Pen Down A Marriage - Chapter 11.1

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The reason behind Rong Fei Lins fascination with Xia Xi Jin was her simplicity . She was an easy-going girl, who didn’t complicate emotions, or relationships . Her way of living, her speech, even her ideas, were simple and honest . It wasnt too hard to guess what she had in her heart, unlike, the people who circled around him since his childhood .

Rong Fei Lin felt his current interaction with Xi Jin was pure and effortless . But, he wasn’t sure how he wanted their relationship to progress in the future .

For a free-spirited man like Rong Fei Lin, marriage was one of the most complicated things in life . He felt that even the most sophisticated mind could not unlock a mystery like marriage .

Although that year, his sister, Fei Luans marriage to the hot-shot Mu Tian was welcomed and applauded by the society, in reality it was a business decision for the benefit of their companies .

Maybe, Mu Tian respected his elder sister, but Fei Lin was sure that his brother-in-law did not truly care about Fei Luan, or her illness . Otherwise, he wouldnt have married her, if the prickly situation hadn’t made it necessary .

If Xi Tian senior hadnt passed away so suddenly, and left the company’s burden on his son, Rong Fei Lin’s father, Rong Hongsheng wouldnt have been able to use his elder sisters affection to lure Mu Tian to expand their partnership .

With Mu Tians complex disposition, Rong Fei Lin always feared that his sister would be heartbroken once she realised that her affection couldnt move Mu Tians cold heart, and regretted that Fei Luans poor marriage was like a painful dagger that often pricked her weak heart .

Aggrieved by her death, Fei Lin certainly felt that Fei Luans early death was favourable for Mu Tians career and reputation . Otherwise, the truth about their marriage would have exposed his ruthless nature later .

So, in view of his sisters marriage and death, Fei Lin became highly skeptical about ideas of marriage and love, and chose to lead a simple and uncomplicated life, even if he was deeply attracted to someone as simple and good, as Xi Jin . But, after Xi Jin had told him, Rong Fei, I got married, he suddenly realised that his heart and soul were absolutely uncomfortable by her confession .

The sourness and anger in his heart seeped through his fingers, as he suddenly dropped the meat that he was barbecuing, while siting inside a famous Korean restro-bar .

Subduing his anger, Fei Lin playfully winked instead, Xi Jin, whats with the poor joke .

As she dug for the right words to say, Xi Jin drank a mouthful of her barley tea, and calmly repeated, Really, Fei Lin . I got married, a month ago . It was a few days after you left .

Shocked, Rong Fei Lin hastily pulled her small soft hands .

Checking them out, he felt momentarily relieved . He jested, Oye Xi Jin, who are you trying to fool!? If youre married, wheres the ring?

Shaking her head, Xi Jin retrieved her hands from his grasp .

She sighed heavily at his reluctance to understand her situation, and patiently explained, Fei Lin, not every woman wants a wedding ring . Its really just a token, and I dont really care about it . But, Im telling you the truth . Im already married and registered . Im somebodys wife now . So, Fei Lin… . this would be our last lunch . We wont meet any more . You enjoy your life and dont worry about me… . .

But, before she could say anymore, Rong Fei pushed the table, and stood up .

After a few ridiculing chuckles, his cold smile mocked her, Xi Jin, you really think youre funny, right? Well, I guess you are . I didnt know you wanted to chase me away so badly that you thought of using such a ridiculous excuse . But, Xi Jin dont you think youre over-estimating yourself . Ha! A woman like you is simply boring to play with after a little while, and to me, youre insignificant . . simply nothing . Turning away from her, Fei Lin strode out of the restaurant elegantly .

Dumfounded by his response, Xi Jin sat motionlessly for a long time . She couldnt understand how a man who was usually so boisterous and happy, could be mad at her . Well, it doesnt matter anymore, she thought, since it would be reckless of her to stick her head-in between these two troubled bro-in-laws .

When Xi Jin finally left the restaurant, her phone vibrated . Looking at the small screen, she was surprised .

Hooking on a nervous smile, she pressed talk .

Where are you? A rich-deep voice asked casually .

Not clear about where she was at the moment, Xi Jin looked around, and answered, umm… Im outside .

Where outside? Mu Tian asked again, as he mentally admonished her for being vague .

As she gave him her nearby location, she heard him disconnect after a short sentence .  Surprised by his slight eagerness, her mind repeated his words, Good . Wait for me .

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