Peerless Martial God - Chapter 65

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The sudden ferocious beast flood had disappeared as fast as it had come . At the edge of the Black Wind Mountain there were only a few Qi Layer ferocious beasts and a great quantity of dead ferocious beasts .



Of course, there weren’t only carcasses of ferocious beasts, there were also human corpses which showed that some disciples had lost their lives while fighting against the flood of ferocious beasts . Streams of blood were flowing endlessly on the ground making a river of blood which was flowing down the mountain . It showed how terrible and fierce the flood of ferocious beasts had been to have caused such a scene .


It had been mostly weaker ferocious beasts in that flood, if there had been a flood of stronger ferocious beasts, what would have happened to the sect?


At the base of the mountain there was still a great deal of Yun Hai Sect disciples . The majority of these disciples were ordinary disciples who were fighting against Qi Layer ferocious beasts . They were using the battle to develop their skills while also gathering precious items .


“Haha, there is a ferocious beast of the Ling Level, try to prevent it from leaving and then I will kill it . ”


At that moment, a clear and bright voice spread throughout the atmosphere followed by an extremely loud laughter .


Some people saw that there were two Yun Hai ordinary disciples were fighting together against a ferocious beast of the Ling level . Actually, they had an Abominable Rhinoceros in front of them .


Between them and the Abominable Rhinoceros, there were carcasses of ferocious beasts . The two ordinary disciples seemed to be ignoring them . They were focused completely on the opponent in front of them and were filled with greed from the precious items they could receive from its body .


“The Abominable Rhinoceros is extremely strong and its strongest point is its defense . Do you think you can kill it?” said a thin young man . His name was Po Jun . He was staring at the Abominable Rhinoceros whose eyes looked bloodthirsty and violent .


“Don’t worry, Po Jun, don’t you believe in my abilities?”


The thin young man named Po Jun simply grinned at the other disciple . The other disciple seemed really confident in his abilities .


“The only person I trust is myself . ” said Po Jun . But at the same time, he grabbed two rattans that he was carrying and threw them at the Abominable Rhinoceros to bind it in place .


“Rrrrhmmpphh…” The Abominable Rhinoceros was enraged and tried to move around but it seemed to be unable to move freely, it was growing more and more furious over time . Po Jun was being whipped back and forth by the beast but he still had a calm composure . He was holding the rattans steadily trying to use them to bind the Abominable Rhinoceros . He was managing to lock the Abominable Rhinoceros in place .


“ATTACK NOW!!” yelled Po Jun . There was no need to shout this as his friend was already there attacking the Abominable Rhinoceros within the blink of an eye .


The Abominable Rhinoceros was stamping on the ground heavily which made a cloud of dust rise into the air .  It was going into a frenzy .


Po Jun’s friend carried out an extremely strong attack on the rhinoceros using both his palms . The Abominable Rhinoceros roared extremely loudly . One strike had been enough for the beast to meet a brutal and instant death .


“Po Jun, how was that? Was it a mistake to cooperate with me?” asked the strong young man while smiling . At that moment, Po Jun had already stepped forward and started removing all of the precious items from the corpse .


“When you’ve broken through to the Ling Qi layer, it’s really a different level . Your spirit gives enough strength to deal with some opponents . ” thought Lin Feng who saw that Po Jun had used rattans . Obviously, that was his spirit . It was similar to Mo Xie’s spirit . Of course, Mo Xie’s strength and Po Jun’s strength were not on the same level though .


“I would have never thought that this guy’s strength had improved so much . ”


Lin Feng was smiling . He then moved forwards to the two young people who were picking up their precious items .




At that moment, Po Jun quickly turned around . An extremely strong Qi quickly burst out of his body and his two rattans started moving towards Lin Feng .




Lin Feng was surprised, he hadn’t thought that Po Jun’s defense perimeter was so wide and that he’d attack so quickly upon sensing someone moving closer to them .


Lin Feng stepped aside really quickly and a strong sword Qi emerged from his body, directly crashing down onto Po Jun making him almost suffocate from the intense pressure .


“Po Jun, stop it, he’s my friend . ”


The strong young disciple said quickly as he had turned around and saw the scene infront of him .


At that moment, Po Jun recalled the rattans back and the Qi which was suffocating him had vanished as well . He remained vigilant and kept watching Lin Feng very closely .


“That guy, he is incredibly strong!”


“Haha, Lin Feng, you’re finally showing yourself . I came to look for you more than a dozen times and I couldn’t find you anywhere . I thought you had left the Yun Hai Sect forever…”


It turned out that that strong young disciple was Lin Feng’s friend: Han Man .


“I just came back a little while ago . ” Said Lin Feng while smiling before adding: “Han Man, you’re now able to kill a ferocious beast of the Ling Level… You have progressed so fast!”


When Lin Feng had left for Yangzhou City, at that time Han Man was only at the eighth Qi layer . In that short amount of time, Han Man had surprisingly broken through to the Ling Qi layer . Lin Feng was astonished . He was, of course, also extremely happy for Han Man .  He did not have many friends but he would definitely count Han Man as one of them .


