Otherworldly Merchant - Chapter 609

As they were about to bury Baji and his people alive, I couldn’t stand still anymore and jumped out. I directly launched the Emei Piercer, which headed for the freak in white! 

With my arm strength, I knew my weapon would stab him. Unexpectedly, the Emei Piercer clanged as if it had hit a metal sheet. Then, it fell and stabbed deeply into the ground. 

I was stunned. The two turned around and stared at me coldly. They cried, “You’re courting death!” 

“Screw you!”

After a short trot, Senior Shu suddenly jumped and moved through the air. He kicked the black freak’s neck. 

His kick was so full of strength that I was stunned. However, the freak wearing black clothes didn’t even flinch. He stood and received Senior Shu’s kick directly. Then, he grabbed Senior Shu’s leg and hurled him several meters away as if he was just a sack of rice. 


Senior Shu rolled on the ground. He screamed then retreated to my side. “These guys aren’t humans. They are tamed corpses!” 

“What? Tamed corpses?” 

Instinctively, I took a few steps back. The masters in Vietnam and Myanmar could tame corpses to create monsters. A tamed corpse wasn’t much different from a zombie. Except, the tame corpses had some simple intelligence and could mimic human movements. The most powerful ones could even mingle with living people and no one would recognize them. 

Tamed corpses first appeared in the Han Dynasty. At first, the tribes in the South used this technique to stop the imperial court forces from the Central Plains. However, with the progress of society, more and more tame masters started to use their taming technique to harm people. Tamed corpses had become evil. 

I had learned about tamed corpses from my grandpa. I had never expected that I would bump into them here. Giving us no time to think, the two tamed corpses started to attack me and Senior Shu respectively. 

As the Emei Piercer was useless, I had to yank the Sirius Whip. I aimed at the white corpse! The first whip sounded like it had hit an empty iron barrel. Black smoke emitted from the corpse as it shakily hopped on its spot. Still, the white corpse charged again. Both of his arms aimed at my chest like a pair of giant pincers. 

He moved so fast that I couldn’t attack again with my whip. I had to grab his arms instead.

Unexpectedly, my strength was nothing to him. My hold was shaken off easily. Then, he tried to grab at me again. I took a deep breath and put my power into my right hand to lash at the important acupoint on the corpse’s head. 

But before I could hit him, my arm felt a sharp pain. I reacted fast and retracted my arm. There were a few holes that reached the bones! Blood immediately gushed, numbing my arm. 

It turned out the corpse’s fingernails suddenly grew as long as daggers. He had used his fingernails to stab me. 

I wasn’t an equal opponent of this corpse. And now, as my arm was wounded, I couldn’t afford to make another wrong move. I gritted my teeth and moved aside before the corpse stormed toward me one more time. At the same time, my other hand lashed the Sirius Whip at the corpse’s back! 

These two tamed corpses weren’t top-tier ones. The one in front of me moved stiffly, so it couldn’t avoid my lash. It trembled when the Sirius Whip hit him.

It was the chance I was waiting for! Seizing the time while he was shaking continuously, I rushed behind him and directly hit the nape of his neck five or six times. 

According to common knowledge, the nape of the neck was a fatal weakness of tamed corpses. The taming masters could control the corpse through a wisp of corpse energy or gas they’d stored in the nape of the corpse. When the nape was hit or broken, the corpse energy would be released, which would ‘deactivate’ the corpse and turn it back into a normal corpse. 

After several hits in a row, the white corpse’s nape was broken. I could see a wisp of white corpse gas lingering there. 

After hitting the last whip, I tried to ignore the heart-piercing pain in my right arm as I brought two fingers together to make a sword. I then directly stabbed my fingers into the center of his nape! 


As soon as my fingers poked through it, the white gas sizzled like hot iron making contact with cold water.

A horrible pain was sent to me through my fingers. I instinctively retracted my hand and checked my fingers. There were so many blisters!

The white corpse slowly turned to see me with his bloodshot eyes. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and roared. 

“I know you’re a freaking fox. Can you stop screaming now?!” I cursed then ran toward the Emei Piercer stabbed into the ground. 

The white corpse followed me. However, since I had released his corpse energy, his movements were slowed down. 

When I reached for the Emei Pierce, I deliberately acted as though I was about to fall. The white corpse bought it. He directly leaned forward with his arms thrust out like a pair of sickles, aiming at my chest. 

When he was about to reach me, I rolled a few meters away and jumped up like a koi carp jumping out of the water. Then, I directly stabbed the Emei Piercer into the wisp of corpse gas. 


The white corpse froze then fell. I stirred the Emei Piercer inside the corpse’s nape as I was afraid that it would move again. After I confirmed that the corpse gas had already vanished into the air, I heaved a sigh of relief. 

Then, the corpse wearing white garments transformed at a speed the naked eye could observe. In the end, it had become a fox with white fur.

I was stunned, but soon, I got it. It was a fox spirit that could shapeshift into a human form. Its corpse was made into a tamed corpse after it died. That was why I had heard the fox cry! 

I stopped watching the fox spirit and turned to see Senior Shu. He was using the Holy Mother Scepter to fight against the black corpse. No one had the upper hand yet. However, I could see that Senior Shu had many chances to stab the Holy Mother Scepter into the corpse’s nape, but he didn’t… 

I hesitated for a while before grabbing the Emei Piercer and dashing toward them. Although I knew I couldn’t deal a lot of damage to the corpse, I could distract him for a while. 

Soon, the black corpse had the lower hand as the two of us were attacking him. He turned and rushed into the forest.

His movement exposed his nape to us. I raised the Emei Piercer and was about to hit him. 

However, Senior Shu grabbed my arm and muttered, “After him.” 


I read Senior Shu’s mind. Even if we dealt with the two tamed corpses here, we wouldn’t be able to solve the problem thoroughly. The real trouble-maker was the taming master hiding in the dark. 

That person must know about us already. We needed to get him as soon as possible. 

Taming masters were the sort of people that would take revenge for a trivial offense. As we had messed with his business and killed his tamed corpse, we had a big grudge against us now! 

The black corpse ran slowly at first. However, as soon as he got deep into the forest, he accelerated. Fortunately, Senior Shu and I were also good at running. We didn’t lose track of him. 

The corpse was running toward the other flank of Mount Horse Saddle, which was on the opposite side of the path we had taken to get to the mountain. Inadvertently, we’d left Mount Horse Saddle to an unknown mountain flank. 

At this time, the corpse wearing black clothes had slowed down. He also turned around to check on us from time to time, just as if he wanted to see if we were still following him. Senior Shu thought for a short while then directly sped up. 

Strangely, the corpse stopped running. As we came closer to him, we saw a cold, dark smirk on his face. His sharp teeth sparkled coldly, which looked rather eerie.

I didn’t know why, but I felt restless and worried. A bad premonition arose in my heart. I grabbed Senior Shu’s arm. “Something’s wrong.” 


Senior Shu was bewildered. Then, he acted as though nothing had happened and continued to approach the corpse. However, he didn’t let go of my arm while sniffing around. 

After we had walked dozens of meters, Senior Shu’s arm suddenly shook. I looked at him and saw he had a layer of cold sweat on his forehead. 

“Don’t panic. On three, we jump. Understand?” 

Senior Shu’s gaze didn’t leave the black corpse when he hurriedly talked to me. I didn’t know what he had found, but I nodded to show him that I got it.