The Ex-husband Wants to Get Power Every Day After the Divorce-Chapter 49 - : The Wild Man She Cheated With

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Chapter 49: Chapter 49: The Wild Man She Cheated With

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The waiter dared not speak, nervously looking at Isabelle.

Isabelle’s pretty face turned ugly in an instant; she only wanted to stop Molly from spending money, but she didn’t say that she would buy all the dresses.

Buying all the dresses in this store would cost millions of dollars.

She didn’t even try on some of them, so how could she possibly buy them all?

However, in front of so many people, it was not easy for Isabelle to deny it directly. She could only tactfully tell the waiter, “Just wrap up what I just chose.’

Molly sneered and began to choose a dress.

Now, neither the waiter nor Isabelle dared to interfere anymore.

Molly picked a white strapless maxi dress.

The handmade lace on the dress was lined along the hem, with small pearls forming little butterflies around the strapless top, circling the shoulders and echoing the white roses on the chest – a unique and delicate design.

She really liked this design.

With the gift card in mind, the waiter saw her pick up the dress and approached her to whisper, “Do you want me to wrap this dress for you?” His attitude was completely different from before.

Molly smiled lightly; the waiter’s ability to cater to people’s preferences was indeed remarkable.

“Wrap this for me.” Molly ignored him and handed the dress to another waiter.

That other waiter was a new intern who hadn’t made any sales all day, hiding in the corner and secretly watching. Now, with Molly handing her the dress, she thought she was dreaming.

She knew this dress cost over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and if she was the one who made the sale, even her commission would be enough to cover her expenses for an entire year.

The first waiter’s face collapsed when he saw Molly handing the dress to someone else.

Michael had been watching her the entire time, the corner of his lips curving slightly.

He knew Molly wouldn’t let herself be taken advantage of.

Seeing her pull out the gift card, he even felt a little happy, as it showed that she hadn’t completely distanced herself from him. At least, they hadn’t reached the point of completely cutting ties.

However, the next second, the cashier’s words slapped him across the face.

“Excuse me, is the cardholder’s name ‘Harry Lambert’?”

Molly softly acknowledged with a hum.

When No. 6 left, he gave her a small package of cards, telling her not to treat herself poorly and to spend freely.

During her time in the Gallagher household, Michael never skimped on money for her, so she never needed to dip into her savings.

But now that they were divorced, she had left all her valuable jewelry and clothes at the Gallagher’s. If it weren’t for the Thompson family dinner, she wouldn’t have bought such a dress casually.

In the organization, her money had always been managed by No. 6, so she naturally wouldn’t be shy about spending it.

“Also, grab me your latest handbag.” said Molly.

Michael found the name “Harry Lambert” very jarring to his ears.

What did this mean?

She hadn’t even gotten divorced yet, and she was already blatantly spending another man’s money?

Michael’s face darkened terrifyingly.

The others didn’t think much of it, assuming that this “Harry Lambert” just happened to share the name with a celebrity.

Isabelle thought the same.

“Michael, could this ‘Harry Lambert’ be the man she cheated with?” Isabelle wondered how a man could have so much money and be willing to be a mistress, not believing in Molly’s charm, “Has she always been financially supporting that man?”

If so, everything would make sense.

Michael’s eyes narrowed slightly, cold and indifferent.

“And to think I thought she was something, turns out she’s just using someone else’s money.” Isabelle wished she could stop Molly right there.

After Molly swiped her card, Isabelle sarcastically snorted, “What occasion do you have to wear this dress?”

“As a designer, you have pathetic few occasions to wear such a dress. I advise you to think carefully – no need to act above your station.”

Just thinking that Molly was spending Michael’s money made Isabelle’s blood boil.

“Acting above my station?” Molly laughed, “Miss Richardson, you sure are nosy. Money can’t buy happiness, but if I—wish—to.”

Isabelle wanted to say more, but Michael Gallagher interrupted her.

“Michael!” Isabelle was extremely angry, “She’s spending your money!’

So, that was the reason. novelbuddy.c om

Molly Walker sneered, “You’re wrong. This isn’t his money.”

“If it’s not his money, can someone who earns only ten thousand yuan a month afford it?”

She had investigated Molly’s salary, which averaged about ten thousand yuan per month. This dress was worth hundreds of thousands, something she wouldn’t be able to afford even after working at Gallagher family for ten years. “Really shameless, still spending someone else’s money after divorce…” “Isabelle!” Michael frowned, “She didn’t spend my money.”

He remembered that when Molly moved out, she had left behind the jewelry he had given her.

Regarding everything about the Gallup family, she neither lacked nor disdained it.

This realization made him feel somewhat embarrassed.

“I’m tired. Call me when you’re done deciding.” Michael’s brow furrowed as he left first. As he passed by Molly, his footsteps hesitated for a moment.

Finally, he quickly walked out and bumped into Nicholas Thompson, who was entering.

“Huh, Michael Gallagher, what are you doing here?” Nicholas showed surprise.

“Just taking care of some business.” Michael nodded at him, and as he passed by, Nicholas called Molly’s name.

“Why is it taking so long to choose a dress? Did you find anything you like? 1 have a WIP membership at this store…”

Seeing this enthusiasm from Nicholas left the store’s employees dumbfounded.

Was today an elite member day?

Why had all these WIPs come?

Michael’s lips pressed tightly together, unable to resist looking back just in time to see Nicholas and Molly walking out, with big and small packages, laughing and chatting together.

Under the sunlight, the man was handsome and radiant, the woman’s skin was like clouds, and her clear eyes shimmered like an escaped sprite.

Watching them leave, Michael’s eyebrows tightened.

When she was with him, she was always cautious. After their divorce, his wife seemed to bloom like a flower.

Inside the store, Isabelle watched Nicholas and Molly leave together, unable to snap back to reality.

What did she just see?

She had actually seen Nicholas and Molly enter and leave, laughing and chatting together.

But Gillian Thompson had told her that Nicholas didn’t like Molly, so why did they look like a family now?

Those three words, “like a family,” made Isabelle shiver.

Had the Thompson family already accepted Molly?

She quickly took a photo of their backs, and hurriedly sent a message to Gillian: I just saw Nicholas. He and Molly were leaving, laughing and chatting. What’s going on? Didn’t you say that Nicholas did not like her?

Gillian, who was applying makeup, stood up in a hurry and replied: Are you sure it was the two of them? You didn’t see it Wrong?

Isabelle: I didn’t see it wrong. I just had an argument with her, and then Nicholas came in to pick her up. Do you know where they went?

Gillian lost control of her trembling hand and slumped into a chair.

“Oh no,” the makeup artist’s lipstick slipped, drawing on Gillian’s face, “Miss Thompson, I’m sorry!’

The makeup artist was truly terrified and trembling all over.

However, Gillian was utterly uninterested in that. She sat numbly in the chair, her body cold with dread.

Today was the annual Thompson family dinner.

Could Nicholas be planning to bring Molly home?! Did they already know that Molly was Ivy Thompson?!

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