The Doctor’s Three-Time Marriage-Chapter 103 - :103. I won ‘t let you get your way (Second update)

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Chapter 103:103. I won ‘t let you get your way (Second update)

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Bei’an County government.

Mu Fei had not left yet; his identity as the Fourth Prince had not been made public in the local area. Therefore, besides investigating the iron mine smuggling case, he still had to deal with the county government affairs.

Most of the work could be done by Chang’ an, but in order to preside over court trials, Mu Fei had to appear in person.

Today was freezing cold, and Mu Fei had just finished a trivial case in his opinion. He returned to the back hall with a dark face, while Chang’an quickly handed him a cup of hot tea.

“Cases of no importance all day long.” Mu Fei snorted softly.

Chang’an weakly said, “Today, the Master’s judgment helped the plaintiff to get back the money taken for a stolen pig, which is not a trivial matter. In the north, it’s cold, and the fields in winter have no harvest. People are relying on the pig to make it through!”

Mu Fei frowned. He wasn’t completely ignorant of the common people’s hardships. However, he felt that it wasn’t his responsibility, so he changed the subject, “Su Liang and Ning Jing haven’t returned yet?”

Chang’an shook his head, “No, according to previous news, Ning Jing has returned to Xunyang City to clean up his family affairs. Su Liang should be with him, and if they come over, her arrangements would have to be settled first.”

Mu Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Why did Ning Jing choose this timing to return home for revenge? Could it be Ning Jing’s idea to let Su Liang kill those bastards and grind them into ashes?”

After pondering for a moment, Chang’an answered, “I also think that Ning Jing chose to return to the Ning Family for revenge and seize the family property after getting Su Liang’s help. I didn’t expect Ning Jing, who looks weak, to have such a ruthless side.”

Mu Fei sneered coldly, “Isn’t this appropriate? Those bastards have been living happily for so many years, which gave them a big advantage.”

“The master is reasonable. Ning Jing’s approach is beyond reproach according to his identity. In fact, it should have been done long ago.” Chang’an nodded in agreement.

“Would it be possible that they won’t return and just stay in Xunyang City?” Mu Fei snorted.

“Su Liang specifically wrote a letter saying she would return late, so she does plan to come back, right? Or is it that Ning Jing will stay in Xunyang City, while Su Liang returns here after handling his family’s trouble?” Chang’an guessed.

Mu Fei faintly smiled, “That would be best. I would love for Su Liang to leave

Ning Jing; just seeing Ning Jing irritates me.”

As soon as the words fell, a report came from outside, ‘My Lord, a Miss Su Liang is requesting to see you.”

Mu Fei’s face lit up with joy, and he quickly walked out.

Chang’an saw how hurried their Master looked and couldn’t help but wonder. Ever since Su Liang sent a letter saying she would return late, Mu Fei had been daydreaming about it. Could it be that he truly had his heart set on Su Liang?

“Su…” As soon as Mu Fei saw Su Liang, she was blocked by Ning Jing behind her.

Mu Fei’s eyes flickered, and he chuckled, “The two of you have finally returned!”

Su Liang stepped out from behind Ning Jing, standing in the snow, wrapped in a silver fox fur cloak, wearing a hood, which made her dainty and delicate face even more exquisite and fair.

“Lord Mu, how have you been?” Su Liang smiled.

Mu Fei greeted, “First, congratulations to Ning on achieving high academic honors and cleaning up his family affairs. Miss Su has put in so much effort, so Ning’s family property should at least be divided in half for her, right?”

Su Liang thought Mu Fei probably assumed she had gone to Xunyang City to help Ning Jing kill people, but she did not deny it, “We haven’t discussed this yet, but has Lord Mu prepared what was in the contract we signed?”

Mu Fei wanted to say that now that Su Liang was rich, shouldn’t she reduce by half the treasures she “extorted” from him earlier? Although he was a prince, his life was not easy either.

But before he could say anything, Su Liang had rebutted him first.

