One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 2687

Chapter 2687: She will ultimately return to my side!

“Find her. She must be found at all costs! Once she’s found, bring her to me immediately. Remember this, though: I want her back safe and sound. Should anything happen to her and the baby, I’ll hold you guys responsible!”

“Understood!” The person, on the other end, turned somewhat hesitant as he probed, “Sir… what shall we do if that woman refuses to leave with us?”

“Then, keep an eye on her, and I’ll go fetch her myself.”

“Yes, sir. We’ll do just that.”

The person then ended the call in trepidation.

The young man tossed his phone onto the desk while looking solemn.

She will ultimately return to my side!

The Songs were currently anxiously trying to come up with a viable countermeasure.

Later that night, Jiang Qimeng brought the matter up to her husband to see if he had any solutions. She did not exactly think that he would take the matter to heart, but contrary to expectations, the man flew into a thunderous rage as he jumped up from the bed and asked in disbelief, “What! That brat’s got another woman carrying his child?”

“I couldn’t believe it myself when I heard about it, but our daughter had credible people look into it, so this info can’t be wrong,” replied the woman hurriedly, feeling somewhat agitated herself.

Fury had her husband clenching his fists; he could not believe how preposterous his future son-in-law could be. “That chap is too much! What does he mean by that? Is he asking my daughter to live like a widow after their marriage?”

“That’s too crude of a saying.” She grumbled.

“Crude? How so? Think about it yourself; our daughter has yet to marry into their family, yet he’s already thinking of getting himself a mistress! Even though there’s such a rule within the Mu family, it’s a hidden rule that can’t be exposed to the public. He hasn’t even held the wedding with our daughter, yet he dared to knock up some woman and doesn’t have the sense to abort it! Is he out to embarrass the Songs?”

Rather than his daughter’s feelings, Song Zhengguo was more concerned about the family’s reputation, and that got his wife feeling conflicted.

“How do you think we should deal with this matter? Enya wants to go reason with them and get Mu Linfeng to seek justice for her, but I told her that’s too rash of a move. If we end up antagonizing that old, wily fox, her life in that family will only get tough in the future.”

“What’s there to fear? That chap is eagerly waiting for our support!” He paused, then added. “He’s just gotten promoted, and without a strong foundation, he can’t do anything at all. Even though Enya’s expecting his child, given his character, he would’ve never agreed to this marriage if not for him eyeing our family’s prestige and background! Even then, he did it reluctantly. Once the wedding is over, we’ll naturally give him the support he deserves, but he’s got some nerve stirring up this sh*t at this juncture, so we’re not the ones being unreasonable here!”

The woman’s lips moved in a bid to say something in response, but no words came out from her mouth ultimately. After a long silence, she carefully asked, “How about we consult dad about this matter? Since the Songs and the Mus are coming together in a marriage of convenience, we can invite the elders in our family to come over and discuss things. Who knows? They may have some good suggestions.”

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