Peerless Martial God - Chapter 51

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A golden palm carrying an extremely strong pressure was rushing towards Lin Feng . The crowd could already imagine Lin Feng getting blown away by that palm strike . Na Lan Feng had been defeated by a similar attack, what about Lin Feng?



“Get Lost!”” said Lin Feng strictly . The light of his sword was dazzling as it filled the eyes of everyone watching . The resplendent sword light and the golden hand enhanced each other’s beauty . As a result of their collision, a loud sound similar to that of a gong spread throughout the atmosphere .


Qiu Yuan Hao’s golden body not only allowed him to carry out formidably strong attacks but also enabled him to greatly enhance his defense . It seemed like he was impervious to spears and swords . Thus, Lin Feng’s sword was unable to hurt him .


That was precisely what Qiu Yuan Hao relied on, his defense skills . He relied on them as much as he relied on his arrogance .


“Hahaha, are you kidding me? You little doggy, you’re just a piece of trash . You’ll never be able to hurt me . ” said Qiu Yuan Hao sneering at Lin Feng . His golden light began to once again fill the air . Lin Feng just sensed the colossal oppressing strength against his sword . That strength made his sword shake so much that he almost had it slip from him grasp .


“Really?” replied Lin Feng indifferently . If the sword was used quickly, it could never be stopped . It could overrun all fortifications . A sword user could crush and annihilate everything in his path . Nobody could survive a sword that they did not see .


There were a myriad of weapon spirits but the sword spirit was one of the strongest and most powerful weapon spirits which existed . Even though Lin Feng didn’t have a sword spirit, his knowledge when it came to swords surpassed that of a great majority of cultivators who had a sword spirit .


“Sword force . ” Lin Feng whispered . His sword was dazzling . Brilliant rays of lights started to consume the atmosphere . An extremely strong Qi was concentrated in the tip of his sword and emitted a loud explosion .




Lin Feng’s sword collided with Qiu Yuan Hao’s spirit again . A sound like tearing paper spread throughout the air . Qiu Yuan Hao’s facial expression immediately changed . He, who was incredibly strong, had had to step back to avoid that powerful sword and could not rely only on his defenses .


When Lin Feng saw that Qiu Yuan Hao had stepped back, he put his sword on his shoulder and said while smiling coldly: “You said that I was unable to hurt you, well then, why did you just step back?”


When Qiu Yuan Hao heard those words, his face twisted in anger and while staring at Lin Feng, said: “I admit that I underestimated you but I am stronger than you . You’re still a little doggy, no a little chicken who cannot even withstand a single attack . ”


“You talk a lot, but everything that leaves your mouth is crap . ” Lin Feng said sounding exhausted . “If being a genius means opening one’s big mouth and stupidly judging other people, then you definitely are a real genius, a true genius, a genius unmatched beneath the heavens”


“How fearless . Duo Ming has been brave in the face of danger this whole time . He has no fear . ” When the crowd saw that Lin Feng had made Qiu Yuan Hao step back, their expression was bright . They already regarded Duo Ming as someone great . They used to think that Lin Feng only had a little power, they had underestimated him… but at that moment, they really thought that he was stronger than Na Lan Feng or Lin Qian .


Na Lan Feng and Lin Qian were also watching Lin Feng and started to think very highly of him . They had thought that Lin Feng wasn’t that strong before but at that moment, they realized how ignorant they had been . Actually, Duo Ming was the person to be careful of, he was on a higher level than them both .


“Even though we can’t see his face, he’s obviously very young and he’s a real genius . He must have been gifted ever since his birth . If he could join my clan, the Na Lan Clan, that would be a great help . ” said Na Lan Feng who really hoped Duo Ming would join her clan . Then, she walked towards Lin Feng and said: “Duo Ming, I admit that I underestimated you . With such strength like yours, my clan, the Na Lan Clan, will really respect you . Please join my clan and support us in the future . Then, you will able to meet me everyday no matter what, wouldn’t that be great for you . Please join?”


Na Lan Feng sounded arrogant and self-confident again . She had recovered from her previous emotions . Relying on her natural beauty and feminine charms, she tried to convince Lin Feng to meet her every day . Both would gain a lot from such a relationship . Besides, she was really beautiful so she was convinced that Lin Feng would not refuse her suggestion .


“Get lost . ”


What nobody had expected was that Lin Feng had not only rejected Na Lan Feng’s proposition but had also brandished his sword in her direction, which made him look extremely ruthless .


Na Lan Feng’s pupils were dilated . She released her Divine Arm Spirit and started her Divine Punch and bombarded his sword .


But nothing happened, the long sword didn’t even move a millimeter . Then, a thunderous roar spread throughout the atmosphere carrying an insanely violent and explosive Qi within . It looked beyond terrifying .


Na Lan Feng’s expression suddenly changed . She quickly dodged the attack . She was extremely quick .


“BOOOM! . ”


Lin Feng thrust out his left hand which was followed by a loud explosive noise . That punch turned into a multitude of fist shadows superposing one another . Each fist shadow was stronger than the last . It looked like he had created a flood of punches .


They were moving towards Na Lan Feng at an unimaginable speed .


Na Lan Feng groaned . She was blown backwards and looked extremely fragile and weak . She slid backwards to the edge of the main fighting stage . One more step backwards and she would have fallen off .


At that moment, the crowd didn’t know what was going on anymore, they were too confused . Lin Feng had astonished them too many times .


