Pen Down A Marriage - Chapter 13.3

Xia Zi Jin was stunned and Xi Mu Tian had already left .

Xia Zi Jin sat cross-legged on the enormous sofa in the living room and leaned against a huge pillow at her back . She placed her laptop on the broad armrest and comfortably started typing . This was something that she couldn’t do if Xi Mu Tian was at home . If he was around, she could not act as casually as that man was a cleanliness freak, had slight OCD and liked to be in charge of everything .

After her life was further enriched materialistically, Xia Zi Jin realized that her days were no longer as carefree as before . Previously, she could do whatever she wanted and even if she played games while sitting on the toilet bowl, nobody cared . But it was no longer the case now . If Xi Mu Tian didn’t come back, she would miss him . If he came back, she was not used to his presence . She really was in a dilemma .

Xia Zi Jin felt that Xi Mu Tian lived in a frame, there was always a set of strict rules he adhered to in the way he did things . But as for her – the lazy type – this was really a torment . She gave Mai Zi a call to complain but Mai Zi straight forwardly told her she did not count her blessing .

In general, these small things could be neglected as most couples would need time to adjust to each other – especially in their case . They had absolutely nothing in common in terms of their background or their experiences . Also, he was much older than her, though one couldn’t tell from their appearances . Xia Zi Jin felt that as they lived together, she sometimes mistook Xi Mu Tian as a father figure .

He pampered her but also managed her life – from diet to lifestyle . Xia Zi Jin couldn’t help but think back to the previous night and her face reddened involuntarily . Though Xi Mu Tian’s words were harsh last night, he was being very real . Xia Zi Jin forgave him because she felt that she was really liked by him from his mad jealousy . This feeling made her feel very contradicting and strange, but she could not control herself for thinking this way .

If a man got jealous because of you, then at the very least one could say that he liked you? Could this reasoning be treated as the truth?

A QQ notification flashed .

Xia Zi Jin opened the chat: “Xia Zi Jin, I’m at your original block . Come out, I have something to say to you . ”

Xia Zi Jin hesitated for a moment then typed: “Give me 10mins . ”

Rong Fei Lin put down his phone and sat by the edge of the flower pond . He raised his head to look up and thought how stupid he was that he actually ran here and sat for a night after leaving the bar . He clearly knew that she was no longer living upstairs at this block but Rong Fei Lin felt closer to her at this place, almost like he could see her if he just lifted his head .

Xia Zi Jin was like a calamity in Rong Fei Lin’s life . From the moment he met her, he already accepted it . He was vexed as he couldn’t tell what kind of feelings he had for her, but at the same time he had already fallen deeper for her .

Rong Fei Lin tried to return to living unrestrained and couldn’t care less about women . But this time, no matter where he went, he was like living in a trance without Xia Zi Jin .

When he climbed a mountain and saw the flowers at the cliff, he would be reminded of Xia Zi Jin . When he drifted and the current pushed him down the steep canyon, he did not find it as thrilling as before . No matter what he did, he desired to have Xia Zi Jin accompany him by his side . As if as long as she was by his side, his happiness would increase by multiple folds . The same logic could be applied in the other perspective, without her, everything seemed meaningless .

The moment he saw Xia Zi Jin again, he then realized how much he missed her . But as he was was struggling with his love profession, Xia Zi Jin already announced that she was married . That unkempt and ugly girl got married in his absence .

The most ridiculous thing was that her husband was none other than Xi Mu Tian, his brother-in-law . After thinking things through for a night, Rong Fei Lin still did not understand and had to meet her .

Did that dumb girl know what kind of man his brother-in-law was? His brother-in-law was the most cold-hearted and practical businessman . How could someone like him give her happiness?

End of chapter 13