Peach Pit Landlord - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Hua Guniang

Li Yuan lived in a rundown neighborhood in the outskirts of the city . It was a very small house with a small yard that was the same size . Although it was a very remote area in the city, every month they still demand 800 Yuan for rent . For him to be just living here was already a burden .  

In fact in the bazaar a while ago, Li Yuan selling the 2000 priced bamboo engraving to the old man was needed . He was extremely worried about the rent next month, however he did not have the heart to cheat someone that had a chance of dying . Therefore, now he can only think of a way to be able to pay his rent next month .   

Merely, Li Yuan has another thing to do, it was the peach pit he got while he was cycling home . After getting it he went to a traditional Chinese medicine store called Huiren Hall .

Shortly after Li Yuan came out of the store, in his hands were ginseng that were comparable to the size of cigarettes .

This type of ginseng is called the Linxia ginseng, it can be retrieved from the forests . Which can be said to be at least better than those grown inside wooden shacks .  

It is only natural for Li Yuan to invest more money for something better . His pocket however from barely having 300 Yuan, now he only has one bill left .

From the 300 Yuan that Li Yuan had a while ago, 200 of it was used to purchase the ginseng . He wasn’t really regretful, but he was only dissatisfied: “Last time I came I bought it for 150, now in just two weeks the price rose by 50 . This boss is truly getting more and more ruthless!”

Li Yuan did not at all lack the means to get it, however he was discontented as he looked at the signboard Huiren Hall . Afterwards he climbed his bicycle and headed home .

The summertime evening’s are blistering hot, Li Yuan very quickly was drenched in sweat . Although he was not really riding that quickly, he still was gasping for breath . Li Yuan had no choice but to go slow, even some old people cycling passed him . He was helpless, across his face was a forced smile .

In the same year Li Yuan’s mother got pregnant with him, she was experiencing a lot of suffering . She was making trips to the gates of hell when he was born, that is why Li Yuan has an inherent illness as a child . Up to now it is still the same, his body was weak and with physical movement he always had to gasp for breath . His eyes will always dim which caused him to be bad in academics, forcing him to just find jobs to work .    

Li Yuan just trying to get home in his rundown village, the sky was practically completely dark . This time he was really thirsty and hungry so his stomach started to make noise .

“I wish Hua Guniang was here . ” Li Yuan inwardly prayed, he turned towards a big strip of road within the rundown village—Guanqian street .

It was said previously there was a huge daoist temple, which gave the name of the street Guanqian . However the tracks of these priests just disappeared, so the temple was leveled and made into a building . But Guanqian street contrary to its name, is now a business street filled with noise .   

Especially during summer nights, Guanqian street is filled with street vendors selling snack and refreshments . There were numerous snacks with all kinds of description, “Hua Dagu Salt Dish” was among the many vendor stalls . Li Yuan with his mouth said “Hua Guniang”, she was the owner of the Hua Dagu Salt Dish . She was originally surnamed Hua, also she was unmarried, so she was known as Hua Guniang . (Guniang means young lady, it alludes to a beautiful girl)

As for Hua Dagu Salt Dish’s trait, it was both convenient and cheap, which made the business well-known in Guanqian street . The owner of Hua Dagu in Guanqian street was also a celebrity, she is the reason why it is famous . It was due to her big stature .

Hua Dagu in comparison to Li Yuan in height is almost only half, however when it came to width she was two times bigger .

Not only was Hua Dagu known due to her somewhat fat figure, but also she was a good person . Discarding other people, Li Yuan received her care many times, when he was having a hard time, she would not hesitate to sell to him . She even took the initiative to invite him at times .  

This thought led Li Yuan to have a feeling of comfort, he then went towards Hua Dagu Salt Dish’s stall saying in a loud voice: “Hua Guniang, give me a slice of pig ear, also give me a can of beer . I want it to be cold!”

“Alright!” Hua Dagu also with a loud voice agreed, afterwards carrying a big slice of pig ear .

However Hua Dagu’s mood today wasn’t good, although she was nimble in cutting, she couldn’t help but exclaim a sigh .

Li Yuan immediately took notice of the anomaly with Hua Dagu, grinning happily he asked: “Hua Guniang, why did you heave a sigh?”

“Today I went to a blind date . ” Hua Dagy didn’t conceal the truth, creasing her eyebrows she said: “My counterpart at once turned around and left, avoiding the fat me!”

“”Who was called fat?! You obviously are a round jade that is without blemish!” Li Yuan immediately felt injustice, in a loud voice towards Hua Dagu: “You should be contented, this kind of man is not worth it, in the future you will only have regret!”

What Li Yuan said did not seem to have an effect on Hua Dagu, he couldn’t help but ask: “Is it true?”

“You think it’s false?” Li Yuan seriously spoke: Hua Dagu you are hardworking and kindhearted, whoever will take you as a wife will take it as good fortune . Right now you are merely not finding the suitable man, nothing more! There are many people out there, that man is only one person, he is unworthy of attention!”

Li Yuan’s speech cause Hua Dagu to be beaming with joy, she even added more slices and two cans of beer to give him . She even refused to take the money of Li Yuan and told he is good .  

Li Yuan beaming with smiles brought his dish and beer towards his residence . When he was outside he suddenly saw a graceful figure of a young woman right outside his door .  

This young woman is named Zhao Qian, she was Li Yuan’s neighbor . In comparison to him, she was only four years younger . It can be said that they are childhood friends, however by no means are they childhood sweethearts .

Zhao Qian was very delicate and pretty, she was very charming . Her soft and tender big eyes were bent like a crescent moon . In front of Li Yuan, she always had a faint smile . Comparing Zhao Qian to other young women, she is very delicate . In addition her skin was somewhat abnormal, it gave a person an intimate transparent feeling, so much so that it was like you can see inside her .  

However in the eyes of Li Yuan, Zhao Qian did not have any weakness at all . Seeing her Li Yuan had a warm smile that he knew was completely genuine .

Li Yuan at once walked towards her, arriving in front of her he asked: “Zhao Qian, what are you doing here?”

“I saw that you haven’t come home yet, I certainly knew you haven’t prepared food, therefore I came over to send food . ” She stop for a while and gave a smile to Li Yuan: “However it seems like you once again made Hua Dagu happy?”


“Hua Guniang was once again defeated in a blind date, that is why I encouraged her, helping her establish her confidence again!” Li Yuan proud of himself said to Zhao Qian: “As for this dish and beer that is what it is all about, you don’t need to mind it!”