Perfect Feast - Chapter 10

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Ch . 10 Ice Cold Beauty

Hu Xiaoping gave him a cold smile and gloomily said: “ I don’t know the reason, I only know that he took your name . Let me tell you, if not for this is city government building, he would have already come and arrested you . You at once go and meet him, he is still waiting outside the gate, don’t make him come inside and caught you . If you really don’t want to meet the public security bureau chief, then you can also run away, that is if you have the ability to do so……”

You bastard, security chief is next door and you are expecting that I run away?

Even if Public Security Bureau really knows that I beat Zhang Qiang, at most, it is only a brawl . If I run away that will be equal to me being labeled as someone who has hidden because he is afraid of his crime . This crime is many times serious than an accusation of brawling in the middle of the road .

It looks like Hu Xiaoping is instigating me to commit a bigger crime as if he is not satisfied enough with the small hornets hive I have poked .

“ Section Chief Hu, I am an upright and fearless man, there is nothing in going out and meeting the Bureau Chief Ye . You be at ease, I won’t make you have your desire get fulfilled . ” Liu stood up and went outside while saying so .

He didn’t even step outside the gate that he saw a black Audi, moving toward the government building at high speed, and turned toward the parking area on the east of the guardhouse . Meanwhile, two police officer came out from the police van, parked in the tree shade behind the guardroom and after seeing Liu Yang waved their hand toward him .

Among them, one was fat and wearing short sleeve police uniform and another was a middle-aged man who was wearing a symbol of Police supervisor on his shoulder . He gloomily walked toward Liu Yang and said in sinking voice: “ are you, Liu Yang? I am Shizhong sub-bureau chief He Dongping, because of a case which happened in front of the guest house yesterday, I am embarrassed to ask you more about the situation, please cooperate with us… . . ”

Even if he was speaking politely, his words didn’t allow any room for questions .

The other police officer was wearing 3rd class superintendent rank on his shoulder . With a sarcastic expression, he walked toward Liu Yang, looked sternly at Liu Yang as if he was watching his prey . He slowly took out a handcuff from his back pocket and coldly said: “ Here is city government building, We didn’t arrest you inside the building, had already given you a big face Now come be obedient and put it yourself… . . ”

“ Chief Hu, can I ask for what reason you are putting these handcuff on me?” Looking at these two police officer especially sub bureau chief Hu, Liu Yang was also a bit afraid . Even so, he still took a long breath and questioned them .

Bureau Chief Hu didn’t speak, but the one who was holding the handcuff said in a cold voice: “ Don’t you know what you have done? Running away after injuring someone, did you think we won’t be able to find you? Do you still dare to ask for the reason? Indeed no one sheds tear till they see the coffin, “

“ Did I injure someone and escaped? Who?” Liu Yang asked as if he didn’t understand what was going on .

Didn’t I yesterday fight with Politics and Law committee Book’s son? At most, it is only a street fight, and you all are unexpectedly accusing me of injuring someone and running away, these two person heart is really black .

He Dongping said in sinking voice: “aren’t your courage big? Yesterday afternoon at the gate of the guest house, you injured city Politics and Law Committee Book Zhang ’s son Zhang Qiang . Till now he is still lying in the hospital . Do you dare to say that it was not you who did this?”

Liu Yang nodded and said: “ You are talking about this matter? I acknowledge that it was me who fought with him yesterday, but are you all not going to ask for what reason we were fighting? Without considering anything you two want to arrest me, can I ask why is it so? Do the police nowadays such solves a case?”

The nameless police officer who was holding the handcuff angrily said: “Liu Yang, let me warn you, give me to be obedient . You are in front of Shizong sub-bureau chief Hu, I am Zhongxing road, local police station director Xu Mingjiang . Do you think we need someone like you to teach us how to do our work?”

“ Maybe not… . . ” Liu Yang coldly sneered and said: “ Although he is bureau chief, and you are a director, but right now you two are not proceeding with this case according to the law . Therefore it’s my fundamental right to question your methods .

‘You… . You are talking bullshit . We tried to give you an opportunity to preserve your reputation, but right now you are taking benefit of our consideration . ” Xu Mingjiang angrily said and extended his hand to put the handcuff on Liu Yang .

Liu Yang dozed his hand and said: “ I am saying wrong? You look at your behavior, are you really a police officer? Even if you two are a real police officer, you must first show your ID and follow legal formalities before arresting someone, are you doing such things? Have you gone through the formalities before arresting me?”

Saying this, Liu Yang glanced at He Dongping body: “ Bureau Chief He, have I said anything wrong? For what reason you are arresting me? A moment ago you said, the youngster I fought yesterday was Politics and Law committee book Zhang’s son,
Aren’t you clearly favoring the other party?”

“Haha… . . you are really very funny . ” Xu Mingjian angrily laughed and said: “ have you studied in a school to get stupid or what . You think here is city government office, I don’t dare to arrest you? Let me tell you, Since we dare to come here and caught you, we have our reasons to arrest you . If you don’t cooperate, then don’t blame me for not showing due respect to you… . . ”

“Only by you being daring enough to catch me, you are saying it’s enough for me to cooperate with you, what sort of logic is that?” Bureau Chief He, depending on this you are arresting me?” Liu Yang coldly smiled and looked at He Dongping .

