Peerless Martial God - Chapter 52

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At that moment, Lin Feng was shrouded in a mysterious aura of darkness . 

 His steps seemed to be corresponding to some kind of special cosmic rhythm . That cosmic rhythm seemed to follow the same laws as that of elemental forces .


The sword could diffuse a strong sword force with each strike… heaven and earth would also naturally produce a force which filled the world .


When Lin Feng released his spirit, he could sense and comprehend things in a way that was shockingly advanced, he could understand the mysteries which confused cultivators who were several realms higher . Millions of thoughts were circulating in his brain at full speed . These thoughts gave Lin Feng strange perceptions and a feeling of understanding a higher realm .


“Celestial spirit, transforms me into something unknown and unbelievably strong… . ” thought Lin Feng very pleased but it was impossible to see it on his face . Lin Feng’s right hand reached down and begun to remove his belt .


“Huh?” the entire crowd was looking at Lin Feng’s movements and could not believe he had just removed his belt . What was he planning to do?


“It’s… it’s a sword!” Everybody’s eyes seemed even more shocked that his silver belt had become a sword . They had already seen that Lin Feng was carrying a sword on his shoulder but they hadn’t paid attention to what was around his waist… Lin Feng seemed to be holding something which resembled a soft and flexible sword .


Lin Feng was getting nearer and nearer to Qiu Yuan Hao . At that moment, an extremely strong sword Qi was revolving around Lin Feng’s body . Lin Feng’s body seemed to look like the handle of a sword and the Qi which was emanating from his sword and body had formed a blade like shape in the air above him . .


“Is that a spirit?” The entire crowd had a strange feeling and didn’t really understand what was going on . Could it be that Lin Fen had a sword spirit? Otherwise, how could he be surrounded by such an insanely strong sword Qi?


The crowd seemed to have come to the realization that Lin Feng hadn’t released his spirit at all… He hadn’t needed to… he could display a strength above that of the geniuses before them, without releasing his spirit .


With each step that he took, the sword force was becoming stronger and stronger . Just by looking at the sword, everyone could tell that the killing force contained was growing with each passing moment . Even though Lin Feng was filled with murderous thoughts and his face was shockingly calm, it also seemed like he was slightly happy .


“The ten thousands things of creation possess a force, it is part of their innermost nature and the sword itself has a force… why keep using sword Qi when there is unlimited force?”


Before, Lin Feng would need to release a lot of sword Qi to use the sword force but at this moment he was not releasing his own sword Qi, but was using the Sword force and taking the Qi from the sword into his body . He could freely control the force to his will . He could now borrow force whenever he wanted . Therefore, he could unleash as much sword force in a single strike as he pleased . He was no longer limited by his own Qi .


His entire body and aura was starting to look like a sword, like an extremely sharp and ruthless sword!


Lin Feng, deep in his heart was growing happier and happier . The sword Qi in his body and the atmosphere was also becoming more and more vigorous . However at the same time, Qiu Yuan Hao was growing more and more concerned, a look of fear was covering his face .


The whole atmosphere was being consumed by the pressure of the sword force and it felt like the sword was trying to consume him and bathe in his blood . He could only panic, he could sense that Lin Feng was a threat to his life and at any moment his life could end .


Lin Feng could really tear through his Golden Body Spirit with such a terrifying sword force .


“I shouldn’t wait any longer, I should retreat . ” thought Qiu Yuan Hao . His confidence had been crushed by that enormous sword Qi and terrifying sword force . Besides, Lin Feng’s force was showing no signs of decreasing, instead it was still growing stronger . He was scared to approach Lin Feng because he feared that he wouldn’t be able to come out of the encounter with all of his body parts .


Qiu Yuan Hao would have never thought that he would end up in such a situation facing a nobody in Yangzhou City . He wasn’t even famous, he was an unknown . On top of that, his sister had invited him to join the annual tournament, so how could he be so strong? Lin Feng at this moment was looking at him as if he was looking at a street mutt .


Qiu Yuan Hao decided to start releasing his Qi again, he could not accept such humiliation from a nobody . His golden body was surrounded by a radiant golden light and he began releasing his colossal strength . His entire body was emanating a powerful Qi and he was even using an incredible force .


“Invincible Golden Body!”


In an extremely loud shout, Qiu Yuan Hao eventually decided to attack . He coated his fist in his indestructible aura and launched his fist towards Lin Feng .




As his fist crashed through the air, the sound of explosions filled the air as if he was shattering the atmosphere which restrained his fist .




Lin Feng said that word in a low voice and suddenly, an incredibly powerful sword force emerged out of his body and tore the atmosphere apart, then rushed towards Qiu Yuan Hao’s body .


The force of the sword made Qiu Yuan Hao’s body distort . Sounds of tearing and ripping could be heard from inside his body . It sounded like his body could be torn apart at any moment .


The sword force which was unleashed was accompanied by an extremely powerful Qi . The sword flashed through the atmosphere cutting everything in its path and an extremely dazzling light filled the air .


The sword struck against Qiu Yuan Hao’s chest .




Qiu Yuan Hao’s body cracked open like an egg as his protective layer shattered into pieces . His spirit was disintegrated . Blood splashed everywhere and Qiu Yuan Hao’s body was launched backwards .


It was now clear that he was weaker than Lin Feng . The strong cultivator who had come from the imperial city, same as those who had come before him, had not been able to withstand a single strike carried out by Lin Feng .


At that moment, the crowd was astonished, stunned, stupefied and was staring blankly at Lin Feng .


