Tribulation of Myriad Races-Chapter 591: Old Zhu Makes His Move (1)

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Chapter 591: Old Zhu Makes His Move (1)

"Divine grade?"

After a long silence, the devil slowly said, "I've heard of divine-grade source arts before. They are rare, but you can still find some of them in the Myriad Realms. But divine-grade cultural arts have only been mentioned in legends before..."

The look in the devil's eyes changed as he continued, "The strength of a cultivation method can be both important and unimportant. I'm more curious about the source of this cultural art."

Was this a ruin inheritance, or did it come from somewhere else? For example, a super expert. If it was a ruin inheritance, it would most definitely be a terrifying ruin. His gaze landed on the stone wall and the sun and the moon in his eyes spun. Was this the ruin?

Previously, he had remained indifferent about the ruin. More and more ruins had been discovered in the Human Realm over the years, but a majority of them could only help one up to the Sunmoon Realm. Such a ruin wasn't too attractive for him. But what about an Invincible ruin?

At this time, Blood Rakshasha had stopped his fight with the old sky horse and the mountain antelope. After arriving beside the devil, he hurriedly said, "Sect Master, to prevent anything untoward from happening, we shouldn't delay this."

He was reminding his sect master that it was time to kill. They needed to kill everyone here and take Su Yu with them. As for this ruin, they could leave it alone for now. They could always come and open it in the future. Or they could open it now and take whatever they could before leaving.

The devil ignored Blood Rakshasha. First, his gaze landed on Su Yu. Then, he looked at Ji Xiaomeng and Li Minyu.

He smiled and muttered, "Lan Tian and Ji Hong?"

Interesting. He did not say anything else and reached out to grab Ji Xiaomeng. A burst of willpower appeared from Ji Xiaomeng's body, but it was incapable of even slowing the devil's palm.

That burst of willpower could deal with Mountainseas, but it was useless against a fifth-stage Sunmoon like him. The massive hand continued descending from the sky. The dispersed willpower entered the void, and after a moment, a snort came out of the void. Next, an explosion erupted out of nowhere.

"Ji Hong..." The devil smiled, "It's time for us to leave. Ji Hong has noticed what's happening."

What he left unsaid was the fact that Lan Tian had noticed what was happening here as well. Two Sunmoons had each left a strand of consciousness on a student here. The devil did not know what their goal was, but he wasn't too worried since those two were probably still quite far away from this place.

After dispersing the strand of consciousness on Ji Xiaomeng, he left Ji Xiaomeng and Li Minyu alone. These two could still be useful for him. Instead, he grabbed in the direction of Jin Yuhui and Zhao Tianbing. These two should die first.

The two roared and attacked at the same time. Jin Yuhui released his characters while Zhao Tianbing drew an incomparably powerful sword.


Numerous explosions erupted, flatting several nearby mountains.

Jin Yuhui roared, "What are you waiting for? Attack him together!"

This devil was clearly trying to kill them all. This was a fifth-stage Sunmoon. Such an expert could hardly find an opponent even in a place like Great Xia. Why would a blood fire devil personally enter the Human Realm? The single character faction had thought that a single Sunmoon was enough to deal with Su Yu, but to their surprise, so many experts had appeared.

Further away.

Zhu Tiandao was preparing to make a move.

Director Hou asked, "Prefect, are we not going to wait anymore? I feel like Jin Yuhui might call more people over..."

Should they keep fishing? After all, they had already waited this long.

"No. If we wait too long, more and more Sunmoons from Great Xia will be here. That would only make it harder for us to eliminate them all."

Zhu Tiandao smiled and said, "This is enough. It’s time to end this. I'm worried that if we wait any longer, an even bigger trouble might appear. In fact, things are already very troublesome right now."

He then vanished into the void, leaving his voice behind, "You don't need to come with me. Take charge of the formation and seal the area. Make sure nobody escapes and block all communication."


Director Hou said nothing else and controlled the formation to cover the entire Starfall Mountain in a blanket of gray fog. That was a formation personally created by Great Ming King. Unless one was a seventh-stage Sunmoon or stronger, one should forget about escaping.

Starfall Mountain.

The battle between the Sunmoons continued while the Mountainseas hesitated. Who should they help? Should they join hands? They were still fighting each other not long ago. Were they supposed to join hands now?

Would someone stab them in the back after joining hands? Due to their numerous misgivings, none of the Mountainseas made a move. They all believed that the two Sunmoons would not fall so easily.

The devil said, "You will be spared if you join the Blood Fire Sect. Jin Yuhui, do you really believe that you can survive without my mercy? I only need to spread the recordings of what happened here and everything will be over for you. Of course, that won't happen if you can kill me. But is that possible?

"Don't worry. I don't need you to come with me after joining. You can continue living as a principal. Your people can continue living as elders. The Blood Fire Sect won't make you do anything unless absolutely necessary. If you manage to grow strong enough to kill me in the future, I'll naturally return the recordings to you. The blood fire devil race is capable of providing everything you have ever wanted..."

He was tempting them. Could they kill him to silence him? If they couldn't, joining him was their only choice. In fact, he was looking forward to their submission. There were so many experts here. This would be a great gain for him! One Sunmoon and multiple Mountainseas! With these people, the blood fire race would obtain a considerable power base in the Human Realm.

"A wise man submits to circumstances."

Even while saying all that, he did not stop talking. Facing his relentless assault, both Zhao Tianbing and Jin Yuhui coughed blood repeatedly.

