivator with the lowest number above his head: Number 19!


As a Unity Realm cultivator hurriedly fled, a dazzling blue light suddenly flashed from the side, slicing through his fragile shield while cutting across his neck.


The head flew up, while the body continued to fly into the distance

After crushing the head with his off-hand knife, Su Hao raised the long knife high again and swung it fiercely.


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