Pen Down A Marriage - Chapter 5.2

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Fresh out of the shower, Xia Xi Jin felt a sudden chill run down her back, and shuddered involuntarily . Looking around, she saw that she had forgotten to shut the window of the living room, which blew in cold waves, reminiscent of the breezy night . She closed it, and turned to leave . But, right at that moment, she heard a faint rattle of the doorknob at the main door . What the hell! Turning her head towards the hanging wall clock, her eyes popped out . Its already 11 oclock, who is it? A thief!?

Xi Jins brain instantly flashed various grim scenes, like a burglar robbing her and slashing her body; her half, dead corpse lying in a pool of blood, with a big knife sticking out of her body; her getting raped first, and then killed; or getting killed first, and then raped by the same person . The images were vivid and intense, and made her crippled with fear . No!!

Running directly to the kitchen, Xi Jin readily took a pan out, lifted it high in her hands, and positioned herself next to the door, the doorknob rustled heavily once again, and clicked open . As someone pushed the door to come in, Xi Jin hit the pan hard on the assailants head . *Bonggg*

Ah . . ! My head!! Fucking Xi Jin, What the fucking hell are you doing? You want me to die! Why did you hit me?…  (T/n: gimme a min… ROFL)

This voice… Xi Jin clearly recognised the aggrieved shout of her best friend, Hu Mei . Instantly regretting her decision, she prayed to the heavens to have mercy on her poor soul tonight .

Shortly after, Xi Jin sat on the dining table, peeling hot boiled eggs . Holding one in her palm, she carefully rolled it over the walnut-sized bump on Hu Meis forehead . Ah, Xi Jin… Be gentle, okay!, Hu Mei cried pitifully .

After a short pause, Hu Mei continued to mock her, Hey, Idiot . Did you really think that the thief would need a key to unlock the door!? Huh? Does anyone else have the key, besides us, you fool!?

Hu Mei felt hateful, and swatted Xi Jins hand away, knocking her head twice instead . What does your damn head do all day?, she asked angrily .

Xi Jin, guiltily broke a fresh egg in half, and stuffed one half, in Hum Meis hand, and the other, in her own mouth . Lightly drumming her cheeks with her slender fingers, Xi Jin pouted, You didnt tell me you were coming today, then how was I suppose to know that its you in the middle of the night?

Observing Xi Jin for a while, Hu Mei swallowed her half of the egg, and squinted her eyes at her . Tell me, Xi Jin, why do you seem different . Dont you dare lie! Did Zhou Hang eat your tofu?

Hearing his name, Xi Jins complexion darkened, but regaining her calm, she replied curtly, Hu Mei, Zhou Hang got married, Zhao Jia Qi was his bride .

WHAT!!! Hu Meis ears popped at the news . She stood up angrily, and cursed, That A-hole married! Then what about you two? Four damn years, you gave him . Fuck! I knew from the beginning that Jia Qi was toxic . She was always jealous, and found a way around him . Bitch! Lets go drag that asshole out, and beat the shit out of him .

Fuming, Hu Mei grabbed Xi Jins hand to find Zhou Hang, but Xi Jin pulled her back . She declared firmly, Hu Mei, I have nothing to do with that man . I do not wish to see him again .

Hu Mei looked at her for a moment, and felt defeated . Slowly, she wrapped Xi Jin in her arms, and sighed, Silly little girl, fine, we wont go look for him . Anyway, its good we got to know this before you two got married, or otherwise, we wouldnt have been able to curse him, to have a son without an asshole .

Pfffttttt… Xi Jin couldnt believe Hu Mei said that, and laughed out uncontrollably .

Holding her breath, she jested, Isnt our familys Hu Mei, a sweet devil .

Hearing her tease, Hu Mei grunted, It could have been far worse for them .

Oh, that so nice of you .

Feeling her mood lighten, Hu Mei retorted, Okay, fine . No need to flatter me too much . That only works on dean mother . And she turned towards her room .

Hu Mei knew very well that, since childhood, Xi Jins body was not well, and she would fall sick often . Even in her teens, Xi Jin had been only skin and bones, which caused much worry to the dean mother . Since, Hu Mei and Xi Jin were brought to the orphanage from the same childrens hospital, they had always been the happiest together . So, Hu Mei would often take care of Xi Jins medicine, meals, and schoolwork, which became a habit after sometime, and made their bond stronger than sisters .

Even when the two graduated college, they decided to stick together, and rented a small apartment in the city . Hu Mei had a good job, which required her to publicise different companies, in the film and television industry . Though the working hours were hectic, but they pay was considered high . So, there was nothing to complain . Moreover, not knowing when Xi Jins career would take off, she needed the money for their food and rent .  

In her heart, Hu Mei always knew Xi Jins easy- going, selfless nature . To her, she was the stupidest women on earth, and that was why Hu Mei had acted like a mother to this silly little girl . So, when she had found about Zhou Hang and Xi Jin dating, Hu Mei had repeatedly warned her against getting intimate with Zhou Hang, even if they were to date for a 100 years .

Eventually, this had caused a rift between Hu Mei and Zhou Hang, which Hu Mei, at the moment, felt glad about . She felt that Xi Jin was fortunate to not be involved with him intimately, and could keep her chastity away from an unfaithful man .

But, unfortunately, Hu Mei had no idea, that Xi Jin had already created trouble somewhere else . If she did, then she could only agree with dean mother that, ‘Xia Xi Jin was a problem child .

T/N: This part was hilarious . Oh my!! I really cried laughing when that pan hit Hu Mei . And what’s with the egg rolling . Oh lord! Anyway, Hu Mei is what, my bestest friend needs to be like . She’s paying for the rent, food, and I’m sure, she would also give Xi Jin some pocket . And they called her, A PROBLEM CHILD . Has anyone seen that movie??? Watch it . I’m sure you’ll understand how Hu Mei and Dean mother feel .  Honestly, this book is something, I forgot how cool it was . I hope you guys enjoyed reading this part . We start chap 6 next . XOXO