Peerless Martial God - Chapter 90

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“Lin Feng, you already knew about this, right?”


Mo Xie had the feeling that his body was completely frozen . He was unable to move . Lin Feng, a moment before, hadn’t dodged his attack but he had allowed himself to be attacked willingly .



But that shadow hadn’t appeared since the last time so how could Lin Feng have any idea that it would appear?


“Elder . ”


Mo Xie said that to the shadow but didn’t dare try to move . He was scared because his life could end in a single moment .


“The sect has such degenerate Elders like you remaining, this is such a disgrace . ”


The voice came out of nowhere . Suddenly, a dark green light flashed through the air with incredible speed . No silhouette was seen, only a light as it flashed through the air . When the light vanished, the silhouette had finally appeared . This person was wearing a black cloak which seemed to hide part of his face . Suddenly, the silhouette took out a dagger which had bright red blood dripping from the tip .


That blood was obviously Mo Xie’s .


Mo Xie was still standing at the same place as a moment before and was still completely motionless .


His eyes were wide open as if he couldn’t believe his eyes, he still could not believe that within that split second that elder had ended all his chances of life in this world .


Blood suddenly started spilling out from his throat and his body collapsed heavily onto the ground .


“I would have never thought that, someday, I would use this dagger against an Elder of the sect . How lamentable . ”


The old man’s voice sounded desolate .


“Protector Kong . ” said Lin Feng to the old man in the black cloak .


So that’s how it was . That shadow belonged to the old man who protected the Precipice of the Abyss .


“How did you know that I was here?”


Protector Kong looked at Lin Feng while nodding . When he used his Shadow Spirit, there was only a shadow . A moment ago, Protector Kong hadn’t revealed that he had arrived and yet Lin Feng had willingly lured Mo Xie into attacking him .


“Perception . ”


Lin Feng replied calmly . His spirit enabled him to sense the world . He didn’t need his eyes to observe it . He could sense and perceive all things and their movements .


In Lin Feng’s brain, that world of darkness was actually extremely clear as if he was the creator of the darkness . Everything that surrounded him was known to him and appeared with total clarity .


Even though Protector Kong had been using his shadow, Lin Feng had surprisingly been able to sense his presence . Lin Feng then understood that the shadow was the one that had protected him last time he had been attacked by Mo Xie .


Protector Kong then nodded .


“Lin Feng, you are the most extraordinary young man that I have ever met . You are a true genius . Leave this place and go far away . Go as far as you can and let’s hope that someday, the Yun Hai Sect will be reborn again . ” 
Protector Kong’s voice was filled with sadness . He was a protector of the Yun Hai Sect and on that day, the sect which he was protecting, was being exterminated .


“If I am alive, I will definitely bring the Yun Hai Sect into the future . ”


Lin Feng solemnly nodded as a sign that he was making a promise to the old man . However he still had to get out of that massacre alive .


Duan Tian Lang would never let him off .




In the sky, blood was raining down . Someone wearing dark clothes had been killed . It looked like an Elder of the Yun Hai Sect .


“Kong Ming, I’ve been waiting for you for a while . ”


Then a silhouette fell from the sky and landed in front of Protector Kong .


Protector Kong was speechless and he was shaking in anger . His facial expression suddenly drastically changed and he vanished in the blink of an eye . There was only his shadow remaining on the ground .


At that moment, a silhouette in the sky was looking at the blood and then at Mo Xie’s cadaver on the ground . That person’s face was filled with hatred .


“Yun Hai Sect, I have done so much for you and in the end, you end up killing my only son . How could you!”


Mo Cang Lan had gone insane . He turned around and looked at Duan Tian Lang and Nan Gong Ling who were fighting .


“Die!” thought Mo Cang Lan evilly . His silhouette then flashed through the atmosphere and landed next to Nan Gong Ling and he wholeheartedly started fighting on Duan Tian Lang’s side against Nan Gong Ling .


Nan Gong Ling didn’t know that Mo Xie was dead so he didn’t understand what was happening . 
Mo Cang Lan’s attack projected Nan Gong Ling straight towards Duan Tian Lang’s sword .


Suddenly, blood gushed out of Nan Gong Ling’s left arm and mixed with the bright light released by the sword . Nan Gong Ling’s left hand had been completely cut off by the sword .


“Mo… . Cang… Lan!”


Nan Gong Ling fell down onto the ground but didn’t even look at his hand which had been cut off . Instead, he was staring at Mo Cang Lan who had pushed him into the attack… Mo Cang Lan, his friend and a Great Elder of the Yun Hai Sect .


“This is my revenge . ” said Mo Cang Lan coldly while looking at Mo Xie’s corpse lying on the ground .


Nan Gong Ling then noticed Mo Xie’s corpse, and his own wound… then at Protector Kong in the middle of a fight .


Mo Xie had been killed by Protector Kong .


Nan Gong Ling was obviously able to understand what had happened .


“It is good that he finally got what he deserved . ”


Nan Gong Ling said while sounding indifferent . He then looked around him . He saw that many Elders were in weak positions and that the opponents still had many people who hadn’t even gotten involved in the fights yet . They were just there to prevent people from escaping .


