Chapter 204: 204
As soon as the three of them submitted their mission, they went on their own way . Qi Huan returned back to Chi Kingdom while Lu Wan started to accept missions to do them on his own . He wanted to collect a lot of points to be able to buy the herbs he wanted and get used to traveling a long distance .

On the other hand, Ye Jiao decided to use this chance to use her points . She had a lot of points accumulated because of doing mission sprees for months and practiced without using them .

'It's really increasing at alarming speed . '

Feeling the amount of Eon Energy in her core, Ye Jiao was astonished . She did use Eon Energy Pill rank 3 in the past because of her mother to form her core, but this was the first time she used it to increase her Eon Energy directly . The amount of Eon Energy she gained from this one session was enough to rival the amount she gathered from a month or so practice so far .

Standing up from her place, Ye Jiao looked at her body with a sigh . She used Natural Essence Fruit after using the Eon Energy Pill and as the result, her body was fully covered in filth .

"I never know that the pill can have so much impurities . "

Ye Jiao rushed out of the room and headed to her room she booked . Taking a warm bath, Ye Jiao made sure that she was clean before heading out to the library once again . There were not many exercise she did, but having a warm bath was a bit of leisure she could gave herself occasionally .

"Four hour is one point . "

"Here," Ye Jiao handed her badge . She didn't use it for anything else other than the room and this library . As the result, there were still quite a lot of points inside .

As Ye Jiao walked inside, her eyes caught Lin Jian looking back at her .

"It seems that we bump into one another very often," Lin Jian furrowed his brows . He scanned Ye Jiao from top to the bottom as astonishment filled his eyes . "I can't see your Eon Energy rank, but you seem stronger than before . "

At this time, Lin Jian was still Eon Energy rank 1 as he hadn't managed to increase his rank . Ye Jiao reached rank 2 a few months ago but hadn't returned back, which was the reason why this young man didn't know that .

Ye Jiao smiled . "I'm Eon Energy Master rank 2, Lin Jian . "

"Guh," Lin Jian's face contorted . "You're so quick! Just wait, I'll become one in less than a week . Afterwards, let's have a spar . "

"It's better if we don't have any spar . "

"Are you looking down on me?"

Ye Jiao didn't intend to look down on him, but it was the truth that Lin Jian would never be able to defeat her . Even when the two of them were at the same rank, her skill far surpassed him . Only utter defeat awaited Lin Jian should he try to challenge Ye Jiao again .

Lin Jian pursed his lips . "Don't underestimate me . Master says that he's going to teach the secret art to me . This will allow me to grow much stronger . "

"Secret art?" Ye Jiao's interest piqued up .

"Yes . Don't you know that there are two secret manuals in the Four Kingdoms Bao Fu Organizations? These two are part of one technique and this technique will allow one to have better control over their body . Master says that he'll start training me in the art after I reach rank 2," Lin Jian said proudly .

Seeing the young man's gesture, Ye Jiao just shook her head . She knew that there were a lot of secret manuals in this world . Her master has given her one, a different one than the one in this four kingdom . Now, she wondered what the content of the secret manual would be .

"By the way, do you know where the secret manual is located?"

"It's at the top of this building," Lin Jian pointed to the top . "There are two masters of Bao Fu Organization and each one of them has a part of the secret manual . This way, they can't monopolize it . "

"You're saying that your master brings it with him all the time?"

"Yes . "

Ye Jiao had just had the thought of stealing it, but knowing that she had to face Eon Energy Master rank 4, she discarded the thought . Hell, if she had to fight for the secret manual, it would be better for her to forget about it . The opponent she had to face was simply too large .

Lin Jian smirked . "Don't ever try to think about getting it without working hard . It's impossible . "

"I can see that . "

To reach rank 4 from rank 2 required several years of practice . There was no shortcut and even if her talent was higher than the others, it didn't mean that she would be able to instantly reach that power .

Ye Jiao pushed the thought into the back of her mind as she started to browse the books around her . She hadn't had the chance to finish reading them all, so it would be better for her to start reading again or she wouldn't have the time . As for practice, it would be better if she let her body adapt to the newfound amount of Eon Energy first before advancing further .

Lin Jie shook his head as he saw how quick Ye Jiao was engrossed in reading those books . If it was him, he would not care in the slightest .

'Now, where's the martial art manual for swords?'

Ye Jiao paid more attention to the common knowledge such as the use of herbs and many others . They would be very practical once she decided to travel in the forest or any other terrain . Besides, knowing what she could eat would be beneficial because it could keep her alive for a longer time .

Eon Energy Master still required daily food until they reached a higher rank because at that time they could replace their needs of nutrition through other uses . Of course, many of them still ate just for the sake of the taste .


Right when she was still engrossed in reading, the door was slammed open . A man dressed in a gray robe rushed inside .

"Everyone has to go out and help!"

"What is it?"

"Don't be noisy in the library . "

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?"

A lot of people expressed their complaint as they looked at the young man who came . They were all currently busy reading . To be able to stay here for a long time was a luxury because of how expensive it was .

"The secret manual is stolen!" the man yelled .



The library was filled with exclaim as Ye Jiao's eyes shone with interest . Without thinking much, she put down the book that she had in her hand back to the shelf . To think that someone truly managed to steal the secret manual when she had just thought of giving it up .

How convenient .

"First Master tells us that whoever takes the secret manual back from the man will be allowed to train in the secret manual and raise rank inside the organization . Also, the one who manages to kill the man will be given White Jade . "

Silence .

Everyone was astonished when they heard the word 'White Jade . ' If one should say, this white jade was one of the greatest items existed for people under Eon Energy rank 3 . Whoever could obtain it would have a higher chance to reach rank 4 because it can help them gain enlightenment .

It was so precious and rare that almost everyone who managed to get it would be able to reach rank 4 .

Numerous people wanted it, especially those who had reached rank 3 but hadn't been able to advance .

"Let's go!"

"What are you waiting for!"

"Where did he go?"

"I'm first!"

In that instant, all of them ran out of the library as if their lives depended on it . On the other hand, Ye Jiao silently walked to the young man in grey robe .