Chang’an hastily said, “My Lord, it’s so cold outside; how about inviting Ning

Jing and Miss Su in for some hot tea?”

Mu Fei nodded, not yet speaking, when Su Liang said, “No need. We just entered the city and passed by the county government. We just wanted to pay our respects to Lord Mu before going home.”

Mu Fei looked unhappy, “Don’t you care about the progress of the case I am investigating?”

Su Liang looked serious, “You have results?”

“It’s top secret and can’t be disclosed for now.” Mu Fei teased.

Su Liang immediately turned around, “Congratulations to Lord Mu. I won’t bother you any longer.”

As she spoke, she stepped into the snow with Ning Jing.

Mai Fei frowned, watching their retreating figures until they disappeared. Suddenly, he turned to Chang’an, “Weren’t you going to invite them in for tea?

How did you let them leave?”

Chang’an’s face was confused. Su Liang had said that she just came to say hello. What could he do as a servant?

Chang’an was also somewhat speechless. Since the mastermind behind the iron mine smuggling case couldn’t be mentioned, why had he asked Su Liang if she wanted to know, only to tell her afterwards that he couldn’t tell her? Chang’an felt that if it weren’t for Mai Fei’s status as a prince, Su Liang would have definitely been upset by this kind of play.

“How annoying! That girl has never taken me seriously!” Mai Fei angrily exclaimed, “I’m too nice to her. Who does she think she is?”

Chang’an looked at his nose, focusing inwardly.

“Since Ning Jing is now the head of the Ning Family, why doesn’t he stay in Xunyang City and have a good time? Why come back to this broken place?” Mai Fei continued to grumble sarcastically.

Chang’an weakly replied, “I think Miss Su wanted to come back, and Young

Master Ning followed her here…”

Mai Fei’s face darkened, and he stood under the eaves for a while before walking back without a word.

Chang’an silently followed. Before Mai Fei closed the door, he said, “Get ready. We’re returning to the capital in three days!” With that, he slammed the door shut.

Chang’an replied, then sighed in his heart. The truth is, the mastermind of the iron mine smuggling case had been uncovered and reported to the emperor. Mai Fei could have left already, but he wasn’t used to the cold in the north and insisted on staying to wait for Su Liang. Just yesterday, he had said that he wanted to hire Su Liang to escort him back to the capital. But today, he seemed to have forgotten about it after being perfunctorily greeted by Su Liang.

“Master, should I inform General Nian?” Chang’an asked for instructions. “General Nian was the one you asked the emperor to send to assist in the investigation. It’s only right to escort you back to the capital.” Continuing, “The emperor has already dispatched General Sun, who is to be stationed at the mine permanently, and he will arrive soon.”

“Hmm.” Mai Fei’s voice came from behind the door, “Then I’ll leave after General Sun arrives. Send someone to inform Nian Jincheng.”

Chang’an hesitated. It was cold and snowy, and General Sun probably wouldn’t be able to arrive in Bei’an County within three days. Mai Fei should know this, but he had just pushed back the date of returning to the capital again.

On snowy days, the shops in the county town were open, but most of the original vendors didn’t set up their stalls.

Su Liang and Ning Jing went to Mingxiang Building and bought two boxes of freshly baked Osmanthus Cake, as well as four kinds of other desserts.

They passed by the meat shop and bought a rack of ribs, two pig’s feet, and a piece of tenderloin.

At this time of the year, only radishes and cabbage were available, so they bought some of those too.

After finishing their shopping on the way, the two returned to Feiyan Town before noon and ordered two hot dishes at Feiyan Restaurant. After eating, they set off for the village.

The snow was getting heavier, and there were few people on the road. Going against the wind, the horse was walking slowly.

Su Liang wanted to switch with Ning Jing and drive the carriage herself. Ning Jing refused, ‘You said it yourself, women can’t be exposed to the cold.” Su Liang coughed lightly, “Who said that you never treated me like a woman?

“That’s a different matter.” Ning Jing said.

Su Liang didn’t insist, “If I had known the snow would be so heavy, I would have stayed in the county town overnight.”