“All the members of the Yun Hai Sect, gather around me immediately . ”


Nan Gong Ling had shouted these words very loudly and suddenly, a multitude of people were coming from all sides towards the fighting stage of the Life and Death Arena .


More and more people stopped fighting against their current opponents; they left them behind and joined Nan Gong Ling on the highest fighting stage .


Apart from Nan Gong Ling who had had his hand cut off, many other people were injured and covered with blood . Lin Feng was standing behind the crowd . He looked calm but his eyes were filled with sorrow in front such a tragedy .


“Do you know what to do now?”


While blood was unceasingly spilling out of Nan Gong Ling’s arm, he was fixedly staring at Duan Tian Lang .


Everybody in the crowd didn’t need explanations . They all nodded as a sign that they had understood what Nan Gong Ling meant .


“Protector Bei, Take him . ”


Nan Gong Ling had said that to Protector Bei in a solemn tone .


Protector Bei nodded solemnly . His Crane Spirit, amongst all the people who were present, was the strongest and the quickest of spirits . Immediately after, Protector Bei landed on Lin Feng’s side . He released his spirit, spread his wings and grabbed Lin Feng .


Lin Feng had finally understood what Nan Gong Ling meant . They wanted……



Everybody, including all of the Elders were staring at Lin Feng . All sorts of expressions could be seen on their faces but a few of them revealed… hope!


Everybody was looking at Lin Feng with hope . Lin Feng was their only hope .


Lin Feng had a big headache . He had the feeling that he had just received a mountain of pressure on his shoulders . These strong people wanted to give up their lives to make sure that Lin Feng escaped alive . They wanted to sacrifice themselves for him . All these lives… to save a single life . Many of these people were strong enough that they might be able to survive if they attempted to escape alone .


While there was no bond between Lin Feng and many of these people, they had all chosen to entrust the future to him . Because Lin Feng did not have strong ties to the sect, they did not know what he would do if he escaped alive, but they all still had relieved expressions as if they had done all that they could .


The only one who wasn’t looking at Lin Feng was Nan Gong Ling . He was observing the opponents .


“I, Lin Feng, have my own talents and my loyalty cannot be bought . ”


How could he not have faith in the person who said these words? Nan Gong Ling had only thing in mind, let Lin Feng escape while they cleared a path for him .




Nan Gong Ling shouted extremely loudly, he then immediately jumped into the air again and prepared for battle .


Everybody started moving at the same time as Nan Gong Ling .


“The sect is being destroyed under my reign… Yun Hai Sect, please forgive me! I’m so sorry!”


An extremely powerful Qi was released from Nan Gong Ling’s body and he threw himself into battle to clear a path without hesitation . This was the greatest regret of his life, that in his time the Yun Hai Sect had been reduced to such a sorry state .


“You will die!”


A loud shout filled the air and suddenly a glowing sword whistled in the air accompanied by multiple different attacks .




Nan Gong Ling’s body turned into nothing but ashes .


The youngest Patriarch in the history of the Yun Hai Sect… . had perished!


Nobody seemed to feel sorry for him or was crying loudly, all the Elders of the Yun Hai Sect were calmly looking at his dead body . They were being attacked from all sides as well as they distracted the enemies from chasing Lin Feng . This was not how things were supposed to be .


Some elders were still trying to dodge the incoming attacks and to fight against the enemies of the sect . They didn’t care about dying for the sect but they were still hoping to survive long enough to kill their opponent .




“Die, die, die… . ”


A strong wind was blowing over the arena . Each and every Elder tried to survive as long as they could and fight sparing no effort while using their full strength . The opponents were only attacking and didn’t even need to defend themselves .


Each and every single of these Elders was falling down under the various attacks . This was the last chance that they had to show their will and determination . Lin Feng was looking at them and didn’t blink even once . All these people who were fighting to the death would turn their head around and have one last look at Lin Feng before they died .


“Let’s go…”


Protector Bei finally started moving at full speed like a comet moving towards the horizon .


The wings of the crane were creating whirlwinds as they flapped through the air . The power of these whirlwinds was painful to Lin Feng like blades striking his skin, but at this moment his heart was in even more pain . His fellow disciples, his friends and even those elders that owed him nothing, but they still gave their lives for him . They were all going to die while he would have to live on .


“Where do you think you are going?”


A loud voice spread throughout the atmosphere . It was just as incisive as ever . A dazzling sword appeared . It was the old man which was stood next to Duan Tian Lang .


“Piercing shadow, die!”


A loud voice spread throughout the atmosphere but seemed to come from nowhere . Only a dark green light flashed but that light, everybody saw it .


The possessor of a Shadow Spirit could kill without moving . He could pull out other people’s souls out of their body and take their lives .


“How dare you!” shouted a voice extremely loudly . The shadow and the gigantic dazzling sword collided into each other . For a second, it seemed like they were both attempting to swallow the other . The old man was injured and blood started to flow from his chest .


At that moment, the shadow appeared while the arm and the dagger had disappeared from sight .


Protector Bei hadn’t even seen what had just happened and continued flying towards the horizon .

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