Even though it was Xu Mingjian who was talking with him, he only said to He Dongping: “It is very good, you know this is inside the city government building? You come to city government courtyard to arrest someone and you are not even paying attention to legal procedure and formalities, then somewhere else you might be acting like a local tyrant doing whatever you liked?

Zhang Qiang’s father was a member of the standing committee in municipal committee and Politics and law committee Book Zhang Yimin . Bureau chief He dared to lead his man inside the city government courtyard to arrest someone, it was certainly to give a favor to Zhang Yimin by taking revenge for Zhang Qiang

Seeing them without any reason trying to put the handcuff on me, it is in vain to hope that they will be impartial in their investigation, that is basically impossible and if I followed them to Public Security Bureau, I will surely suffer a loss .

Now it was already midday and time for people to get off the work, Liu Yang and He Dongping were arguing with each other, and many people getting off their work in the city government office were precisely watching the whole drama . This made even the public security bureau not dare to act unruly anymore .

Precisely for this goal, Liu Yang was opposing every sentence of Xu Mingjiang, and in each sentence was pulling He Dongping to participate . He wanted him to consider that this was city government courtyard, he can’t come here and grab someone without following legal procedures .

But he was counting on the chicken which has still not hatched and was clearly wrong .

Soon seeing Liu Yang and Xu Mingjiang perstering together, He Dongping face sank, and said to Xu Mingjian: “ Little talk nonsense, you hurry…… . ”

Xu Mingjiang clenched his teeth, waved toward the police car, from the car four police officer jumped down, and like a swarm of bees appeared in front of Liu Yang . Without even saying anything they grabbed his neck and tried to walk toward their van .

“ What are you all doing there? Here is not the place were police can act unruly . ” this time from their behind came an angry but frail shout .

He Dongping turned his head, looked behind himself, standing there was a person, medium height, neither thin nor fat, a middle-aged woman was standing in an awe-inspiring manner .

She had neat ear length hair, long oval face . She was not wearing any cosmetic, only a thin layer of lipstick was on her lips . He skin was bright and looked quite bright and tender . She was wearing a white jacket on top of her black suit, She looked more and more elegant, noble and bright .

Without waiting for He Dongping to say anything, the woman continued to say: “ You are Shizhong sub-bureau chief, aren’t you? I want to ask you, Did he say anything wrong? How can you all without any sense and legal procedure, can arrest him?”

He Dongping in his heart think, who this woman is and from where she crop out from? Just now she obviously wasn’t here?

This woman’s age is although not very big, her body has a unique temperament which cannot be imitated . Say again, a person who dares to fake her identity inside this courtyard might still haven’t been born . Don’t say the other party is a woman, even if is a man, if not relying on someone’s power, also doesn’t dare to shout inside this courtyard .

Moreover, this woman is loudly berating a police officer in full uniform like me .

While thinking, He Dongping walked two-step toward the woman and suspiciously asked: “ I am Shizhong sub-bureau chief He Dongping, can I ask who you are?”

His approach was clear, by stating his identity, he wanted to see the reaction of that woman .

If she is only a common staff member who came out to speak on behalf of Liu Yang and is just meddling in someone else’s business, after knowing that I am bureau chief, she will surely dread and shrink back .

Who knew that the woman not only remained indifferent but only glanced at him and coldly said: “ Bureau Chief He, is this how you handle a case? As someone from law enforcement department, you all should first learn to respect the law . You don’t even follow the legal procedure and dare to come here in the city government courtyard, and create such a noisy racket?

This woman is still a lot younger than him but she is teaching him his job in such an imposing manner . Looking at her dignified face, He Dongping imposing manner unconsciously reduced to half .

In this matter originally He Doongping was in wrong, the reason behind Liu Yang and Zhang Qiang fight, he had already investigated . What was the whole affair, he already clearly knew in his heart? Even the whole scenario of that fight he knew . There was a video camera installed between the entertainment house and the guest house, he had already obtained the tape from there .

If it was some other place, He Dongping might not necessarily have given any weight to this meddlesome passer-by .

But here is city government courtyard, since even after knowing my identity, the other person is still scolding him that explains her identity is absolutely not simple, at the very least, my this sub-bureau title is nothing in her eyes .

By the woman’s reprimanding, He Dongping hesitated, he didn’t know how to explain anything to her .

When the woman saw him not speaking, she knitted her eyebrow and gave him a quick glance and asked Liu Yang: “ You come here… . what is your name? Which department do you work for? For what reason, they want to arrest you? You come here and talk clearly with me… . . ”

Yesterday, to welcome leaders from the province and newly appointed mayor Zhang, Liu Yang was very busy, running the errand from the morning . Although he had not met with the newly arrived mayor Zhang and don’t know anything about her, he had heard that the newly arrived mayor is a 37-38-year-old woman .

Before today, I have not seen this woman inside the city government courtyard . From her clothes and manner as well as her age, on top of her temperament, this woman without a doubt is not simple .

Liu Yang said in his heart, could she possibly be the newly arrived mayor Zhang Jingzhang?

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