Peerless Martial God - Chapter 61

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“I tell you to hurry up and kill me but you still don’t dare, what sort of Sect Elders are you?” said Lin Feng sneering at the, then he turned around and beheaded a sly python with his sword . His sword was extremely sharp and precise .



Lin Feng had an evil smile on his face which made He Chong even more hesitant to attack . He surprisingly already believed Lin Feng’s words and did not want to act rashly . Mo Xie didn’t dare take risks either so both elders were frozen in place, unmoving . The last time he made a move against Lin Feng, the evil shadow had defended him and had scared Mo Xie to death .  Even just thinking about the shadow sent chills down his spine . It had been a deep psychological trauma for Mo Xie .


The flood of ferocious beasts was getting more and more intense . There were also more and more disciples who were joining in the fights . Each of them looked crueler than the other rushing into the multitude of ferocious beasts which actually gave the impression they were bloodthirsty beasts themselves .


Liu Fei had also arrived . She saw that Lin Feng was in the middle of all these ferocious beasts and that it seemed easy for him to kill them . His sword was bathed in blood and rivers of blood flowed under his feet . Lin Feng wasn’t using his full strength so it was hard to tell he was at the Ling Qi layer . He was using the strength of the ninth Qi layer to kill the incoming ferocious beasts . However every movement of his sword was precise, powerful, accurate and quick .  His swordsmanship was on a whole new level .


Lin Feng had complete control when using his sword and every movement was perfection . He was quick, accurate and powerful . People were unable to tell how powerful Lin Feng was but they knew he must be strong .


“This damned guy again…” Liu Fei insulted Lin Feng in her thoughts . She took her bow and arrow from her back and immediately shot an arrow through the skull of a ferocious beast that Lin Feng was about to kill .


Lin Feng turned around and saw Liu Fei’s ice cold eyes glaring at him . He smiled at her in a friendly way and ignored her killing the ferocious beast . He believed their debt had been settled already .


“Raaawwwwwwrrrr . ” a furious roar spread throughout the atmosphere and echoed through the air . The ground started violently shaking . Everyone had the impression the ground was collapsing under their feet . Everyone’s face suddenly became much more serious than before .


“An extremely powerful ferocious beast is coming . ”


Many people started moving back scared of the ferocious beast which was heading in their direction . A black fog was filling the air in a distant location and was gradually moving nearer . The crowd could just see the fog moving forward and trees getting split into pieces and blown away .


“How scary!”


The crowd was still retreating backwards . That kind of monstrous power must be at least at the Ling level of ferocious beasts . If an ordinary disciple went to try to kill it then they would certainly die .


When Lin Feng noticed that such a powerful ferocious beast was approaching, he started retreating as well . He wasn’t confident that he could easily kill such a powerful ferocious beast . Until that moment, he had been killing only low level ones and had never engaged in battle with a ferocious beast of the Ling Level .


While Lin Feng kept retreating backwards, a sudden oppressive force crashed onto his body . That oppressive force made his body go completely stiff and started to push him forwards and prevented him from moving back .


“Animal!” Lin Feng shouted furiously looking at Mo Xie who was behind him . He didn’t need to ask himself who was doing this to him, it was obvious that only Elder Mo Xie was able to do that, especially with such strength . He didn’t dare attack him so he just prevented him from retreating away from danger .


Mo Xie turned a deaf ear to Lin Feng’s insults . He had an evil smile across his face . He had been humiliated by that worthless ordinary disciple a few times, he had completely lost face . But more and more he started to think that he was wrong about the shadow which was supporting Lin Feng . How was that possible that the possessor of that Shadow Spirit was always with Lin Feng? Besides, he had just looked around carefully and had seen no shadow at all . He had decided that if he was going to act, now would be the best chance .


Of course, Mo Xie wasn’t absolutely convinced that the shadow wasn’t in the area . Therefore, he had only tried to harm Lin Feng using sly and indirect methods .  He would have the rampaging beast kill Lin Feng for him


The extremely powerful ferocious beast was moving nearer and it seemed like there was an earthquake every time it moved . The crowd could only see a black fog filling the air . Around that black fog, there was a large group of extremely strong ferocious wild beasts . Each of them diffused such a strong Qi that the disciples who saw had felt their hearts jumping from their chests .


“He’s dead . Elder Mo Xie willingly put him in such a situation . He’s definitely screwed . ”


Everybody was running back and saw that Lin Feng was alone unable to move backwards in retreat . Mo Xie was also standing away from the crowd and had firmly placed himself behind Lin Feng . The crowd had clearly understood what was going on . They couldn’t help but insult Lin Feng for his foolishness . They didn’t understand what the situation was actually about . This was the result for insulting an Elder of the Sect .


“That ferocious beast is extremely powerful . If you force me into fighting it then I will most likely die in an instant”  said Lin Feng who was still oppressed and shouted furiously . He wanted to go back but Mo Xie had blocked him .