“How do you know the snow would stop tomorrow?” Ning Jing countered.

Su Liang thought for a moment, “Let’s go home early. I wonder if Yan Shiba has left yet.”

After an unknown amount of time, with only the creaking sound of the carriage wheels rolling over the snow, Su Liang, sitting inside the carriage, was a bit drowsy when the carriage came to a stop.

She lifted the carriage curtain, and right in front of her was the home where she had lived for several months after coming through time.

The main gate and the surrounding walls had reportedly been covered in snow, giving the whole village a quiet and beautiful appearance.

A lock hung on the door. Ning Jing took out the key to open it but found that the lock had been changed.

“Big Brother Ning! Sister Su Liang!”

Bai Xiaohu and Zhuzi rushed over, their voices filled with surprise and joy.

Bai Xiaohu accidentally fell and plunged headfirst into the snow.

Zhuzi looked back and continued running towards Su Liang, “Sister Su Liang! You’re finally back!”

Bai Xiaohu got up with his face full of snow, grinning from ear to ear, “I told you, Sister Su Liang said she would come back for the New Year, I knew she would!”

Su Liang rubbed the heads of the two little ones and asked them who had changed the lock on her house.

“Sister Jiujiu had it changed, saying the key was lost and afraid that someone might pick it up to steal things!” Zhuzi blurted out.

Su Liang thought that this must have been a deliberate attempt by Yan Shiba to make them return to a closed door, only to find it locked.

“Where is she?” Su Liang smiled.

“She’s at my house!” said Bai Xiaohu, “Big Brother Ning and Sister Su Liang, come to my house to warm up by the fire! My grandpa is roasting sweet potatoes!”

Su Liang expressed great interest upon hearing this.

“Sister Su Liang hasn’t boarded yet!” Bai Xiaohu, realizing that Ning Jing had forgotten Su Liang, quickly reminded her.

“She doesn’t want to ride.” As soon as Ning Jing uttered these words, Su Liang excitedly made a snowball and ran up, hitting him squarely on the head.

Bai Xiaohu and Zhuzi both stared in shock.

Ning Jing sat calmly in the driver’s seat as if nothing had happened.

“Let’s see who gets there first.” Having said this, Su Liang raced through the snow.

The carriage was left behind.

Zhuzi had a sudden realization, “So Sister Su Liang wanted to walk on her own.”

Bai Xiaohu shook his head, “Sister Su Liang just thinks the carriage is too slow and wants to eat my grandpa’s roasted sweet potatoes earlier.”

Ning Jing nodded slightly, “Little Tiger is right.”

When Su Liang entered the Bai Family’s home, Mrs. Bai stuck her head out of the kitchen with a delighted expression and shouted, “Little Liang is back!” 𝒇𝓻𝒆𝒆𝒘𝒆𝙗𝓷𝒐𝙫𝒆𝓵.𝙘𝒐𝒎

The very next moment, Yan Shiba’s furious roar echoed from the hall,

“Bastard! She actually knows how to come back?”

Su Liang walked over calmly, greeted Mrs. Bai first, stomped the snow off her shoes, lifted the curtain, and entered the hall.

A wave of warmth enveloped her.

The premium silver-threaded charcoal was beyond the Bai Family’s means; it was a gift to Su Liang’s sister from Hu Er.

Because Yan Shiba was having meals here, most of it had been moved over.

At this moment, Yan Shiba nested in a bamboo recliner, covered with a silk quilt, looking rosy-cheeked, with a pot of hot water nearby.

Old Bai was using tongs to remove baked sweet potatoes from the charcoal.

Yan Shiba glared at Su Liang, “Weren’t you supposed to run off with that wild man? What are you doing back here?”

To Ning Jing, the “wild man” who heard Yan Shiba’s voice, he parked the carriage outside, let Bai Xiaohu jump down by himself, and helped Zhuzi down to the ground. Both of them rushed into the house.

Su Liang glanced at Yan Shiba without saying a word, diverted her gaze, grabbed a small stool, and sat by the charcoal stove to warm her hands.

