The Stars Beyond-Chapter 251: The Real Master Of Sun Family’s Treasure

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Chapter 251: The Real Master Of Sun Family’s Treasure

Moved by the unexpected power of the talisman, Wang Xuan immediately put away the fire talisman, considering its further use too wasteful.

Yuan Hong was in despair. Already severely weakened from the incident at Yuan Chi Mountain and now having half of her soul body destroyed, her situation seemed dire. The talisman in her hand, already cracked by the Soul Locking Bell, now was covered in a web of fractures, on the verge of disintegrating.

The precious mirror given to her by Zhou Chong, already damaged during its transmission to the mortal realm, now bore six long cracks, worsening its condition.

Desperate to escape, Yuan Hong was met with a terrifying beam of light. Wang Xuan, seizing the moment he put away the fire talisman, activated the ancient lamp, unleashing a fierce attack. The lamp's flame transformed into an arrow, piercing like a divine rainbow.


Yuan Hong attempted to block with her crimson talisman, but it was futile. The already damaged talisman exploded into dozens of red fragments.

Her face turned pale, realizing that her plan to mark Wang Xuan and make him her servant had backfired, and now she was on the brink of being vanquished by him.

"Kill!" she commanded in a low voice, using the female Taoist in the distance to block her foe.

From behind Wang Xuan, a figure rapidly approached. Without turning, Wang Xuan aimed his yellow gourd, a powerful treasure, at the attacker. The gourd emitted a stunning halo of light, disintegrating the assailant.

Yuan Hong, trying to flee, used her broken mirror to reflect light towards Wang Xuan, hoping to fend off his attack and save herself.

The mirror, indeed a rare treasure, emitted a blinding beam, piercing through buildings along its path and then melting them.

Wang Xuan remained calm, using his yellow gourd to 'inhale' the incoming beam, absorbing it completely. The next moment, the gourd glowed brightly, releasing an even larger beam that struck the mirror, expanding its cracks instantly.

The precious mirror exploded, a rare divine object destroyed, its fragments scattering everywhere.


The ancient lamp hovering beside Wang Xuan emitted a hazy light, shooting out a dazzling arrow that struck Yuan Hong, causing her to burst apart. Wang Xuan was certain that if he had gone to Yuan Chi Mountain that night, his fate would have been the same as Cristine and Hansolo's, enslaved by this woman. So he showed no mercy, eliminating her without hesitation, regardless of whether she had an Immortal backing her. His only regret was the use of the precious thunder talisman.

Instantly acting again, Wang Xuan released three red arrows from the ancient lamp into the area of runes. Simultaneously, he activated a dark golden small boat. The palm-sized treasure lit up and expanded rapidly, carrying him away as a streak of light.

The final attack caused the already damaged runes to illuminate brightly, activating the God-Slaying Flag. The palm-sized golden flag unfurled slightly, its golden patterns spreading like waves, lashing towards the sky.

Wang Xuan wiped a bead of cold sweat from his brow, narrowly escaping. Without his well-prepared escape on the flying treasure, he might have been caught in the flag's final strike.

Who could have set up such a powerful trap? This was no ordinary feat. Even the man battling the robot would have struggled to retrieve the flag. Were such masters already present in the mortal world, likely of the carefree realm?

Wang Xuan carefully retrieved the flag, feeling like he had just snatched food from the jaws of a tiger. Fortunately, he remained invisible, his whereabouts hidden, and even the woman who knew of him was now eliminated.

As the golden ripples in the sky faded, he piloted the dark golden boat back. With the runes destroyed, the God-Slaying Flag was no longer as dangerous.

Wang Xuan approached cautiously, still wary of the flag's inherent danger. He used the yellow gourd to capture it, its mouth glowing and auroras wrapping around the flag, pulling it out of the secret vault and slowly towards him.

Wang Xuan was moved by the heft of the God-Slaying Flag, which, though not larger than a palm, felt incredibly heavy, as if he was lifting a small mountain. Especially as the flag neared, the yellow gourd trembled as if in fear, leaving Wang Xuan speechless. Was this a kind of "bloodline" suppression?

During the process, the flag quivered, sending ripples that alarmed Wang Xuan, almost making him abandon it and ready to smash the gourd.

Fortunately, it was a false alarm; the flag simply fluttered momentarily before falling silent again.


The gourd trembled lightly, amusing Wang Xuan, who carefully stored the God-Slaying Flag in his fragment of a blessed land.

He sighed in relief. Though the ordeal was brief, it was fraught with danger, and he finally obtained this legendary artifact.

