When I Saw The Returns, I Invested In My Future Wife First-Chapter 374 - Here The Platform. If You Want to Listen, Come and Train!

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374 Here The Platform. If You Want to Listen, Come and Train!
Luo Feng was worried that it would be difficult for Yang Tianzhen, so he got him to call Ji Xiang on the spot. At the very least, Ji Xiang would give it more consideration if he was here.

“Hurry up and call! Use my phone!” Benson took the initiative to hand over his phone, his face almost bursting with laughter.

He dreamed of getting Ji Xiang’s phone number. Even if there was a high chance that he wouldn’t call her in the future, it wasn’t bad to leave it as a souvenir. Most importantly, he would have more confidence when he went out to brag!

Yang Tianzhen rolled his eyes at him and picked up his own phone. “Don’t spout nonsense later. Only the Boss and I will speak later.”

Benson immediately covered his mouth and nodded obediently.

Yang Tianzhen sighed and dialed a number before putting it on speaker.

To his surprise, Ji Xiang immediately picked up the call. “Hello? What’s the situation?”

Yang Tianzhen said, “I’m really sorry to disturb your rest. Teacher Ji, our boss wants to ask you if you can come to the company to train the employees when you come back from your trip. Everyone is looking forward to your arrival.”

There was a short silence on the other end of the line.

It wasn’t a big deal for Ji Xiang to lose a bet, but she had lost in her area of expertise to a young man who had just entered the industry. Ji Xiang felt embarrassed and began to doubt her life.

Therefore, the first thing she did after agreeing to be a consultant was to relax and think about whether she was really old and could not keep up with the current trend.

“Teacher Ji, what’s wrong?” Yang Tianzhen asked.

“Nothing. Are you sure this is your boss’s idea?” Ji Xiang was a little indignant as she said angrily, “I think his taste is better than mine. He’s more suitable to train you. He’s from the same company.”

The three people guarding the phone looked at each other.

This was because the old senior had lost face and was a little embarrassed. She was currently throwing a tantrum.

Luo Feng took the phone and said, “Teacher Ji, don’t joke around. How can I compare to you?”

“Hmph.” Ji Xiang snorted arrogantly and ignored Luo Feng.

Benson was extremely anxious at the side as he danced around and made up an excuse for Luo Feng. He was afraid that Ji Xiang would not come if she was unhappy. If that happened, he would not be able to fulfill his bragging. It would be extremely embarrassing.

Yang Tianzhen quickly held him down to prevent any unnecessary movements.

Luo Feng continued, “Actually, I have something to apologize to you about. I know a lot of inside information about this matter, and for other reasons, I can’t tell others. The reason why I can win the bet is because I know more information and have the advantage first.”

Ji Xiang hesitated for a moment. In other words, it wasn’t embarrassing for her to lose.

Luo Feng knew more inside information after all. Moreover, she was an outsider at that time and did not know much.

With this in mind, Ji Xiang felt a little better. Her tone softened. “What’s the reason?”

The corners of Luo Feng’s mouth curled up smugly. “I’ll tell you as long as you come to the company to listen to my subsequent variety arrangements!”

He managed to hook her on!

Yang Tianzhen and Benson widened their eyes.

If their boss went fishing, he would definitely be a top-notch expert. He even dared to throw bait for the great senior.

“Pfft! Hahaha.”

Ji Xiang couldn’t hold back her laughter. “You’re too interesting. In that case, I’ll see you in the studio in three days.”

“Thank you, Teacher Ji Xiang!”

Luo Feng hung up the phone, crossed his arms, and raised his chin—it was done!

“Boss, you’re awesome!” Benson jumped up excitedly. “Teacher Ji Xiang will be coming to class in three days. I have to go back and prepare well. I’ll apply for leave in the next two days!”


He had already disappeared before Yang Tianzhen could say anything else.

“It’s fine. If he wants to rest, he can rest for two days.” Luo Feng smiled.

Yang Tianzhen’s heart stirred. In that case, could he also prepare for two days? Previously, he had pretended to be fine, but he was actually looking forward to Teacher Ji Xiang’s class.


“You can rest too.” Luo Feng saw through Yang Tianzhen. “But during the break, I have a part-time job for you.”

“What?” Yang Tianzhen asked in confusion.

Luo Feng showed Yang Tianzhen the video of the day the contestants fought.

When the hand that was provoking the dispute reached out, Luo Feng pressed the pause button and said, “Look at the recording when you’re free. This person likes to cause trouble. She will probably cause trouble later.”

Where there was competition, there would be conflict.

While Luo Feng had chosen the quality of the contestants, and he believed that most people insisted on deciding the victor on the stage, there was no guarantee that there was no one that would play dirty.

Luo Feng could not let a rat’s poop spoil a pot of soup.

“Try to find this person and pay more attention. Don’t let her have the chance to provoke the other contestants,” Luo Feng said.

“Yes!” Yang Tianzhen immediately accepted the mission. “I’ll be more careful.”

“I called you here today for this. There’s nothing else.” Luo Feng stood up with the tablet. “It’s been a long time since I went to the farmhouse. I’ll go see Xiao Chun and the others. Focus on preparing for the training.”

“Okay!” Yang Tianzhen nodded vigorously.

Farmer’s courtyard.

Luo Feng parked the car and pushed open the courtyard door.

The small courtyard was especially quiet today. Luo Feng thought that they might have gone up the mountain. Previously, he had seen Xiao Chun and the others in the group chat. The next theme was to decorate the courtyard.

He walked around to the back of the house. Across the two fields, he saw a neat girl carrying three bamboos down the mountain.

The bamboo was thicker than a bowl and was about ten meters long. Xiaochun carried one end of the bamboo and dragged a long section behind her. The cameraman followed beside her and captured the angle of the camera. After filming Xiaochun, he took photos of the bamboo.

Luo Feng was worried about disturbing them, so he hid in the house.

Through the crack in the door, he saw Xiaochun drag the bamboo into the courtyard and put it down. Then, she placed a blueprint, pen, paper, saw, hammer, and so on on the table.

Before officially starting work, Xiaochun swiped her phone twice and placed it on an unused stool. The cameraman then gave the phone screen a few close-up shots.

Luo Feng listened for a while and heard the background music of “Idol Is Here”.

Xiaochun also treated the live broadcast as the background music for her work. Then, she began to measure and saw the bamboo, knocking until the sun set.
The cameraman turned off the machine and said, “It’s dark. Are we still filming at night?”

Xiaochun wiped off her sweat and said, “Tomorrow. We can edit it after we finish filming the scenes for the assembly.”

The cameraman had followed them up the mountain today. He was tired after holding the camera for the entire day. “Then I’ll go back. My girlfriend is still waiting for me to eat.”

“I’ll clean up the rest. Go ahead.” Xiaochun waved her hand.

Today, the farmhouse courtyard was very quiet. After the cameraman left, Xiaochun thought that she was the only one left, so she was not in a hurry to cook. She sat under the gazebo, brewing tea and watching a variety show.

This used to be the stage she looked forward to, but now that she was on the internet celebrity track, she could only send gifts to increase the popularity of the live-stream.

“Wow! Number 15’s figure is too good!” Xiao Chun clicked her tongue in admiration. She kept tapping on the screen, and flowers bloomed one after another.