Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts-Chapter 4615: A Venerate Amongst Gods

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Chapter 4615: A Venerate Amongst Gods

Brahma Divine Diagram!

Long Chen recognized this scroll. In the mortal world, he had been enemies with Pill Valley and had fought against this divine item several times. Now, he saw it again in the immortal world.

The Brahma Divine Diagram was filled with flames, seemingly encompassing an entire world ablaze within its sacred confines. Its divine aura exuded such immense power that it enshrouded the very Heavenly Daos themselves. In its presence, souls quivered as if being pricked by needles. It was an existence so overwhelming that it reduced all other lifeforms to mere ants in its presence.

The ray of divine light emitted from the Brahma Divine Diagram had torn through the fabric of reality, creating a black hole right beside Long Chen. Had he been struck by it, the consequences could have been fatal.

The white-robed man unleashed a roar and a series of hand seals, causing the Brahma Divine Diagram to tremble and expand rapidly. Its fiery expanse now enveloped the entire barrier, forming another cage that entrapped them within its confines.

He is merging the Brahma Divine Diagram with the Brahma barrier. Dont fight him, and just get out while you can, advised the Earth Cauldron. It suddenly appeared above Long Chens head.

Upon realizing the purpose of the Brahma Divine Diagram, Long Chen understood the gravity of the situation. The Brahma Divine Diagram was used specifically to take this barriers power. Indeed, Lord Brahma had left his disciple many treasures, having arranged everything beforehand. However, no one had expected Long Chens interference.

If Long Chen were to fight the white-robed man here, he would have to fight Lord Brahmas divine power as well. While Long Chen might not be afraid of the white-robed man, he knew killing someone backed by Lord Brahmas power was almost impossible.

Hence, Long Chen simply used the Earth Cauldron and smashed the barrier and the Brahma Divine Diagram together.


The Earth Cauldron blew through the Brahma barrier and the Brahma Divine Diagrams confine.


The white-robed man was stunned. At this time, Long Chen was already charging out with Yu Qingxuan.

As they made their escape, Long Chen suddenly disappeared, prompting a cry of alarm from the Earth Cauldron. What are you doing?!

Long Chen had actually returned to the interior of the barrier, charging at the white-robed man.


The white-robed man was still stunned by what he was seeing. Following that, Long Chen delivered a powerful blow, causing half of the white-robed mans face to explode in a burst of blood and gore. He then smashed into the barrier like a shooting star.

You shameless thing, if you didnt have Lord Brahmas power backing you, Id beat you into a pancake today.

After slapping him, Long Chen used the recoil force to charge out before the barrier and diagram closed. His timing was perfect.

With the Earth Cauldron above him, Long Chen grabbed Yu Qingxuan, and they vanished without a trace.


The white-robed man let out a bestial roar. Simultaneously, the Brahma Divine Diagram and Brahma barrier seamlessly merged, causing the entire world to tremble as the divine might of the Brahma Divine Diagram soared to unprecedented heights.

Regretfully, their merger was still one step too late. Long Chen had already fled.

Long Chen!!!

The white-robed man gritted his teeth so hard that they were about to break. He had never encountered such a bully before. Even after managing to escape, Long Chen had returned just to deliver a humiliating slap to his face, showing him the epitome of humiliation.

The Brahma Divine Diagram spread rapidly, covering the sky. However, Long Chen had fled so far that it was unable to track him.


The white-robed man could only scream, overwhelmed by the humiliation and defeat he had suffered at Long Chens hands.

You fool, when are you going to grow up!? raged the Earth Cauldron, cursing Long Chen out furiously. Just now, if you were the slightest bit slower, the Brahma Divine Diagram would have merged with the barriers Brahma energy, grinding you to dust. Even I wouldnt be able to save you!

Hehe, dont worry. I had already calculated everything in advance and knew I had the time, Long Chen chuckled mischievously. And besides, just think about that fellows irritating face! With that expression, with that posture, wouldnt I be letting him down if I didn't slap him?

The Earth Cauldron was speechless. I cant beat your logic. But was there a point in slapping him?

Of course there was. If I cant kill someone, I have to crush their spirit. If I cant beat someone, I have to at least wipe some snot on them. I clearly could beat him but couldnt kill him. If I didnt slap him to vent a bit, how am I supposed to live in the future? replied Long Chen.

Long Chen was not happy, so he naturally wouldnt let the white-robed man off. He suddenly said, Senior, would you really be helpless against the Brahma Divine Diagram after it merges with the barriers energy? I dont believe it!

Im in a weakened state and have only recovered a trace of my core energy. That trace is incomparably precious. Do you think Im going to waste that energy on some little fish?! raged the Earth Cauldron.

Thats not a small fish! Thats Lord Brahmas disciple! argued Long Chen.


The Earth Cauldron scoffed, Lord Brahmas disciples are spread throughout the nine heavens and ten lands. His titular disciples are as common as grains of sand. Whats the point of killing them?

Titular disciple? No way, a titular disciple is already that strong?! Long Chen jumped in shock.

No. The person you killed back then, Jia Luo, would be considered a titular disciple. This white-robed man has the Brahma Divine Diagram and was even guided to the treasures here, so he must be a formal disciple. However, even when it comes to formal disciples, there are over three thousand of them. If he isnt a little fish, what is he? explained the Earth Cauldron.

Three thousand?!

Long Chen was in disbelief. Lord Brahma had three thousand disciples on this level?

Even if he has lived for countless years and accumulated faith energy all this time, hes still only a Divine Venerate. How can he accumulate so much power? asked Long Chen.

A Divine Venerate was now an existence that could be killed with a wave of his hand. Long Chen had originally thought that once he reached the Divine Venerate realm, no matter how much faith energy Lord Brahma had gathered, he would still be able to go against Lord Brahma.

However, after experiencing the power of the Brahma barrier, he was struck by the stark realization that the disparity between him and Lord Brahma was akin to the contrast between heaven and earth. There was simply no comparison.

You have been misled by his title. Others call him Divine Venerate Brahma, but did you really think that was because he was in the Divine Venerate realm? asked the Earth Cauldron.

Is it not? asked Long Chen.

Of course not. He is called a Divine Venerate because he is a supreme existence amongst godsa Venerate among them.

The Earth Cauldrons words were like hammers striking Long Chens heart.