Old Bai happily handed Su Liang a roasted sweet potato in a bowl, “Here, eat something warm.”

Su Liang peeled the soft outer skin, and the sweet aroma wafted through the air. She took a bite and felt the icy chill that had seeped in from the snowy weather being instantly banished.

Warmth and sweetness, these were the flavors that could heal a person’s heart.

Ning Jing entered through the curtain with a bag of snacks for the Bai Family in hand and placed it on the table.

Old Bai hurriedly greeted him and handed him a sweet potato as well.

Yan Shiba, who had been ignored from the beginning, watched Su Liang and Ning Jing sitting on either side of the charcoal stove, comfortably eating roasted sweet potatoes, grinding her teeth in anger, “Liang! Sister!”

Su Liang still paid her no mind, only telling Old Bai, “I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you lately.”

Old Bai waved her off, “Not at all. Your sister’s been good, and her health is improving.”

Mrs. Bai brought them steaming bowls of bone soup.

After eating the sweet potatoes and drinking a bowl of soup, the two of them got up to leave.

With a stomach full of grievances, Yan Shiba tried to ignore Su Liang, but it was like punching cotton. She could only close her eyes and pretend to be asleep.

Su Liang walked over and picked her up, quilt and all, “Mrs. Bai, I’ll take her

back now. As for the expenses during this time, we’ll sort it out later.” A slight curve appeared at the corner of Yan Shiba’s lips, only to disappear in an instant.

Su Liang placed her in the carriage and sat down herself as Ning Jing drove them home.

Feigning ignorance of Yan Shiba’s pretense, Su Liang deliberately spoke in a low voice through the curtain, “If you give Yan Shiqi the MO Yu thumb ring, Yan Shiba will definitely make a scene. To prevent creating more trouble, why not… ‘

Ning Jing replied, “Slaughter.”

“Then I’d have to pay Mrs. Bai for the food she’s eaten these days, which would mean a loss.” freewebno(v)el

“Sell her to the mine.”

“That’s a good idea. Anyway, she’s almost healed and can work.”

Suddenly, Yan Shiba opened her eyes angrily, “Su Liang!”

With an innocent face, Su Liang replied, “You’re awake? When are you going to leave? Pay the money before you go.”

“You actually gave the MO Yu thumb ring to that treacherous Yan Shiqi?” Yan Shiba stared at Su Liang with wide eyes.

“If he’s a treacherous man, then what are you? A righteous gentleman?” Su Liang scoffed.

“You…” Yan Shiba choked, her eyes flashing as she suddenly adopted a pitiful look, “Little sister Liang, do you really hate your sister that much?”

“Don’t pull that on me!” Su Liang said impatiently, “If you haven’t forgotten, we had a falling out before I left. The fact that I didn’t throw you out is just me being too kind-hearted. You don’t have to believe me, but you can leave now.”

Yan Shiba instantly put away her pretentious expression, glared at Su Liang, and suddenly clenched her teeth and shook her head in a frenzy, “I’m going to be mad because of you, this damn girl! Mad! Mad! It’s all my fault, okay?” Su Liang smirked, “Oh? So tell me, what did you do wrong?”

Yan Shiba banged her head against the carriage wall, “My mistake was actually wanting to be sisters with you! The more I think about it, the more I want to be one! Ahhh, I’m going crazy! Just give me a straight answer! If you say yes, I’ll trust you from now on! If not, I’ll jump out of the carriage right away!” Ning Jing lifted the curtain and said a single word, “Please.”

“What does our sisterly relationship have to do with you, you wild man? Shut up! I’ve said it before, my sister likes Gu Ling!” Yan Shiba roared, then turned to Su Liang, “You! You say it!”

Su Liang thought seriously for a moment, “To be honest, I really want to see you jump off.”

Yan Shiba stared at Su Liang fixedly, then suddenly gave a cold laugh, “Is that so? Well, I won’t let you have your way! From now on, you’re my sister! Even the Heavenly King can’t change it!”

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