Otherworldly Merchant - Chapter 68

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Li Mazi immediately used a pair of pliers to turn the flame higher.
As soon as the flame rose higher, the drop of blood grew bigger as more collected. I thought that under such heat I could extract the blood and it would be no problem!
However, progress didn’t go so smoothly.
Right at the time we were burning the necklace, a black car entered the street and headed straight for my shop.
I was lucky that there were two stone lions standing at the gate. Otherwise, my antique shop would’ve been destroyed!
My heart jumped with fright. I quickly asked Li Mazi and Yin Xinyue to go out there and check the situation.
However, as soon as they arrived at the gate, they screamed in terror. I immediately turned around to check on them.
It was a Mercedes with its front bumper completely deformed, blood smeared across it. I wondered if it had hit someone on the way here.
The car’s door sprung open and Qingqing exited, holding a dagger against Wang Shaocong’s neck. Wang Shaocong’s hands were clutching his chest, his body littered with gory wounds. His face seemed to have taken the brunt of the injuries with two bloody cuts.
He looked like he was dying as he was limping as he approached. It was astonishing that he was able to resist until now.
I was so panic-stricken that I didn’t have the mood to deal with the golden necklace anymore. I screamed at the woman, “Qingqing, what are you doing?! He’s your boyfriend!”
“No, I don’t have such a boyfriend.” Qingqing’s features twisted with rage. She scolded through gritted teeth, “Hurry up and give my husband back to me! Return my husband to me!”
“Who’s your husband?” I was bewildered. “Hurry, take Director Wang to the hospital. Or else, he’ll die here…”
Qingqing snorted. “It doesn’t matter to me if he dies. Quickly, give back my husband!”
All of a sudden, Qingqing’s eyes flashed. She screamed as she dropped Wang Shaocong, then aimed her dagger at us as she crazily stabbed forward. I jolted back in fear, hurriedly pulling Yin Xinyue aside to avoid the woman.
Qingqing rushed into my antique shop and picked up the burning golden necklace, lovingly stroking it. The scorching temperature burned her soft hands, causing many blisters and white smoke to appear. However, Qingqing didn’t even bat an eyelid. Holding the golden necklace, her eyes turned teary. “My dear husband, I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault, I let the bad guy swap you. I’m going to take you home now, okay?”
I then saw the golden necklace slowly absorbing the drop of blood that I’d tried so hard to extract.
Reunited with the necklace, Qingqing headed for the door. However, as she reached the doorframe, she seemed to be so indignant that she vomited a mouthful of blood onto the golden necklace.
The golden necklace was like a sponge and greedily absorbed Qingqing’s blood!

As she was leaving with the golden necklace, she continually vomited blood on the necklace!
Li Mazi screamed after her, “Don’t leave!” Then, he hurriedly chased after her.
However, we didn’t have the time to care about Qingqing as we had to urgently take Wang Shaocong to the hospital. I asked him, “Are you okay?”
Wang Shaocong shook his head. “My chest was just stabbed once. Most of the blood on me belongs to Qingqing.” He was still very worried about Qingqing.
Li Mazi was angry, and he shouted at Wang Shaocong, “She treats you like that, but you still care about her? Are all other women on earth dead? Why are you so passionate about her?”
I smiled reluctantly. Qingqing was worth millions. If I were Wang Shaocong, I’d be also tempted.
I took Wang Shaocong to the hospital. As soon as they saw Wang Shaocong’s bloody appearance, they were shocked and insisted that he should go to the intensive care unit. I couldn’t do anything other than explain his melodramatic situation. Then, the doctor simply closed the cut on his chest with two stitches and wrapped him up.
This time, Wang Shaocong finally believed that Qingqing was possessed by something really evil. Otherwise, Qingqing would never be that mad and wreak havoc over a golden necklace! This was because, in the past, Qingqing hadn’t even dared to kill a fish!
I blamed Wang Shaocong for not being careful. How could he let Qingqing discover our plan?
Wang Shaocong was so upset. “I don’t know. After Qingqing had taken her bath, she put on the necklace. Then, she screamed and started thoroughly checking the golden necklace.”
Wang Shaocong had been worried that Qingqing would discover the counterfeit golden necklace, so he’d quickly tried to flirt with her and shift her attention.
However, it was useless and Qingqing pushed Wang Shaocong aside. After tearing off the fake golden necklace, she stood in front of the mirror and started to rub and stroke her beard.
Then, with a cold expression, she said to her reflection, “Don’t worry, husband. I’ll make them pay!”
At that moment, Wang Shaocong had thought that Qingqing was talking to him since she often called him her husband. So, he proceeded to talk to her.
However, Qingqing acted like a squid as she spurted blood on the mirror. Wang Shaocong was terrified. He was worried that Qingqing was so angry that she vomited blood, so he rushed forward and hugged her.
Unfortunately, Qingqing turned around, stormed toward him, and stabbed him with a dagger. Luckily, he’d leaned to the side and the dagger hadn’t sunk deep into his chest.
Qingqing forced Wang Shaocong to find her golden necklace, and because he was hurt badly, he had to follow her order. That was why they’d come to my shop.
Coming to this part, Wang Shaocong added, “It was then that I was certain that she wasn’t Qingqing. One hundred percent sure. She gave me the feeling that she was a great general in ancient times who’d killed many people.
On the way here, Qingqing had vomited blood several times. Most of her blood had splashed on Wang Shaocong. Since she’d lost a lot of blood, Qingqing became quite pale, and he wondered how she was now.
Listening to Wang Shaocong, I was fearful. I’d thought that the golden necklace could only affect her character temporarily. I couldn’t imagine it could change her completely!
And, at the same time, my mind was spinning. I seemed to know what kind of otherworldly item that golden necklace was!
In legends, there was a kind of gold making which fused a dying person’s blood into gold. It was called Coagulated Gold. There were various kinds of gold with different side effects to the users. However, if they knew how to use it, it could call more wealth to their house.
But, if the blood was from a person who’d died filled with resentment, the user would feel resentful and aggrieved. He or she could cry all day long.
If the blood donor died filled with hatred or anger, the user would always be hot-tempered, and he or she could rage at anybody.
If blood of an envious person were used, of course, the user would do anything to satisfy his or her jealousy.
These three types of Coagulated Gold had one common feature: The users would have a very strong sense of dependency on the gold things. It was so strong that they could never leave it for even a second.
There were many signals showing that Qingqing’s Coagulated Gold necklace was the third type.
I told Wang Shaocong my analysis, and he immediately asked me, “How do we deal with that damn Coagulated Gold thing? If we can’t do anything else, we should forcefully melt that golden necklace. I think we can succeed if we do that.”
I said, “First, we need to check and see whose blood is in that golden necklace! That’s how we’ll be able to give the right treatment for the right disease!”
“How do we check that?” asked Li Mazi. “Do we capture the necklace and then burn or drown it, forcing it to spit out the information?”
“Nice joke,” I scoffed at him. “You’re not good at history, so stop babbling. I mean, think about it. In history, which famous person died because of his strong jealousy?”

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