Chapter 42

Thanks to Chiyaku-san’s treatments, I managed to recover to a level where I could live my daily life .

It seems that it will take more than a week to complete recovery, but this is enough .

I felt a little pain at every step that I took while walking to the school .

It’s been a while since I have been to school .

Looks like the words spread at school was that I was seriously injured because I fall from the stairs at my house .

It’s a stupid story, but it can’t be helped .

The real reason can’t be revealed after all .

Therefore, I have to go to school with a cast on my arm for a while .

Actually, I don’t need a cast anymore, but I wear it to avoid suspicion, because the healing abilities of doctors in hospitals can’t heal injuries this fast .

I have to appeared to had been seriously injured after all .

Roll said that I could recovered this fast was thanks to Chiyaku-san .

I felt the distance to school was quite long due to the pain of my injury, but I managed to reached the classroom .

When I opened the door and entered the calssroom, the eyes of my classmates gathered at me .

Then from their seats, everyone asked about my injury in concern .

I replied to them while I proceed to my seat .

When I took the seat, Tsurugi get up energetically and came towards me .

Tsurugi hit my back and sat on the seat of the guy behind me who hadn’t come yet .

“Yo, long time no see . ”

“It hurts, I’m injured you know . ”

“Falling from the stairs among other things, It makes me laughed at first before worried . The stairs at your house were rather steep . ”

“Aa, I really thought I was gonna die . ”

“It was a valuable experience, right?”

“From where?”

As we were having such friendly talk, Rin and Ohashi who appeared before I noticed, put down their bags at their seat and came to us energetically .

“Morning, Tsurugi . Ah, so you’re alive, Kazato . ”

“Suddenly that?”

I don’t think those words should came from a childhood friend . No, it’s been like that since old times, right?

“Kamiya-kun, even though she said that, Rin was the one who most worried you know . ”

So it’s like that . Well, I know that she was worried from the email that I’ve received though .

“Or rather,  you two were late to school today . Even though you usually came with Tsurugi . ”

“I overslept . ”

“Me too . ”

“What’s that . ”

While we’re having such talk, the chime for first period rang and the homeroom teacher, Takada, came into the classroom .

The three who gathered around me also return to their seats .

“A-, it’s about the ability measurement the day after tomorrow, because the gentlemen from Self Defense Force had met with certain circumstances, the schedule will be postponed for a while .
It seems that the Self Defense Force will  enter patrol strengthening week . ”

The voices of the disappointed students echoed in the classroom .

“So, club activities and staying after school are also forbidden .
Return home immediately after school . ”

I glanced at Roll for a moment .

Roll is signaling me when our eyes met while still facing forward .

From that appearance “Don’t react” is the intent that I sensed, then I returned my eyes to the front .

Self Defense Force patrol strengthening week……

This is probably because Boss sent the information about the Nursery Rhyme’s attack to the Self Defense Force .

I took a glance at the Self Defense Force’s patrol when I went to school .

If the ability examination is postponed, there is a possibility that the school tournament will be postponed as well .

Takeda kept talking for a while, then left  the classroom .

Everyone begins preparing for the first period while complaining about about the postponement of the ability examination .


After school finished, once I return home, I came to the hideout .

It took me a while to get to the hideout because the Self Defense Force were wandering the city more than usual .

I’m not worried about being followed, but whenever I looked at the uniforms of the Self Defense Force, I need to be more cautious and I can’t proceed further easily .

When I’m Kamiya Kazato and not Shion, I get overwhelmed by the Self Defense Force .

Although I didn’t let it out on my usual behavior, it makes me nervous whenever I see their appearance .

It may be trauma .

While thinking about such things, I head towards Roll’s  room .

When I arrived at the floor where Roll’s room was located and walked slowly down the corridor, I noticed Desuko-san walking from the front .

I turned back at once and thought that I should get away from Roll’s room, but when I thought so, Desuko-san found me, and then she ran to me .

“Shion-kun! Where are you going?”

“Hello Desuko-san . Of course it’s Roll’s place . ”

“Then I will go too!”


“Because I’m free!”

“You’re always free, Desuko-san . ”

“Shion-kun is also always said Roll this and Roll that, right? If you keep being like this, won’t you become Rolling Shion-kun?”

I don’t understand what you mean .

However, Kuroinu-san once said the same thing .

