Panties Reincarnation. I’m a Pair of Panties, so What? - Chapter 2


…It’s that, yep .
Human Life, it’s about accepting the fundamental things .
No, now that I’m a cloth, is it Cloth life? Or else, is it diaper nature?
The job of an infant is to cry, suckle, excrete and sleep .
Now, I, had no choice but to give up and due the duty of a diaper .  
…In other words, absorbing the dirty waste the infant gave up .
Urg, I’ve, been completely defiled… Just why- . My poor mind .
Jokes aside .
However, it was a Diaper’s work- .
My mind turned inward, that status-like thing floated in my mind’s eye .

  Name: None
  Class: Cloth Diaper Lv1
  Owner: Satchan

  PP: 100

  Comfort: 3
  Durability: 3
  Absorptivity: 3
  Breathability: 2
  Elasticity: 2

  Waterproof Lv5
  Dirt Proof Lv7

The column with owner it it changed . Somehow it seemed my master is the infant called Satchan . I didn’t know the official name . Every Satchan, just call out 
It was called by the beautiful girl, who looked like she was 15, or maybe 16 .
Huh, the beautiful ne-chan was, Satchan’s Mama1
Mama-chin’s boobs, Satchan suckled them .
Or rather, let me also suck Mama-chin’s cherry blossoms! Though I don’t have a mouth .
Damn it! Who on earth let such a beautiful girl get pregnant- .
Was Satchan’s family just Mama-chin and Satchan, husband-chin was nowhere to be seen .  
I want you to understand the reason why waterproof and dirt proof rose .  
I had no idea what PP was, it seemed to increase over time when I was worn . Additionally, when the (munya munya) defiling happened it occasionally to increased .
No way, does PP stand for panty points!?
Did it increase when I got panty like experiences!?
And then, it seemed the PP could be consumed, maybe for various skills? In that case, it seemed to be the template where I can learn/grow .
I can’t learn anything significant with 100 points!
Most things needed 10,000 points to acquire; what is this impossible game!
Besides, it seemed a diaper’s skill acquisition couldn’t be helped
Although I don’t know that it is, the seven deadly sins series? It seemed like there were some seriously brutal skills in the list . I’m curious what a diaper needs to do, for that .
It strangely feels like an attack, are very powerful magic necessary for a diaper, huh?
Anyhow, were incantation even possible without a mouth?

Also, what’s a panty god fist anyway? Was it a fighting style where the opponent peels of panties with one fingertip?
…You’ve already, taken them off .
Yeppa, I want to learn, Panty God Fist! Then I can freely strip (others) as much as I like
I, don’t have hands or feet though, after learning it I couldn’t use it .
Or else it might become too strong and undress the undress-er . However, if panties are taken off, I lose . Is it that kind of fighting style?
The dream is widens!
{ ゆめがひろがりんぐ!}
Maa, at any rate, I can’t do anything myself . There’s no meaning in taking it .
My own body? Even moving wasn’t possible .
Aa, yeah yeah, leak out at your own convenience .

≪Skill proficiency has reached a certain value≫
≪Waterproof rose to Lv7≫
≪Dirt Proof rose to Lv9≫

And, I got it-! That’s right!
Waterproof and Dirt Proof rose 2 levels at once, Satchan what did you do!?
What was that thunderous sound?
Satchan, your stomach sounds like its in bad condition .
The area around here has a relatively warm climate, Mama-chin, Satchan could probably be left nude with the many events . You stomach cooled off, right?
{ この辺りって割と温暖な気候らしくって、ママさんさっちゃんをすっぱだかのままにしてること多いんだよな。おなか冷やしたんじゃね?}
Or rather, Satchan’s diaper waste was beyond what the diaper could take .
Somehow, I was helpful I guess
Despite being a diaper, only a bit of clothing, can I deal with the rumbling(ponpon) warmth?
Can I not do that, what do you think?

≪…Under deliberation≫

Huh, what was that just now .

≪…Approval Granted≫
≪Skill: “PonPon Warmer” was added to the list≫

What’s up with that naming?
And, it was added to the list… Oh . It was added to the acquirable with PP skills list .
And at trial price of 10 points as a, well, deal!
Immediate acquisition .
The skill ‘PonPon Warmer’ has activated!
How’s that, I’ve become warm, right?
Yeah yeah, I’m very happy you’re pleased
“Ara ara, Satchan feeling good . ”
I’ll burn, Mama-chin, tear this dirty me off Satchan
Satchan’s mounds from some time ago leaked out- .
Deodorisation, Mess Removal, I want to find such skills too- .
Whenever Satchan and I are together that is .

≪…Approval Granted≫
≪Skill: “Deodorisation” was added to the list≫
≪Skill: “Mess Removal” was added to the list≫

Ooh, System Message-chan works really fast!
I’ll fall in love you know .

≪…The application was rejected≫

Ga—n .
Or rather, it responded to my heart’s voice?
No way, don’t read my heart- .


Only silence was returned…
Please retort, otherwise it’s lonely!
Because Satchan and Mama-chin can’t hear my voice, am I kinda starved for conversation!?

≪…The application was rejected≫

Che- .
Fuun, its fine, I’ll just spend this diaper life all alone- .  
Besides, it’s like that, Mama-chin’s a beautiful girl .
I can gaze for however many years, both at Satchan and the beautiful girl that she’s sure to become .
That’s why, my long-standing dream, to become a beautiful girl’s panties, will turn out!
The Shining Genji Plan begins to turn!