Regardless of any karma he might have incurred, he was no longer concerned. With the God-Slaying Flag, as long as he enhanced his strength quickly, he felt confident facing the chaos and monsters that might emerge, especially since the flag was particularly lethal to souls from beyond the veil.

Standing before another secret vault, he continued the task the woman had left unfinished.

Not daring to enter the vault, for fear of getting trapped, he saw the twenty-seven golden bamboo slips had fallen near the entrance, close to being out.

Using his psychic power, Wang Xuan levitated the shimmering golden slips. However, several mysterious artifacts inside the vault glowed, locking onto the slips, preventing their escape.

"What's going on? If a master set this up, why didn't they just take the slips themselves?" Wang Xuan wondered, struggling to pull the slips towards him, sweating profusely. The closer he got to the vault's entrance, the greater the resistance.

He also remained vigilant, wary of Zhou Chong or the robot returning unexpectedly, which could prove fatal.

Hesitating, he considered whether to forcefully break through the vault, potentially bringing out more treasures along with the slips.


Suddenly, a blinding sword light shot out from the vault, almost piercing through Wang Xuan's forehead with incredible speed and precision. free(w)ebnov(e)l

Was there someone hidden inside the vault, striking at a critical moment? Could it be the person who set up the trap here?

Wang Xuan narrowly avoided the attack, thanks to the visions he had cultivated in his spiritual realm. Although these were mental phenomena, they could intervene in the physical world, proving more powerful than many treasures.

The mental realm's vision slightly impeded the sword light, allowing him to dodge the lethal strike. The ancient lamp rose, forming a crimson light screen around him for protection.

Indeed, there was a creature in the vault, but Wang Xuan was astonished to see it was a three-inch tall bronze figure wielding a tiny sword over an inch long. A puppet? It had nearly killed him instantly, sending chills down his spine. This place indeed had a master.

Without hesitation, Wang Xuan activated the sword talisman he held. The tiny bronze figure, glowing like a mini-sun and moving at incredible speed, was instantly enveloped by the sword talisman's light.

A low growl was heard as the puppet's eyes gleamed fiercely, its sword light intensifying terrifyingly. However, Wang Xuan's talisman was mysteriously potent, its sword light overpowering. Amidst a fearsome clash, the bronze figure was slashed with numerous sword marks, ultimately shattering into pieces.

Wang Xuan was overwhelmed. The Sun family estate had indeed been claimed by some entity as its territory, filled with dangers. It was unclear why the powerful being behind it had not shown itself.

He quickly pulled the golden bamboo slips out. Smooth like jade, they seemed like divine creations, shining brightly with intricate patterns engraved upon them.

Though excited, now was not the time for admiration. Wang Xuan swiftly stored the precious slips in his fragment of a blessed land.

He had obtained a set of supreme scriptures! The mortal realm was a major realm, divided into several smaller realms like 'Mist', 'Lantern', 'Life Soil', and 'Herb Picking', which were universal across various cultivation systems. After 'Herb Picking', he would have to choose his path.

Possessing the golden bamboo slips, a set of supreme scriptures, was of immense significance to him, serving as a crucial reference and an invaluable treasure.

Wang Xuan glanced back at the vault, hesitating. He did not step inside, feeling uneasy, as if there were still mysteries hidden within.

As Wang Xuan passed through the Sun family's architectural complex, he noticed something unusual in an ancient building. The mysterious energy there was denser than in any other temple or Daoist shrine he had encountered. "It's not a Buddhist temple or a Daoist shrine, but a shrine to a god. Who is being worshipped here? A deity from folk tales, a demon, or a celestial being? This place is very peculiar," he thought, struck by the intense mystical energy.

His curiosity piqued, but wary of lingering too long, Wang Xuan propelled his dark golden boat skyward. While in the flying vessel, he projected his spirit and used his spiritual third eye to scrutinize the shrine, searching for clarity.

His investigation revealed something startling. Inside a statue, the mysterious energy was tumultuous. Not just a bone was present; it seemed to be growing flesh and was covered in a cocoon of light, pulsating with vigorous life. "Is someone using a true bone as a foundation to reconstruct a physical body? There's a shadowy figure in a deep slumber inside it!"

This secret would have remained hidden if not for Wang Xuan's spiritual third eye. He swiftly piloted the flying boat away, vanishing into the horizon.

The Sun family's secret vault, claimed as someone's territory, indeed had a master. Wang Xuan's expression grew solemn as he contemplated the chaotic world around him, now inhabited by Immortals, mechanical beings, and unidentified deities.

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