Pen Down A Marriage - Chapter 2.2

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When Xia Xi Jin woke up, it was already noon . Blinking muddle-headed, Xi Jin noticed her unfamiliar surroundings . She snuck a quick look around before settling her eyes on the broad bright view of the city being vividly displayed through gigantic floor windows . To her from here, the cityscape was simply too daunting .

As she moved a little in the bed, Xi Jin unwittingly cried out . Her body felt like it had been run over by a road roller countless times, and everything, from her toenail to her hair, hurt too much . In a trice, her mind flashed last nights tryst like an erotic film being displayed on those giant floor windows, though intermittent, but still clear and distinct .

Xi Jin quickly threw the quilt off, glanced at her body and uncomfortably pushed the growing cold lump down her throat . What the hell happened? She was bruised everywhere . This was so tragic, the probability of last night being a dream was simply 0%, she thought .

Raising her hand to her head, she knocked her temple twice  muttering annoyingly, Xia Xi Jin, You Pig!!! Now youve done it… . How could you roll in the sheets with a stranger, Haan!!? Shameless!!… . If Hu Mei got to know, wouldnt she peel your skin off… . . ouch… Dammit! T . T


XI Jin was busy figuring out how she would handle Hu Mei, when the phone on the bedside table rang up . Startled, she once again swept her surroundings . Her eyes instantly widened in wonder while her mouth dropped open in a perfect shaped-O . What was this place? So damn luxurious . The Chinese style decor, furnished exquisitely, gave off a superior, noble feel to the room . However, her thoughts were cut short by the annoying ringing of the phone on the side .

She thought for a moment, picked up the phone and carefully placed it on her ear . In her heart she was rather anxious about who had called, and how she should reply, but unfortunately her senses left her and she became dumbfounded . Thankfully, a few seconds later, the phone echoed the calm voice of a young man who spoke, Miss Xia . This is President Xis Administrative Assistant, Yang Xiaofeng . I shall see you in an hour .

As the busy tone echoed in Xi Jins ear, in her mind, she couldnt make head or tail of who the hell was this president and this administrative assistant, and what business did they have with her . Pushing the curiosity at the back of her mind, Xi Jin got out of bed and resolved to take a bath .

After exiting the lavish bathroom, she finally realised that she had no clothes around and could only wrap herself in a bathrobe . She sobbed in her heart for the tragic state she was in .

As an hours time came to end, a server dressed in an immaculate uniform came in, pushing a dining cart with an array of delicious dishes, putting them on the dining table for Xi Jin to eat . Xi Jin felt numb, she literally had no expression what so over . The server also carried in a beautiful pale blue dress, which was in a style to her liking, plus it was her size and fit . He also brought a pair off elegant heels in her size .

Soon, a tall man dressed sharply in a black suit, with a smart appearance, and pleasant facial features entered the room . He seemed to be in his early 30s, looked very capable and stood respectfully right in front of her .

Seeing him, Xi Jin immediately knew that he was not the man she had encountered the previous night, but who was ‘he/, she still had to figure out .

T/N: LOL, I can’t believe the MC indirectly compared the ML to a road roller . Oh what a beast he was! Also in the last part we found out that our ML was a widower who is a control freak and a tyrant . I’m sure we all wanna know what’s the story behind that .  But all we can do is wait . I have made minor corrections in chap 2 . 1 to the name of the secretary and the title of his post . Also, in this chapter a new character was introduced called Hu Mei . If you wanna know who it is you can only keep coming back here . Anyway, I shall post the last part of chap 2 soon . XOXO, my Greaders .