Chapter 93

Chapter 12 – Preparation and malaise (5)

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“Um, Kirasaka-san, there are few things that need to be discussed regarding our group . ”

“………… . . ”

One of the members in her group summoned his courage and asked her .

His reserved way of talking and expression told tales about the bravery he had summoned for pulling off this feat .

Kirasaka ceased to read the paperback in her hand and lifted her head . Her gaze met his .

Eyes so cold that the person at the receiving end of her gaze, might freeze over . It couldn’t be helped but fall prey to such a hallucination . Confronted with such a gaze, he unconsciously withdrew a little into his chair .

“……What is it?”

With a clear voice, she issued a short reply .

The male student seemed relieved to have received that reply as he started talking .

As this spectacle before me unfolded, I anxiously looked on . However, it would seem that such concerns were unnecessary .

She too, in the course of these last few months, had associated with strangers .

I wouldn’t say she had developed resistance, but she had somewhat gotten used to human relationships .

As I was thinking of retracting my gaze from her, I heard a voice .

“We will need to contact each other about this training, so, if it’s fine with you, can you tell us your contact?”

“No way . ”

Their conversation was under the watchful supervision of the majority of our classmates .

How will she react?

Everyone must have been pondering this one question .

However, her reply was excessively short .

Immediate reply, huh……


The guy was now, probably, standing stock still, petrified at her response .

I don’t what to say……Don’t mind .

Developments like these did happen .

It wasn’t a bad pretext for asking her contact details .

In reality, they would need to keep in touch as they were going to be operating as a group . They could talk to each other in person or do that over the smartphone .

Even if they didn’t exchange contacts, they needed to figure out a way of communicating with each other . So, by no means, was his decision, incorrect .

That was why he must have thought that he had a chance at victory, that there was a possibility that they could exchange contacts . However, Kirasaka had flatly refused him . I could only conjecture his current state of mind .

Well, this is her we are talking about .

Her words and actions always broke the norms . I couldn’t help but think that she had acted very much like herself .

The male student died a swift and noble death in front of his classmates . He dropped his shoulders in disappointment and returned to his seat, dejection apparent on his face .

Next up was the other guy, and a short while after, we had on our hands, yet another swift and honourable death .


Well then, who will overcome this obstacle?

As I continued to look on with bated breath, I listened to the clack of her shoes . Kirasaka was walking towards me .

“……What happened?”

The match is yet to conclude, you know .

At my question, she let out a sigh, as if to say it had gotten tedious, and said .

“I want to get some fresh air . I want you to come along . ”

“Eh, no way . ”

I said all that about her, but what the heck, I too issued an immediate reply .

It was a super-fast, peremptory refusal, unwilling to lose to Kirasaka’s .


I hadn’t given it any thought . When I came to, those words had already escaped me .

I guess this is what you would call, a reflexive behaviour .

Our nearby classmates were looking at us, their mouths agape . Clearly, they were dumbfounded at my immediate refusal .

Kirasaka wasn’t angry . She let out a chuckle, forcibly proceeded to grab hold of my hand, and started dragging me away from the classroom .

……If this is forced participation, just say so .

She was pulling me while laughing . Too scary .

“Sensei, I need to receive an important document regarding this event from the student council president . I will be going out for a short while . ” (Kirasaka)

“Eh, a-ah, understood . ”

Look, even Sensei is at a loss here .

A student leaving the classroom as she pleases, while class is still in session?……Where did this delinquent girl come from?

Kirasaka had pulled a fast one on the teacher . When we were going to exit the classroom, another voice rang out .

“I too had requested the president for an application form . Is it fine if I went to pick it up?”

It was Shizuku .

I haven’t heard about any application form from the president . Don’t use the president to make such a blatant excuse for following us .

With a trot, she caught up to us . Then, the three of us headed for, obviously not the student council room, but the stairs to the rooftop of the second building .

What faded behind us, was the scenery of our classmates looking at our direction with envy . Amidst them, the figure of a pensive Yuuto could me made out .