Each time Lin Feng moved, they found him amazing, but each time, they also realized they had been underestimating him . It seemed like his strength was ever increasing . It looked like they were underestimating him over and over again . Even at that moment, Lin Feng had defeated Na Lan Feng quickly and efficiently .


They remembered how they had thought that Na Lan Feng and Lin Qian were definitely going to win this fight and had never put the young man in their eyes . They were thinking that they had been ridiculous and foolish . If Qiu Yuan Hao hadn’t been there, Lin Feng would have deserved to be designated as their grandfather .


The crowd were not the only ones to think that way . Na Lan Feng and Lin Qian, but especially Na Lan Feng, thought that they were the only ones who had a chance and were ignoring Lin Feng when the three of them were on the battle stage, getting ready for the final battle . They had almost forgotten that Lin Feng was even there . They had really underestimated him . At that moment, they also realized how ridiculous they had been .  They realized by underestimating him, they could have both died beneath his sword .


“You are so strong… would you please help me practice and improve my cultivation skills…?” said Lin Feng while looking at Na Lan Feng as he was blatantly humiliating her . Lin Feng was filled with indignation and anger because of that arrogant girl’s behavior but what enraged Lin Feng the most was that that girl didn’t respect people… and she wanted other people to respect her, otherwise why would she send her troops at night to attack the offenders by surprise . Lin Feng couldn’t stand the arrogant and haughty girl .


Na Lan Feng was utterly ashamed of herself when she remembered what she had said . She had the feeling she was truly foolish .


“Join your clan, meet you everyday, who do you think you are? You think you are alone at the top of the world, you think others are beneath you . What gives you the right to think that I would ever want to meet you every day?”


Lin Feng continued to talk and made Na Lan Feng understand how ridiculous she was and that she had no right to be arrogant .


Na Lan Feng had the feeling that her face was burning . She couldn’t refute anything that Lin Feng had said .


At that moment, Na Lan Xiong was looking at them . He was staring at Lin Feng who was filled with anger and whose expression was ice cold . He had defeated Na Lan Feng so easily . That Duo Ming really looked like he was going to kill the arrogant Na Lan Feng, the greatest disciple of the Na Lan Clan, a real genius .


The crowd hadn’t been so excited as at that moment . Lin Qian, Na Lan Feng, Duo Ming as well as Qiu Yuan Hao, all were geniuses, all were stronger than the other .


None of them had a strength which could make the crowd despise them, but some of them were so insanely strong that the crowd’s blood was boiling in excitement, for example when looking at Lin Feng .


He gradually was showing more and more strength, he was gradually becoming more and more insane . So far, he hadn’t been so furious and enraged as at that moment . The more ruthless he became, the more excited the crowd became . Nobody was even willing to fight against him anymore . He was really hot-blooded and merciless .


“Oh, you’re still there . I have no intention to fight against you to prevent you from taking your revenge… but do you think that trying to humiliate me over and over again and thinking that you are the best person in the world makes you an amazing person?”


Lin Feng had turned around and was looking at Qiu Yuan Hao and then said in an ice cold tone: “You say that Na Lan Feng is extremely arrogant and sets herself high above everyone else… that she can act that way only because she is in a small and miserable town like Yangzhou City… what about you? Are you not acting in the same way? Genius? calling me a little doggy and a chicken… now, I would like to ask you, what makes you a genius?”


Lin Feng said that while walking . He released his spirit for the first time .


All of them seemed not to have noticed that they had all released their spirit at least once… but Lin Feng had not released his spirit the whole time .


In his eyes, the entire world became darkness . Lin Feng’s eyes became pitch black . He looked truly evil . It looked like he had two black holes instead of eyes . He looked like a demon .


Everything around him seemed to slow down . Every movement, every person and their face, every single thing… Lin Feng could see everything around him at the same time and it was crystal clear as if everything was moving in slow motion . Nothing could escape from Lin Feng’s attention . He knew what everyone was doing at any given time .


He could also hear his own heart palpitating . He could even sense his own blood circulating in his veins . He could sense every single movement that Qiu Yuan Hao was making, including his respiration .


Lin Feng was unable to speak at that moment though as if he, was an omnipotent deity, as if he was in every single moment at the same time, as if he was a gigantic pair of eyes able to observe every single thing in the universe at the same time… but eyes couldn’t speak .


Through the silver mask that Lin Feng was wearing, Qiu Yuan Hao could see Lin Feng’s eyes . He had begun to tremble with fear, he had never felt so much fear in his life . He couldn’t realize what he was seeing . What was wrong with Lin Feng’s eyes? Why did it seem like he was staring into the eyes of death itself?


At that moment, Qiu Yuan Hao was confused and terrified . He could feel the fear penetrating deep into his bones and was shivering like he was frozen . He must be having a hallucination, there was nobody in front of him .


Lin Feng was clearly standing in front of him but Qiu Yuan Hao couldn’t feel his presence at all . It was just as if he was closing his eyes and couldn’t see people or sense other people’s presence near him . It was as if the place where Lin Feng stood was a black hole which absorbed his presence .



… .


…… .



At that moment, the atmosphere was extremely silent . Everybody was staring at Lin Feng as if he was the only person within the universe .


Even though Lin Feng’s steps made almost no sound at all, each and every one of his steps caused a terrifying sensation in their hearts, it sounded like their hearts were trying to burst from their chests . This was fear, this was terror . It was a primal instinct, everyone wanted to do only one thing… . Run .


With eyes filled with fury, Lin Feng was drawing closer and closer to the frozen Qiu Yuan Hao with every step .

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