How terrifyingly strong . That was pure and undeniable strength . No one was able to deny the power that he had just unleashed .


Whether it was a genius or a powerful disciple mattered not, Lin Feng had only needed a single strike to deal with them .


“Phewww… . Duo Ming is the real genius today . He was definitely the hero of the day . Nobody could compete with his strength or defy his wrath . That haughty girl actually thought she was worthy of him, but Duo Ming is someone who is favored by the gods . ”


The crowd was still staring silently at Lin Feng . He definitely had gained a special esteem and respect within their hearts .


“Na Lan Feng considers herself as above the rest of the world, the strongest, the most beautiful… Surprisingly, she even wants to become a mentor for Duo Ming on the path of cultivation, that brat does not have eyes . ”


“Qiu Yuan Hao is also extremely arrogant and thinks he is invincible . He humiliated and insulted Duo Ming, called him a little doggy . Now, he can’t even withstand a single attack when facing Duo Ming . He is actually the little doggy . He actually thought he could be that arrogant in Duo Ming’s City but he was wrong, he better learn his lesson and behave in Yangzhou City . ”


“Only Duo Ming is a true genius . He has received a blessing from the heavens and the earth . He is the most talented and the most powerful person in Yangzhou City . ”


Lin Feng couldn’t know what the crowd was thinking . He was looking at Qiu Yuan Hao lying on the ground . Lin Feng was expressionless . That was the price to pay for humiliating and despising others for no reason .


Lin Feng turned around and didn’t look at Qiu Yuan Hao again . The black holes he was using as eyes then turned towards Lin Qian . On that day, Lin Feng was going to use Lin Qian and wipe away all his past humiliations .


“It looks like you and me are the last ones left . Let’s continue . ” said Lin Feng showing no emotions, which frightened Lin Qian . She did not know what he intended to do .


Her strength was very similar to that of Na Lan Feng . Qiu Yuan Hao had been able to defeat Na Lan Feng with ease .


But the strong and powerful Qiu Yuan Hao had not been able to block Lin Feng’s sword which gave Lin Qian the impression that she had no chance to defeat Lin Feng at all .


“Who the hell is that guy? Surprisingly he is so strong…” Lin Qian whispered . On that day, her self confidence had been crushed .


She used to think that she was amazing because she had reached the first Ling Qi layer . She used to think that she could defeat anyone who was before her . She was a true genius and no one else mattered . Her state of mind was the same as that of Na Lan Feng .


Then Qiu Yuan Hao had appeared from nowhere and made her understand that even though she had reached the first Ling Qi layer, there were many others who were still stronger than her and much more talented .


But at the moment when she had thought that Qiu Yuan Hao was incredibly strong, Lin Feng had cut him down with a single sword strike . This had made her feel extremely inferior .


“I think it’s useless to continue after these events . ” said Lin Qian sounding cold and detached . Even though her self confidence had been crushed, she still didn’t want to show it . . She didn’t want to admit that she wanted to surrender .


Lin Feng’s pitch black eyes looked like they were smiling . Even at that point, Lin Qian was unwilling to stop acting high and mighty .


Moonlight Feather Agility . Lin Feng’s body vanished without trace .


“Lin Qian, step back!” said someone shouting extremely loudly . Lin Ba Dao was frightened and didn’t want Lin Feng to attack Lin Qian . He had been paying attention all along . When he saw Lin Feng’s move, he immediately warned Lin Qian . At the same time, his body transformed into a whirlwind breaking through the air and moving straight towards the fighting stage .


Lin Qian was also aware of the danger and she immediately released her Universal Ice and Fire spirit . Both Ice and fire was coming out of her hands and she threw herself towards Lin Feng whom had appeared in front of her .




Lin Feng blocked the attack, the ice had melted and the fire was extinguished . Immediately after, his body shot towards Lin Qian . He would show no mercy at all, a single sword strike .


Lin Feng thrust his sword at Lin Qian .


“Let’s see if you dare!” shouted Lin Ba Dao while trying to intervene . A scorching fire was unleashed from the palm of his hand and moved to block Lin Feng’s sword .




The fire was unimaginably powerful and had weakened the power of the sword which was about to crash into Lin Qian’s body but the force of the sword still struck her and sent her flying towards the edge of the fighting stage, she was alive but gravely injured .


“How dare you violate the rules of the annual tournament like that?” Lin Feng shouted and then added: “Because you are worthless, you need to make a spectacle of yourself and need the help of the older generation to back you up, what a disgrace . The Lin Clan has finally shown its true colors . How shameless!!”


Na Lan Xiong remained silent . That whole tournament had deviated too much from what he had planned . Since it was this way, he felt like everything right now was meaningless . Lin Feng had injured his daughter, Na Lan Feng, could Na Lan Xiong have mercy on Lin Feng?


“How audacious . Who do you think you are, to be that arrogant?”


Lin Ba Dao saw that Na Lan Xiong remained silent, he didn’t hesitate at all and tried to slap Lin Feng’s silver mask .


Lin Feng didn’t try to avoid the attack . His silver mask directly fell down onto the ground and his real face appeared .


“It’s you…”

“It’s you…”


Lin Ba Dao and Lin Qian said these words at the same time . When they saw Lin Feng’s real face, they were stupefied . They felt like a blizzard was spreading through their veins and an icy cold chill ran down their spines .


At the same time, all the members of the Lin Clan in the crowd were stupefied when they saw Lin Feng’s real face . That insanely strong and powerful young man surprisingly is a member of the Lin Clan… or actually a former member of the Lin Clan who had been expelled for apparently being weak!!!

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