Pen Down A Marriage - Chapter 1 part2

And so we continue… . Oh btw things get a lil’ heated .

This was actually true . As the veins popped out on his forehead in annoyance, Mu Tian could not understand why he bothered with this woman when usually he remained indifferent and chose not to interfere in the matters of others . Today, he was acting bizarre enough to let a drunk woman cling onto him .

Weighing down what was wrong with him presently, a cold glint appeared in his eyes . Mu Tian resolved again on pushing those clinging lean arms away from his squatting body . But the woman renewed her efforts to push herself relentlessly onto him unexpectedly landing beneath him on the ground . This scene unwittingly exposed her silky long black hair, lean white limbs and soft jade-like appearance under the night light .

Mu Tian froze in surprise and squinted his eyes towards her face . She had a very young face, probably about 20 yrs of age, gentle appearance with no makeup, not beautiful but somewhat alluring, unlike a woman who would walk on the streets drunk at midnight .  

Upon studying her closely, the woman gently opened her eyes revealing water-like eyes with a thin layer of mist reflecting an iridescent light that instantly lit her whole face revealing soft facial features that made her a delicate beauty .

In his bewilderment, Mu Tian didn’t notice when the woman gently snaked her arms around his neck pulling him closer to her body, raising her lips towards his, and slowly fixing hers on his . As the kiss ended, his frown deepened . He looked right at her without blinking his eyes, and without pushing her away .

His gaze seemed aloof, distant . The woman wasn’t happy with his response and once again chose to fiercely hook her a arms around him pulling his whole body on her . She tried to pry his lips open by gently nibbling on his lower lip, biting seductively . At this moment, his eyes flashed a sultry gleam that in seconds vanished in the depths of his dark eyes .

Tempted by his desire, Mu Tian slipped his arms around her waist, holding her closer to the warmth of his body . He embraced her tightly so his body could feel hers . Slowly he opened his lips, pushed his cold tongue in the depth of her mouth, playing with her tongue, enjoying the faint taste of her drunken sweetness… until the woman became breathless and pushed him off .  

As he unwillingly let go of the woman, he mentally acknowledged that the woman tasted temptingly ‘delicious’ .

T/N: So this part 2 of chapter 1 . I know it wasn’t as big as the last part but the thing is this book has extremely long chapters and I couldn’t help divide it into another part . Anyway, this make-out session was pretty hot . Let’s see where do they move on from here