“Haha, I’ve broken through to the Ling Qi layer but I was just lucky this time . ” Han Man said while scratching his head and then continued: “Oh, anyway, How about you Lin Feng? You used to be much stronger than me . How strong have you become now?”


“I’m just an average dsiciple . ” said Lin Feng with a big teasing smile on his face . Lin Feng was looking at Han Man’s friend, Po Jun . That guy had an ice cold expression on his face . He looked like he was ready to strike Lin Feng if he made the wrong move . If that was the case, it could made things complicated and unpredictable for Han Man .


“Oh by the way, I forgot to introduce the two of you . Lin Feng this is Po Jun . He’s extremely strong but he’s discreet and very reserved, unlike the ordinary disciples who consider themselves the best because of some ranking . He is also much stronger than them .


Han Man said as he was smiling while introducing them to each other .


“Po Jun, this is Lin Feng . He is like a brother to me . I hope you can become good friends with him as well . ”


“I’m first taking the precious items we have just obtained . ”


Said Po Jun while looking cold and indifferently . Then, he turned around and continued what he was doing . He took out a dagger and split the beast open to harvest the materials which could be traded into the sect .


“Lin Feng, don’t worry, Po Jun just has that kind of personality . He’s a very cold person but he is a good guy . ”


Lin Feng ignored it and kept smiling . Po Jun and Lin Feng were not friends so it didn’t matter if Po Jun did not interact with him . There was no need to get offended by a stranger’s behavior .


“Han Man, everybody has started to leave, how come you are still out here fighting?”


“Many of them have left because of the Elite Disciple Exam . As we were already here, we thought we should get some more precious items to trade with the sect . We are the only two remaining Ling Qi Layer in the surrounding area so there should not be a problem . All that remains are Qi layer disciples .


“Are you not getting ready for the Elite Disciple Exam?


Lin Feng was stupefied and couldn’t help but ask .


“Of course, I’ll join . I’m not late yet . I still have some time to collect more riches . Hehe . ” Han Man was the same guy as before, always smiling and positive . Lin Feng sometimes had the impression he was talking to a simple minded person… but at least these kinds of people were honest and true to themselves . They were not the kind of people to have evil intentions in their hearts and they are easy to get along with .


“Po Jun, it’s alright, there is nothing of value in the area and I doubt we have missed something . ”


Han Man said while looking at Po Jun .


“Alright, let’s leave . ”


Po Jun said while nodding . He picked up the bag full of precious items and stood up .


“Lin Feng, you should leave too . Let’s go back together . ” said Han Man to Lin Feng and then asked: “Lin Feng, come on, tell me, how strong are you now?”


Lin Feng thought for a while and then shook his head . He was actually unable to clearly identify his own strength . Maybe he had to fight against someone of the third Ling Qi layer to correctly judge his current level of strength .




“You really enjoy being mysterious… and keep so many things secret from me . Can you cope with an Abominable Rhinoceros or not?” asked Han Man whose curiosity had become unbearable . He needed to know .


“Cope with an Abominable Rhinoceros alone?” thought Po Jun when he heard Han Man ask that question . Lin Feng’s strength was certainly of the Ling Qi layer . A moment ago, the Qi from Lin Feng’s sword had almost made him suffocate and created immense pressure on his body . Po Jun would have probably been defeated by Lin Feng in an instant if they had fought and Po Jun was sure that he would not even be using his full strength .  Po Jun could not measure how strong this young man was .


Even though the Abominable Rhinoceros had extremely high defense abilities, Lin Feng had had no problem killing one using his sword .


“I should be able to handle it . ” said Lin Feng while touching his nose . Dealing with an Abominable Rhinoceros? He had required only one hit to deal a lethal blow on one previously, but even then it did not require him to use his full strength .


“Hehe, you obviously have broken through to the Ling Qi layer . This time, we three will probably pass the Elite Disciple Exam and all become Elite Disciples . After that, we will be able to work hard and become pillars of the Yun Hai Sect . ” said Han Man joyfully with a big smile on his face . Three Disciples of the Ling Qi layer, they would probably be able to accomplish great things if they worked together .


“Work hard for the sect? Whose decision is that?” asked Po Jun tactlessly . He thought that Han Man was really naive .


“We should let Lin Feng decide . He’s a real genius and he has a much greater potential than me . Even though he may be weaker than me now, he will probably surpass my power later . He’s always been there to protect the weak… He saved my life . Whatever he says, I will always listen to him . ” said Han Man sounding extremely simple minded .


“What about me?” asked Po Jun .


“You and I are very strong but since I listen to Lin Feng, you should obviously listen to Lin Feng as well . ” said Han Man which sounded extremely simple and completely illogical . Lin Feng was speechless and was looking at him while stupefied . That guy was so naive and his thoughts were so simple . Po Jun would never be convinced by such naive statements . Who would?

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