Chapter 43

[Evil Before Dawn]

New Road City .

The surroundings had darkened, night was about to come, and we finally arrived at this city .

The time is before 7 o’clock .

It seems that there is eyewitness report about Yoiyami-san at an izakaya[1] located on the outskirts of the city, away from the city center where skyscrapers lined up .

However we are now eating at a ramen shop in downtown area .

Desuko-san said she can’t fight on an empty stomach .

“What kind of person was Yoiyami-san?”

As I finished eating first, I asked Desuko-san such a question .

By the way, because it’s about Desuko-san’s mission, I silenced our conversation from the surroundings .

Therefore, there is no problem even if we talked about the organization in a loud voice .

“A~, un . He’s peculiar . He has a troublesome personality . ”

“Is that so?”

I felt that was something that shouldn’t be said by Desuko-san though .

“Honestly, I’m not willing to do this mission . It’s impossible for Yoiyami-san to return at anyone’s request .
Well . I’ll just do it . ”

Desuko-san leaned against the backrest as much as possible, and said it while rattling the chair .

“This mission, it’s always been put up after Yoiyami-san retired, right?”

Roll said after having finished eating her ramen .

Since Yoiyami-san retired, so it’s been 5 years, hasn’t it?

If he had refused for that long, then there is no hope this time as well .

“Un, this time Hyde told me to go . Honestly it’s hopeless, right~ . ”

“Rather, what is the reason Yoiyami-san retired?”

“I think it’s because a huge fight he had with Hyde . Though I don’t know the cause of that fight . ”

A huge fight with Boss, he’s a terrifying person .

“That fight was really dangerous……”

“A~, if I’m not mistaken, Roll was one of the few witnesses . How nice~, I wanted to see it too~”

“So Roll had seen it . What was the fight like?”

“There are 3 witness including me . Hiya, Shido-san, and me .
If Shido-san didn’t help us escape, we would all be dead . ”

…… Is it such a fierce battle?

“One branch was erased after all . ”

Immediately, Yoiyami-san’s dangerous guy image solidified .

Are we going to the place of such a person now? I want to go home .

“Then, now that Roll has finished eating, it’s about time we go . ”


After we left the ramen shop, then we came to the izakaya on the outskirts of the city .

The witness reported that Yoiyami-san was here, that’s why we are collecting information here but……

“Aa, he came here everyday . Our oden seems to be his favorite food . He’s already a regular now . It’s about time he shows up, isn’t it?”

The information about Yoiyami-san was surprisingly easy to obtain .

Desuko-san just tried to ask the owner of the izakaya, but she got it in one try .

Anyway if Yoiyami-san is coming soon, then there is no choice but to wait .

So, we are now sitting at the very end of the izakaya .

There are moderate amount of customers, and the shop is prospering in it’s own way . It’s reasonably large, and there’s plenty of space, it’s not bad .

While I’m thinking such things, Desuko-san stopped the hall staff who was wandering around .

“Hey, can I order? 3 beers, edamame, and 6 yakitori sets! Also karaage and sashimi~!”

I stopped Desuko-san who suddenly started ordering .

“Wait a second Desuko-san . I can’t drink alcohol . And Roll will be intoxicated to drive . ”

Moreover, you just ate ramen a while ago, and you still planning to eat?

“It’s okay! Everything’s OK if we persuade Yoiyami and bring him back!”

Oh, right? If Yoiyami-san is driving, then it’s fine?

No, it’s not .

“So you are a type who like to fights with their back against the wall . It’s good .
In the worst case, Shido-san can come to pick you up . ”

For some reason Roll became enthusiastic, and I had no choice but to stay silent .

But well, talking to Yoiyami-san is scary, rather than meeting him while sober, maybe it’s better to take in alcohol to stop being fearful .

I decided to accept it .

“That’s all~ . ”

“Certainly, ma’am . ”

After Desuko-san finished ordering, the hall staff woman passed the order to the kitchen .

Beer mugs were immediately brought to our table .

“Well first of all, should we have a toast?”

Desuko-san lifted her mug and said that .

“Right . ”

“It’s before the mission, isn’t it……?”

“Don’t worry about the details!
For Yoiyami-san’s return, toast!”

“It’s too soon to celebrate . But, toast!”

“To, toast!”

*clang* mugs collided, and I took a sip of the beer inside the mug .

Then when I put my mug on the table, Desuko-san who sat diagonally to me and Roll who sat beside me, put down their emptied mugs with a *bang* .