“Pfff, it seems like this time the Shadow Spirit isn’t with him . ” Mo Xie thought cruelly . Then, he said loudly: “Abandoning others before a large battle, this disciple is the shame of the Yun Hai Sect . ”


When Mo Xie finished talking, an extremely thick vine suddenly burst out of his body threw itself at Lin Feng at an incredible speed .


Lin Feng body was burning under the pressure of the force that was oppressing him and in the blink of an eye, he was then constricted by thick vine plants which surrounding his body . It had moved extremely quick and looked like a Boa . At that moment, Lin Feng was absolutely unable to move .


“Spirit… It’s his spirit . Mo Xie has a Boa Vine Spirit!”


The crowd was shaking with roars of surprise . It looked like Mo Xie was determined to make sure that Lin Feng would fall into that death trap and die . If an ordinary disciple actually dared confront an Elder of the Sect, he was doomed .


However, there were some people who didn’t really agree with such a thing . They thought it wasn’t fair to attempt killing an ordinary disciple, especially when the one attempting to murder them was a powerful Elder in the Sect . They thought that it was quite shameless for Mo Xie to act as he did but nobody would dare to say anything . Who would dare to provoke Mo Xie?


Lin Feng howled furiously . His sword was glowing but it was constricted by the thick Boa Vine Spirit like the rest of his body . There was nothing that he was able to move .


Even though Lin Feng was a genius who was extraordinary and could definitely easily defeat cultivators of the same level or even of a much higher level than him, he was unable to defeat Mo Xie who was an Elder of the Yun Hai Sect . The gap between the two was gigantic . At that moment, Lin Feng was powerless .


“Impressive for an Elder to bully a disciple… you’re really shameless .


At that moment, an ice cold voice shouting was heard . Everybody in the crowd was surprised and stupefied . Surprisingly, the one who had said that was… Liu Fei . The beautiful Liu Fei… who was desired by an incredibly huge amount of sect disciples .


“Huh??” Mo Xie frowned and looked at Liu Fei . He groaned but he didn’t dare attack Liu Fei either . He knew Liu Fei’s status and background . The funny thing is that Mo Xie’s father, Mo Cang Lan had the same name as Liu Fei’s father, Liu Cang Lan . But Liu Cang Lan was of course much more popular and famous than Mo Cang Lan . Everybody knew the stories Liu Cang Lan in the Yun Hai Sect .  Mo Xie’s father paled in comparison .


The bow wielding genius, Liu Cang Lan and the Patriarch of the Sect, Nan Gong Ling were extremely arrogant yet popular when they were young . They cared a lot about their fellow disciples in the sect . They were both the best cultivators within the Sect, they were geniuses . Their friendship was also very deep and sincere, they were truly like brothers .


Liu Fei released her spirit and grabbed her silver bow from her back . She prepared three arrows in addition of the three arrows of her spirit and aimed at the Boa Vine Spirit .


Liu Cang Lan was extremely strong . Liu Fei envied her father’s strength and power . Even though she bitterly hated Lin Feng, she couldn’t bear the sight that was happening in front of her . Mo Xie was a very tiny personage, shameless and disgusting .


Liu Fei didn’t know if that attack was going to be of any use but she still tried . As before, the Boa Vine Spirit didn’t move at all .


Lin Feng looked amused for a second . He wouldn’t have thought that Liu Fei would surprisingly be the one trying to help him in the last moments of his life .


“I have taken useless risks . I was too negligent . It’s my fault . ” thought Lin Feng depressed . He wouldn’t have thought that he would come across Mo Xie and he had even less expected that Mo Xie would do such an evil and shameless thing .


Besides, at that moment, Mo Xie was much stronger than him so nobody was helping him . Liu Fei was an exception but she wasn’t strong enough . She tried to help but in vain .


“RRAAAAWWWRRRR………… . . ” The roar of the ferocious beast sounded violent and fierce . The beasts around it were also extremely quick, but there was still that gigantic black fog to be careful about . Nothing could resist it . The gigantic black fog was swallowing everything on its way through the forest . It was extremely strong, unimaginably powerful .


“It’s so strong! It must be an Imaginary Demon! It’s at least level seven!” Mo Xie could sense that terrifying power getting nearer and nearer . That monster was at the seventh Ling level which meant that it had the strength of a cultivator of the seventh Ling Qi layer . That strength was coupled with its natural strength as a ferocious beast which meant he was even more powerful than a cultivator of the seventh Ling Qi layer . Cultivators had to practice to acquire a basic strength whereas beasts already had a natural born strength which was added their level .


Mo Xie was observing Lin Feng and looking forward to seeing him die .


“Mo Xie, you bastard!” shouted an extremely loud voice which seemed to be thundering through the air . The person to whom the voice belonged was nowhere in sight .


Mo Xie’s face immediately changed into a look of disbelief . His Boa Vine spirit suddenly released Lin Feng and surprisingly went towards the group of ferocious beasts .

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