Chapter 44

[Evil Lost]

When I raised my face, my eyes met with Yoiyami-san’s eyes . [1]

His features is exactly as I’ve heard, dark circles under his eyes were more terrible than Chiyaku-san, and his eyes looked really evil .

His whitening black hair hid one of his eyes, and he has a characteristic thin lips and white skin .

He is a bit taller than me, and he is thin .

He looks one or two years older than Boss .

And to be honest, he didn’t look very strong .

However, this person is dangerous . His aura makes me feel so .

“Desuko and Roll? And who is this kid?”

“He’s a newcomer Shion-kun, y’know . Rather than that Yoiyami, you become old . ”

“Why do you come here?”

“Of course, we come to bring you back . ”

Desuko-san has an unusually serious expression .

Aren’t you doing this mission unwillingly?

“So three small fry came to persuade me? Don’t make me say it again . I won’t go back to the organization . ”

The moment Yoiyami-san said that, Roll holds me and jumped back .

My body is swaying, and I felt like vomiting again . Coupled with the pain of my injury makes it worse .

“……you got a good reaction, Roll . ”

“Thanks . ”

Because this person’s killing intent is abnormal, even though I thought that using alcohol’s power to alleviate nervousness is incomprehensible, now I appreciated it .

I separated from Roll, and somehow stood on my staggering feet .

I drank too much . Isn’t it good that I’m only slightly tipsy?

“Yoiyami has bad temper as usuaal~ . We didn’t come to fight y’know . ”

“Is that so? Then go back . If you can’t beat me with your strength, I won’t go back to the organization . ”

“Then, I won’t be reserved . ”

*Dan* . The sound of Desuko-san kicking the ground was heard . And suddenly she’s already before Yoiyami-san .

When Desuko-san thrust her arm like a sword, I expected it to make a clean hit at Yoiyami-san .

But, there is no hit sound .

“……did you forget my ability, Desuko?”

Desuko-san’s arm was swallowed by the mysterious black ‘haze’ on the abdomen of Yoiyami-san .

“So you didn’t got weakened at all . ”

Desuko-san was stopped in thrusting posture .

No, she was caught .

Yoiyami-san grabbed Desuko-san’s thrusted arm .

“It’s bad……!”

Roll moved .

Roll immediately goes into stray cat mode, and released a dropkick at Yoiyami-san .

When Roll flew like an arrow, Yoiyami-san only looked at her for a
bit, then dodge her by turning slightly .

In that gap, Desuko-san escaped from Yoiyami-san’s restraint, and distanced herself .

Then Desuko-san glared at Yoiyami-san for a while, but suddenly released her posture .

After landing behind Yoiyami-san, Roll who had been maintaining low posture also gave up .

“Now you understand . ”

Yoiyami-san’s voice resounded .

“Roll 5 times, and me 9 times, if you wanted it, that’s how many times we could die~ . Though if you’re serious, you could kill us anytime .
I knew it, but you’re really strong~ . ”

“Tell Hyde to come directly if he wasn’t afraid . ”

“Okay . But I think the current you can’t beat Hyde . ”


“I know we only fought for a bit, but as expected you had gotten weak .
Since leaving the organization, have you always been totally immersed in comfort? You must be glad, right?
Though I can understand why you became weak . As well as the heart of Yoiyami who was feared as ‘Demon’ . ”

……why are you provoking him?

Roll who can be seen behind Yoiyami-san looked at Desuko-san doubtfully with her cat ears standing upright .

“As always, you said things like you can see through me . ”

“I can see through you y’know . Yoiyami, I can read your current heart even without my ability .
A-a~ . I wanna go baack~ . To the old cool Yoiyami . ”

“You’re really annoying . Should I kill you?”

When Yoiyami-san took a step towards Desuko-san, Roll readied her stance once again .

But when Yoiyami-san glared at her, she stopped moving .

There is no other way . I thought so, and when I aimed at Yoiyami-san to fire Soundshot, Desuko-san with her usual cheerful voice said,

That voice resounded loudly .

“By the way Yoiyami, looks like you’ve been living here for a long time . Have you found someone you love?”


“That izakaya’s hall staff girl is really cute~ .
Is she the owner’s daughter? Looks like she often serves you . Even though you have killed a lot of people and was drenched with their blood, seems like even some trash like Yoiyami could become kind .
Have you feel people’s warmth?”

“Seems like you wanted to be killed . ”


Desuko-san snapped her fingers .

Then izakaya’s door opened, and the owner came out with empty eyes .

Looking at the inside of the opened door, all the people inside the shop seemed to be lying down unconscious .

This is…… Desuko-san’s ability .

‘Reading and Manipulating Subconsciousness, Mind Read’

Although it is conditional, it’s an ability that can read and manipulate the people’s heart .

However, I don’t know if it’s really such an ability .

Because I don’t know how much truth in what she said and teach about her ability .

It’s the strongest ability amongst communication type .

A person who doesn’t take precautions against her would be playing into her palm .

Because she looked like a child, ordinary person is even more powerless against her .

“I wonder if I kill each and everyone of these people Yoiyami will give up……, But should I test this murderer?”

“……try it . ”

“Ah, so it’s fine . Okaay~ . ”

The moment Desuko-san said that, the owner who came out of the izakaya dropped to his knees and then collapsed there .


I screamed unintentionally, but immediately noticed .

Not dead . He’s still breathing, and his heart still beating .

But looking from Yoiyami-san’s position, it must looked like he is really dead .

I’m moved by Desuko-san’s leniency .

Is this the reason she could become Anonymous’s executive?

Tameiki-san’s partner, Desuko-san’s true strength .

“Then, next . ”

As soon as Desuko-san said that, the previous female hall staff comes out of the izakaya .

Same as the owner who came out earlier, her eyes also empty .

This person is also being manipulated by Desuko-san .


Yoiyami-san closed his mouth .

“I’ll kill her, y’know? Is it okay?”


Yoiyami-san remains silent .

“……I see . ”

After a while, Desuko-san muttered and snapped her finger again .

With that as a signal, light returned to the eyes of the female hall staff .

“Huh, I……?”

The owner of the izakaya that had fallen nearby also stood up .

“Huh? What am I doing?”

They wore strange expression as they were returning inside the izakaya without worrying about us .

Without understanding anything, I turned my eyes to Roll .

But Roll also seems like she didn’t understand the situation, as she shake her head from side to side .


Desuko-san’s gaze was not as sharp as before .


Yoiyami-san retract his killing intent and stood with a face that looked like he gave up . That figure looked powerless, and gives out the feeling of someone who had lost his will to live .

Desuko-san slowly approached that Yoiyami-san .

I and Roll still can’t understand .

Eventually, Desuko-san stopped in front of Yoiyami-san, and said with the same tone as before .

“Yoiyami, you don’t want to kill people anymore, right?”

After a long silence, Yoiyami-san answered with a voice that sounds miserable .

“…… yeah . ”