Pen Down A Marriage - Chapter 2 part1

This chapter gave me virtual nosebleeds *NSFW* Also, I munched on perfectly delicious sweet plums while translating this part… . so this part might be rather juicy .   Almost forgot we even get to know a very important fact about the ML .

The light night breeze gently blew on the soft velvet curtains revealing a sultry image of a man and a woman laced together, inseparable, moving passionately on the luxurious Chinese style bed .

The Mu Tian from the past could have never imagined himself acting on an impulse by indulging recklessly in a hungover woman . However, he not only brought her back with him but devoured her the second they entered his room .

Feeling the passion at play, Mu Tian couldn’t help but be amazed by Xi Jin’s uninhibited reaction to his body and his touch . Her body was not only soft, delicate, and supple, but also extremely sensitive as she couldn’t help but tremble as his hand caressed her body .

In the darkness of the room, the dull light from the window was enough to illuminate her flawless jade-like skin . Mu Tian couldn’t help but admire her by slowly moving his gaze from her white jade-like leans legs towards her soft humble snow peaks .  (T/N: I had the hardest time ‘aesthetically’ describing Xi Jin’s chest . I literally went from describing them as ‘Gigantic jade boulders’ to ‘Medium jade mountains’ to ‘Flat white- jade Valley’ . Finally, I decided to give the MC some face)

Meeting her a few hours ago, Mu Tian hadn’t considered Xi Jin as an unparalleled beauty, but seeing her at the moment, he had to admit that in his blazing eyes her flushed wanton appearance made her look like a hot drunken mess; a seductress incapacitating him from restraining his unsatiated hunger and raw desire .  Closing her eyes tightly while absorbing the passion at play, Xia Jin couldn’t help her sweet, sweet moans from escaping her luscious red lips while slipping into Mu Tian’s ears making him undeniably crazy and unrestrained in his movements .

Innocent, seductive, delicate, alluring, sensuous, pure, this woman, for him, was a host of contradictions . However, tonight, a tsunami of lust, desire and yearning had hit the two, binding them emotionally and sexually in something that they immersed whole-heartedly with no desire to stop .  

After what seemed like an eternity, the room enveloped in a tranquil quietness . Xi Jin could finally fall asleep while revealing a calm expression and a streak of pink flush on her cheeks . Her current demeanour expelled any signs of her ever being a temptress and simply gave off an innocent delicate girl vibe .  

Lying next to her, Mu Tian pulled the duvet over her naked body, and pressed his long lean fingers against his forehead . He thought to himself, ‘Today was devilishly strange . ’ From the moment he had met this little drunk kitten, it seemed as if their journey to his bed was already set .  (T/N: The author put it more subtly, but I, your translator, found the original sentence rather dull . The author wrote something like “it seemed that their paths could only collide . ” Now tell me whats fun in that line!? So I took matters in my own hand . Also, I confess this is not the only time I’ve done so  )

While he pondered over his passionate midnight tryst with the beauty, the tranquility in the room was disturbed by harsh ringing of his cellphone . Mu Tian got up, lit a cigarette between his pressed lips, took a deep breathe and exhaled . The wisps of grey smoke curled and danced in the pale light of dawn coming through the window .  (T/N: Yes this is the same window that revealed their monkey time) The phone rang a few more times, before Mu Tian answered it with a frown,     “what is it?”

Xiao Yang had been a loyal and dedicated Executive Secretary to President Xi Mu Tian for many years . So, he knew very well the personality, temperament, habits and preferences of his boss . But, he also knew that on a personal level his boss was extremely lonely especially after his wife passed away a few years ago . After the incident, he chose to diligently lead a fixed life, without moving his schedule an inch, even when he was out of town .

Xiao Yang knew President Xi was self-made man, who was sharp, shrewd, and extraordinarily powerful; a man who kept everything within his control, without anyone objecting or questioning his actions . Even when he had joined the commercial world, he made sure no one challenged his authority, or his place in the commercial circle . He simply was a silver-spooned king since birth .

But seeing his boss bring a drunk girl late at night to his room was something he had never witnessed before . (T/N: The filial secretary is scandalised by his boss’s behaviour . Is there gonna be BL level jealousy in the novel!? Nope I’m just messing with you . But it would make for a great fan fiction)

Moreover, from the sound of the man on the opposite line, the hoarseness of Mu Tian’s voice, and the satisfaction in his tone, led Xiao Yang to believe that his boss had a good time with woman from the previous night, and was currently annoyed for being disturbed . But, this matter was urgent and needed his boss’s attention . And so, Xiao Yang instantly replied, “President Xia, the old master had an accident . . ” 

Upon hearing this, Mu Tians eyes flashed a cold gleam as he instructed, ” Let Old Liu get the car, we’ll leave in 15 (mins) . ”

In ten minutes time, Mu Tian had bathed and dressed himself immaculately and stood facing the door . While his hand rested on the doorknob, he turned his head around to look at the tiny figure lying in his big bed, a light smirk had unknowingly touched his lips . The next second, he left for the airport . As he boarded the airplane, he did not forget to give Xiao Yang certain instructions .  

T/N: I had to stop myself from overdoing the translation for the steamy scenes . My mind was running rather wild and I was mad at the Author for putting the brakes on the scene so soon . *sulking* I guess this book translating is making me realise that I might be a little demon on the inside . Anyhow, this was the first part of the chap 2 . Do you guys feel hooked to the story yet or do I still need to convince you with a few more releases!!?? I’ve been an avid reader of C-novels too and I know we are all greedy for new chapters . But seriously i’m really pulling my hair out here to make you happy . So show your love through comments, likes and follows so I can stay spirited . And those who are still dissatisfied please share your grievances down below in the comment box and I shall send you an emoji ice-cream  as a peace-offering .