Both of them were first-stage Sunmoons, but the devil was a fifth-stage Sunmoon. And he wasn't a normal Sunmoon, but a devil Sunmoon. The two were no match for him even when they were working together.

"There is no escaping this..." The devil smiled and said, "Earlier, I laid down a Blood Fire Devil Formation around this place. Ji Hong must have sensed something, but he will take some time to reach this place. Even if he notifies the Xia Family, it will still take them some time to arrive. Don't forget how far the capital is from this place. Give me an answer. Your time is running out."

The Great Xia capital was thousands of kilometers away from this place. Even a ninth-stage Sunmoon would need some time to travel that far.

The devil continued, "Even after the people from the Xia Family arrive, are you sure I'm the one who will suffer? I can simply leave. What about all of you? The Xia Family has not left you alone all these years because they are afraid of you. They are simply unwilling to turn against the entire single character faction. But with proof of your wrongdoings, do you think they will spare you?

"Sure, you can try to confuse the Xia Family by saying that Su Yu is framing all of you, but there are three Mountainseas from the Xia Family present. Do you think they will trust you over them?"

Jin Yuhui's face sank, but he remained silent.

The devil said, "Yu Hong, work together and kill the three from the Xia Family. I'm not forcing you to do anything, but you have no other choice. This is what you need to do if you want to live."

Hu Hao roared, "Yu Hong, are you really going to do this? Are you going to fully join the cult? If you don't join the cult, even if you committed a crime worthy of capital punishment, your family will be spared. But if you join the cult, your family will be implicated as well. Are you going to abandon everything?"

These people would die no matter what. But they could die without implicating their families. A conspirator would be treated differently from a true cultist.

Yu Hong's eyes turned cold. She did not care about Hu Hao's words. If she was going to die, why would she care about her family? She didn't want to die!

Thus, she asked, "Principal Jin, are more Sunmoons coming?"

If reinforcements were on the way, she would wait. If not, she would need to make a choice. Jin Yuhui said nothing. When Zhao Tianbing first appeared, he had contacted a Sunmoon. But he didn't know if that Sunmoon was arriving anytime soon. Shortly after that, all channels of communication had been blocked.

He assumed that the devil was the one who was blocking the communication. Since he was unsure, he gave no answer. Seeing that, Yu Hong's expression changed several times. Finally, she attacked Xia Wen.

With a frosty expression, Xia Wen said, "Are you really joining the cult? Yu Hong, you are indeed a tumor! The Xia Family should have dealt with you long ago!"

"You can keep nagging at the afterlife." Yu Hong snorted coldly and said, "What are you guys waiting for? We're going to die either way. Why don't we seek a way out of this? Do you really want to die?"

The devil roared with laughter.

"That's the right choice. Jin Yuhui, what are you waiting for? Within Great Xia, Zhou Mingren is the only decently powerful expert of the single character faction. But you have probably asked for the help of that person from Great Shang. But he will need some time to reach this place. I doubt he can arrive in time to save you."

Once again, the devil laughed. It was unlikely that Zhou Mingren would be here as he was still in his seclusion to reach the Sunmoon Realm. Furthermore, too many eyes were on him. Thus, it was very likely that the helper would be someone from the neighboring Great Shang. After all, an elder of Great Shang was already here. But how long would that person take to reach this place?

Jin Yuhui's expression changed repeatedly. As he hesitated, the devil continued raining attacks on him. After a long silence, he sighed and said, "Kill. Kill Hu Hao and the others."

The moment those words were said, Yu Hong, Old Zheng, Elder Li, Tang Yunfei, Qiu Yunhua, and Wang Ming heaved a breath of relief. At this point, this seemed to be their only choice.

Jin Yuhui sighed with regret. He had never expected this to happen. It was unlikely that he would be able to escape the blood fire devil race's grasp after today.


The devil laughed heartily. What a massive gain. He had subdued a Sunmoon and several Mountainseas at once.

But Su Yu was still his main target. He increased the intensity of his attacks against Zhao Tianbing, sending Zhao Tianbing crashing through one mountain after another.

Not far away, Su Yu was frowning. Had Old Zhu fled? No way...right? It was time for Old Zhu to make an appearance!

At the same time.

High in the sky, Zhu Tiandao was frowning as he stared at the person blocking his path. He clenched his teeth and asked, "What are you doing?"

With a gloomy face, Marquis Xia said, "The Xia Family needs to be the one to kill these people."

"Why should I allow that?" Zhu Tiandao countered, "This is Great Ming!"

"The Xia Family needs to do this!" Marquis Xia insisted.

Damn it! He had tolerated those people again and again, but they had betrayed Great Xia so easily! He had guessed that they would try to kill Su Yu. But he had never guessed that they would agree to join the Blood Fire Sect so easily.

"Xia Family?" After thinking about it, Zhu Tiandao nodded and said, "Sure."

Right after that, he waved his hand and triggered his formation, tossing Marquis Xia into the void.

After doing that, Zhu Tiandao rolled his eyes, "Screw you! Are you trying to reap the harvest of my hard work? Dream on! This is mine!"

Xia Xiao'er must be dreaming. He was only an eighth-stage Sunmoon. If he really wanted to do something, he should have called Xia Longwu over instead. Zhu Tiandao hadn't even gotten the chance to do Su Yu a favor. What should he do if Su Yu decided to return to Great Xia after receiving Great Xia's assistance? Was he supposed to let Su Yu go just like this?

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