It seems that I and Roll were acting together too frequently even for a partner .

They said that even Kuroinu-san and Hakunetsu-san pair weren’t as glued as we are .

Well, I’m obligated to go Roll’s room anyway, so there is no other way .

It’s not like I hate it .

“Where were you planning on going to Desuko-san?”

I pretend not to hear Desuko-san’s remark .

“Eh? Just a mission . ”

“You are not free at all . Please go quickly . ”

“I’ll cancel it, so it’s fine . ”

“It’s not fine at all . ”

“Then, Shion-kun go with me . It’s boring to do alone .
Ah, if you like, we could bring Roll as well . ”

Desuko-san grinned and said so .

Maybe this is her aim from the start .

I heard from Roll that Desuko-san often drag along the people that she met when she is about to go on a solo mission .

“…… . that depends on the mission . ”

I said after thinking for a while .

“Hmmm . There is a person who has retired from the organization, my mission is to persuade him to return . ”

What, it looks like an easy mission . If I could come back before tomorrow morning, then maybe it’s fine .

“I’ll ask Roll . Please wait for me . ”

“Okay! Well then, I’ll be waiting at the cafe, thank you!”

“I understand . ”

I replied, then after I saw off Desuko-san, I headed to Roll’s room .


“That mission, Kemuri, Tameiki-san, Meitei-san, Cuffs and even Shimichi-san…… . However, everyone has failed this mission one after another, do you know who you’re trying to get back?”

When Roll lean forward and asked me that, I answered “I don’t know” .

When I arrived at Roll’s room, I conveyed the shade(?) that I received from Desuko-san to Roll .

“That person retired 5 years ago . Even before those 5 years, looks like he’s already half retired, however, it’s been a really long time ago so I don’t know exactly what kind of person he is . ”

“Yup . ”

“His codename is “Yoiyami (Twilight)” .
he is Boss’ former partner . ”

Boss’ former partner?
I thought he was always been partnered with Shido-san .
Boss’s previous partner……? It looks like another dangerous person .

“I know that I’ve been here since I was small,  but that person in his heyday was really great . Maybe he was as strong as Tameiki-san now . No, maybe stronger . ”

“That’s amazing . ”

“2nd ranked at that time . Even though she was still young at that time, Tameiki-san was already 6th in rank at those days . ”

Despite the fact that she’s still young, Tameiki-san act like an old woman .

Even though 25 years old is still young .

“That’s amazing . Is that Anonymous’s golden age?”

“Well, that’s true . Though, even now Anonymous still holds enough power as a criminal organization . ”

“Even so the reason we became weaker, isn’t it because the old strong people retired?”

“You’re wrong . They’re all dead . Well there were also people who retired like Yoiyami-san . ”

“Is that so?”

“The stronger we are, the more we stand on the front line . That’s why we die quickly . ”

“…… . so that’s it . ”

That’s……, for me, it’s like losing the meaning to get stronger .

Even I became stronger, it’s meaningless if I was thrown to more dangerous places .

“Well, the people who died are people who wants to die, because everyone were kinda battle maniac, so Shion won’t necessarily become like them . ”

Maybe realizing that I looked anxious, she explained that to me .

Certainly, it may be irrelevant if you have the strength to say wether you are the boss or not .

“That’s right . …… . but to deviate from the conversation, in the end that’s Desuko-san’s mission . Will you accompany us?”

“I have no choice but to follow . If I refuse now, I don’t what that person will do .
Let’s prepare . ”

“Prepare…… Is there something we need? Honestly we are like Desuko-san’s attendant anyway, so we don’t need anything……”

“We wouldn’t know, right . Because we are going to meet Yoiyami-san, so we must prepare for battle . ”


“Yes . ”

What kind of person is Yoiyami-san……


We were driving on a highway as Roll drove the car .

I and Desuko-san sat on the back seat .

Yoiyami-san seems to be in the city “New Road”, which is about 200km away from the city we lived .

Every time a member ask him to come back, he changes the place he lives .

If we failed this time, this mission will be on hold until Yoiyami-san is found next time .

Because it’s a mission where everyone failed at, so it seems the same no matter how many times they attacked .

While thinking about that, I looked at the evening grasslands through the window .

“Wai-, Shion-kun…… Even though Roll can’t see…… Ahn, I said you can’t . ”