Chapter 205: 205
"Hey . "

"Wha?" The man in the grey robe was surprised . He turned to look at Ye Jiao and momentarily felt relieved that the one in front of him was nothing more than a little girl . "What do you want?"

"What's the thief's strength?"

"He's Eon Energy Master rank 3 . "

Eon Energy Master rank 3? Ye Jiao's eyes narrowed when she heard that . The one who guarded the secret manual was someone at rank 4 . If this young man managed to defeat him, it was no doubt that this man must be extremely powerful .

"Have you seen his appearance?"

The man shook his head . "He's too fast for me . I'm only here to deliver the news before the thief managed to run far away . "

"Ok . Thanks . "

Ye Jiao sprinted out of the library . She didn't need to worry about crashing to anyone because all of them had run out the moment they heard the price . The outer layer of the place was filled with numerous assassins as they filled the street like there was no ending .

Her mouth twitched . 'It seems there are more people in Bao Fu Organization Headquarter than what I usually see . '

Their gaze was locked on the front, to be exact to the top of the building not far from them . Right now, several men were fighting as Eon Energy clashed to one another midair .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sound of metal clashing reverberated in the air . A lot of Eon Energy Masters wanted to join in but were unable to do so . The flying weapon controlled by Eon Energy already filled the area that it would be dangerous for them to get any closer .

"You rotten brat! Stop running away . "

It was only at this time that Ye Jiao managed to see the thief . The thief was a young man wearing dark clothes . He slipped his hand to his pocket and threw several hidden weapons to the people surroundings him .

Ding! Ding! Slash! Jleb! Clang!

The weapon hit the pursuer at a different location . At the momentarily lack of attention, the man jumped to the next roof and charged out of the place into the forest . The men around Ye Jiao were enraged when they saw that they were unable to defeat that man .

"Chase after him!"

"Don't let him get away!"

The men around Ye Jiao started to run . With her keen sense, she knew that many of them were only Eon Energy Master rank 2 or even rank 1 . With their current prowess, they wouldn't be able to defeat that man . What these people wanted was the chance to steal the secret manual .

Ye Jiao stomped her feet on the ground and propelled herself to move forward . Compared to the group, she was much faster .

'He's heading over there . There's a rocky area not far from there, so he would be forced to move around,' Ye Jiao analyzed the thief's movements as she detoured to another place . Since she has been familiar with this place, it would be easy for her to make her way inside the forest and found the perfect place to catch up to that young man .



A group of men managed to catch up . They were all Eon Energy Master rank 3, so they had higher speed than the others . The thief's eyes narrowed when he saw them got closer . He drew his sword as he blocked their attacks .


Sound of metal clashing entered their ears as the man moved once again . He jumped to the side and swung his sword . It directly killed the nearest man near him . When the other man rushed forward with his sword above his head, the thief jumped to the back once more .


The sword hit midair and the thief swung his sword, cutting off the man's arm .


"You're noisy . "


From the back, Ye Jiao was watching their fight with widened eyes . When she heard the thief spoke, she could sense the coldness within his words . The way he killed the man showed that he was used to kill . In addition, there was no hesitation whatsoever on the thief's eyes as he dealt the killing blow .

"YOU!" the other man charged forward .

The thief side stepped to the side, evading the sword . He twisted his arm and brought his sword upward .


It directly slashed through the man, leaving nothing behind . The sharpness of the sword alone was enough to leave people astounded .

The thief didn't move back and advanced forward . In a split second he arrived before the few people left from the batch . His sword moved at lightning speed as he swung it in their direction, killing several of them in one swing .


The men's eyes were filled with disbelief . They were all the experts in Bao Fu Organization, yet they were unable to defeat this little thief . Judging from his build, this man must be extremely young, yet his precision and movements were incredibly scary that it seemed like a devil had come here .

"Tsk," the thief clicked his tongue . He sheathed back his sword and dashed to the other direction .

Ye Jiao chased after the man as her mind examined him . From the way the man fought, she could see that there were times when he seemed uncomfortable . It seemed that the young man was actually wounded . Perhaps, he was poisoned?

Still, the image of him fighting just now made her doubt her conjecture . How could one fight that well when they were wounded?


The thief stopped near a creek and a small waterfall . He inched closer to the rocks and jumped to the rock in front of the waterfall . Afterwards, he stepped inside, into a cave inside the waterfall .

'Ah, he knows this place too,' Ye Jiao stopped not far from the waterfall . She found out about this place when she was on a mission with Lu Wan not long ago . Ever since then, she loved to come here when she had the time since it was quite a perfect place to hide .

She still concealed her presence and slowly inched closer to the waterfall . Right when she stood on the rock, her mind screamed the word danger .

A blade suddenly appeared in front of her eyes, flying to her direction at inconceivable speed .