Chapter 206: 206
She still concealed her presence and slowly inched closer to the waterfall . Right when she stood on the rock, her mind screamed the word danger .

A blade suddenly appeared in front of her eyes, flying to her direction at inconceivable speed .


Tilting her head to the side, Ye Jiao narrowly avoided the blade . Her eyes turned sharp as she jumped inside . The moment she touched the ground, she twisted her body as several other blades were flying to her direction .

In front of her, Ye Jiao could see the young man glaring at her . His breathing has turned uneven as the cloth covering his face has fallen to the ground . Beads of sweat filled his youthful face .


"So you're really wounded," Ye Jiao remarked when she saw the wound on the man's stomach . It was unclear from the distance, but now that she was standing close to him, she could see that there was blood stain on his stomach .

The young man's brow furrowed . "What do you want?"

"I'm going to heal you," Ye Jiao grinned .

The young man narrowed his eyes as his hand moved at lightning speed .

Swish, swish, swish!

"Is throwing weapons at other people your way of greeting?" Ye Jiao narrowly avoided the next group of blades as she moved to the man's back . Her arm was stretched out as she touched the man's wound .


"Whoa, there," Ye Jiao summoned her dagger in time to block the man's sword attack as she moved back . Her finger was now stained with the man's blood .

The man's face was red with anger . He couldn't believe that he had allowed this woman to get close to him albeit only for a split second . In addition, she managed to touch his wound .

Lick .

Ye Jiao put her finger that was stained with the thief's blood to her mouth as she assessed the taste . "It's bitter and leaves a scorching feeling . "

The young man's eyes widened . "What are you-?"

"I have the antidote," Ye Jiao cut off the young man's words before he could finish his words . She was familiar with this poison because Lu Wan had given it to her a long time ago . Just in case, he had made several bottles of antidotes for them, so she would be able to save this young man if he wanted it .

The young man narrowed his eyes . "I don't need yours . Just leave me alone . "

"Don't want to . "

"What?" at her retort, the young man glared at her dangerously . His chilling aura filled the cave as he glared at the young woman . Right now, he was already feeling extremely annoyed because of how things going on so far .

Ye Jiao sat down . "I often play here in the past, so I'm going to stay here . You can't kick me out with your condition . "

The young man looked back at Ye Jiao with hatred and annoyance in his eyes . He didn't really want to move around too much because it would increase the speed at which the poison entered his body . It was dangerous because if they entered too deep into his organ, he would never be able to stay alive .

As the young man focused his attention to his own body, Ye Jiao sat down and examined the young man . She didn't realize it before, but this young man looked extremely young . His small build was apparent, but his childish face was covered in his dangerous aura that he emitted over and over .

It made one unable to look at him properly .

"It's too late to force the poison out," Ye Jiao told the young man .

The young man glanced back at Ye Jiao . "It's none of your business . Just ignore me if you don't want to get involved in my matter . "

"Oh, I want to get involved . "


He threw another hidden weapon to Ye Jiao . His eyes glinted with fury . "Stop meddling, brat!"

"Brat? I bet you're younger than me!"

"Younger? as if I'll be younger than an insolent girl like you!"

"At least this insolent girl is not a thief that will steal from other people . "

The young man threw another blade to Ye Jiao, but she evaded it with ease . His control and aim has weakened considerably because of poison inside his body . Looking at how the young man struggled to keep his consciousness, Ye Jiao felt slightly bad .

"Shut up!"

His commanding tone was filled with ruthlessness . His body shuddered as a course of pain entered his body . Gritting his teeth, he forced his Eon Energy to move towards the particular point of poison in his body to force them out . It was painful, and he knew that forcing himself to fight in this condition was too reckless .

Internally, he was cursing himself for his stupidity . He should have known that the Eon Energy Master rank 4 has their own means of keeping their lives . Just because of a moment of carelessness, he was poisoned . With his movements so far, he had worsened his condition .

Ye Jiao stood up from her position as she took out a bottle from her storage bracelet . It was the antidote that Lu Wan made for her as precaution in case her body was unable to handle the poison when making antibodies .

"Here, drink this . "

"I don't want yours," the young man replied stubbornly . His eyes were glaring at Ye Jiao as if he was telling her that it would be better to die than receiving her help .

Ye Jiao didn't really understand what made this young boy hate her so much . Well, it was indeed a bit hard to trust someone he had just met, though . She swiftly moved from her position to the man's side in a split second . Her left arm held the young man's arm as it was going to throw another weapon while her right arm shoved the bottle into the man's mouth .


"Come on, you're going to die if you don't drink," Ye Jiao pushed him slightly . As the man tumbled to the back, he inevitably drank the antidote that Ye Jiao shoved to his mouth . His eyes widened when the liquid entered his mouth into his stomach .

Ye Jiao's eyes narrowed as she saw the young man tried to push the liquid out . She put her right hand on the young man's abdomen and used her own Eon Energy to circulate the antidote in his body . The young man's right arm was holding her wrist tightly, trying to pry her away .

'One circulation . '

Lu Wan taught her this when she was staying in his residence . This was one of the ways to help others dispel poison from their body or deliver antidotes . With this way, they could help and force-fed someone when they were unconscious . Of course, this method only worked on low level poison because the higher one required greater control .

As soon as she finished, Ye Jiao yanked her arm and jumped to the back . The young man threw the hidden weapon as Ye Jiao parried it with her dagger .


"Your accuracy increased . Have you felt better?"

The young man frowned . He inspected his body as he could feel the poison weakened considerably . His eyes shone in realization . This girl wasn't trying to harm him, but instead truly helping him .