“‘Are~, Shion-kun……?”

Desuko-san looked at the beer left in my mug, and turned her eyes .

Please spare me…… .

“Desuko-san . Even if you said so earlier, I’ll still regret it if I get drunk . ”


“It seems like I’ll become very excited . ”

When I was in junior high school, I accidentally get drunk at Rin’s house, then I made a really big mess .

I broke a vase, swooped down on Rin, and vomit, which seems to have been terrible .

Since then, I’ve never tried to drink alcohol, but to happen across such crisis in a place like this .

“Shion-kun! If you said such things, then you must get drunk!”

“I want to see it, too . ”

…… . apparently it seems difficult to avoid .

“……I won’t be responsible for what will happen you know . ”

I said so, and gulped the beer vigorously .

Then I placed the emptied mug on the table .


“As expected! You can order for more and more, Shion-kun!”

As usual, I don’t understand what’s so good about beer .

I feel like I’m going to spit it out when the bitterness reached my throat . Will I be able to drink it as I get older?

“For now, let’s have a drink to our heart’s content until Yoiyami-san comes . Then, when he comes drink it slowly, and we’ll chase him when he leaves the shop!”

“We can’t talk here, right . ”

“Because, wouldn’t it be a problem if a fight broke here? That’s why we’ll chase Yoiyami when he leaves the shop . Let’s enjoy drinking until then!”

“Won’t you get drunk like that?”

“It’s okay! I’m strong with alcohol . Oh, excuse me, one bottle of beer please! And glasses for each of us . ”

I wonder if it’s alright .

While I looked at Desuko-san with concern, Roll said .

“We’re not fooling around, it’s necessary to distract ourselves by drinking alcohol, so it won’t be that difficult when it’s time to face Yoiyami-san .
That person’s killing intent is extraordinary, so you can’t stand it if you’re sober . ”

The tension when you received killing intent, I’ve heard from Tameiki-san that you can alleviate it by borrowing alcohol’s power .

Of course drinking too much is not good, but this time it seems we need to do it .


“Well, it’s Desuko-san’s mission, so let’s take it easy . ”

Even so, I don’t feel any tension .

ーーー 1 hour later

“Hahaha-! Bring in more sakee-!!”

“Ahaha . Nice, Shion-kun!”

It’s really fun . I didn’t think that drinking alcohol was this fun .

It’s not like I’m drunk . I can still think clearly .

Yoiyami-san still hasn’t come yet . Even though I wanted to bring him back quickly because there is school tomorrow .

“U-mu . Yoiyami-san didn’t come~ . And Shion-kun has completely drunk . ”

“I’m not drunk at all, look!”

I put my hand on the table with a *pah!*, and used a knife I took from the bag to stabs the space between my fingers to show off .

It’s a trick I learned from Kuroinu-san .

You shouldn’t be able to do this if you are drunk .

“Look, look! It’s fast, right!? How is it Roll!”

“Wai-, you’re too drunk . You’re too conspicuous with that knife . Or rather it’s dangerous . ”

“Even though you said that, isn’t your face also red, Roll?”

“My face just reddened a bit, but I’m not that drunk . ”

“You’re so cute like an apple . It makes me want to hug you . ”

I put my hands on Roll’s cheeks and bring my face closer to hers .

Her blue eyes are beautiful . Her skins are clear, and somehow, seeing it makes me dizzy .

No, as expected it’s the effect of the sake, isn’t it?

“Wha, what are you doing……”

“It’s so pretty, that I felt like being sucked in . You’re so cute that even an angel will be jealous, Roll . ”

“What are you talking about……”

“Just do iit!”

Desuko-san pushed me from behind, and I got closer to Roll .

We can kiss at this rate . I thought so, and moved my lips closer, but we head-butted and I fell on my back .

“It hurts……!”

My head is throbbing .

Wait, this is dangerous .

“You’re too carried away . ”


“It’s bad, Shion-kun is about to vomits……!”

“Eh, you’re lying, right……?”

I thought it’s bad, so I hold my mouth and dashed to the exit of the izakaya .

I wonder if I should blow the door with a Soundshoot, but as expected it’s not good and I open it with a kick .

Then when I rushed out of the izakaya, I bumped into someone .

I’m about to fall over there, so I had no choice but to hold on to that person .

However, it’s unlikely I can make it on time .

I immediately vomits under my feet .


“Are you okay!? Shion-kun!”

Roll and Desuko-san who came out later rushed up to me .

And it’s bad, I vomit on a stranger’s shoes .