Perfect Feast - Chapter 11

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Ch . 11 The small minded person in the back


I was anxious that no one will notice this drama, but If this woman is the newly arrived Mayor Zhang then that will be very good .

Thinking this, Liu Yang struggled out of two police officers grip and took small steps to walk toward the woman and said in the soft voice: “Leader, I am Liu Yang, I work as the head of the administrative section in the reception office . They have come to arrest me because…… . . ”
Liu Yang told how he had kicked Zhang Qiang in front of guest house gate and the reason behind it . After listening to the explanation, the expression on the woman’s face gradually got dignified .

The expression of her eye became chilling and she looked at Liu Yang and said:

“ Unexpectedly is this? Then you should follow Bureau-Chief He and cooperate in the investigation, talk clearly with them . You must do what should be done, you are outside the city government gate, and you are fighting with the police officer, how will others perceive it?

Liu Yang lowered his head and said: “ Leader, They are neither showing their credential nor following the regular investigation procedure to arrest me . Where are they asking for my cooperation, clearly the first impression is the strongest, but they are directly trying to seize me for committing a crime, how can I dare to go with them?

The woman looked at Liu Yang with a cold face, the expression inside her eyes were vacant, and she suspiciously asked: “Your name is Liu Yang, right?

‘Yes, I am Liu Yang . Did the leader also heard my name?” Liu Yang thought I don’t know her, but how can she know me? Is my reputation so big?

That woman gently snorted from her nose and glanced at his face while saying: “ Crafty fellow…… . now people are already going off their work, you are showing passersby what type of drama? Like this… . You follow Bureau Chief He to receive investigation, as for your matter you speak clearing with Bureau Chief He . I will later ask Chen Weichang to supervise this matter… . ”

The woman after saying, without even soliciting He Dongping opinion, at once turned around and went toward city government building .

“Damn… . . ” Xu Mingjiang wiped the sweat from his forehead and relaxed while angrily saying: “ Who is this woman? She was like an iceberg, anyone’s heart will get uncomfortable just seeing her… . ”

“ You are really an idiot, just shut up to me… . . ” He Dongping if after all this, was still unable to guess her identity, then he was really a big fool . If He Dongping was really stupid, it might have been impossible for him to be the chief of Shizhong sub-bureau security department .

Just now, this woman before leaving mentioned the name of Chen Weichang, who is city government’s building manager and secretary-general . This woman can move Chen Weichang, is there still need to ask who she is?

Damn, Today is really my unlucky day, how can I come across her for this type of thing?

It was needless to say that arresting Liu Yang this kind of nobody, there was no necessity for He Dongping, the chief of sub-bureau to personally appear . Only, before coming to city government hall, He Dongping already looked for a man to ask about Liu Yang ins and outs . He knew that he doesn’t have any background and neither have any supported . In order to flatter Zhang Yimin, and make him feel that how much importance he was attaching to the matter of his son, He Dongping personally went to city government hall .

Who would have imagined, this time I wanted to pat Zhang Yiming flatter, instead patted newly arrived mayor Zhangjing’s tail .

The whole events related to this case, I am already crystal clear in my heart . In reality, there is no responsibility lie with Liu Yang, if she makes Chen Weichang, this city government secretary-general, personally supervise the case, then how can I tilt 
the case in favor of Zhang Qiang?

Since this case has been already noticed by Mayor Zhang, I must as soon as possible inform Book Wei as well .

He Dongping barely fished out his cellphone, he saw an individual full-bodied, young married woman in her prime, in a graceful manner walking toward him . The woman looked like 31-32 years old, she was wearing dark red short-sleeved woman suit on her upper body and had a pinkish-white apple like face . Her smooth supple hair was hanging on her shoulder, and her rosy lips were pursed up together . Her two clear penetrating eyes were giving the impression of someone capable and experienced .

Along with swaying of her waist as she walked, she was spreading her alluring body fragrance .

This woman is the City Government Deputy Secretary-General and Director of Supervising and Investigation Unit Yang Qiqi . He Dongping already knew her . He Dongping hurriedly put the cellphone in his pocket, smiled and went forward to greet her: “ Secretary-General Yang, are you getting off the work?”

“ I actually want to get off the work, but it’s a pity that you Bureau Chief He doesn’t let me do so!” Yang Qiqi complained: “ Bureau Chief He, I am officially informing you, according to leaders arrangements, Our Supervising and Investigating Unit will follow Liu Yang ’s case . Let’s go, I will now go with you all to the public security bureau . The leader is waiting for my report…”

City government’s Supervising and Investigating Unit’s responsibility is to supervise and inspect city government’s important documents; implementation of decisions taken in government conferences; to oversee city government’s main leader’s reports and implementation of important matters in the leader’s speech; to supervise and to examine high-level leader’s schemes and to work with public news unit to counter criticism and carrying out government task; to reinforce each county area government; frequent supervision of each department of city government, etc .

Yang Qiqi worked as city government deputy secretary-general and supervising and investigation unit director naturally had the authority to examine and oversee Shizhong public security sub-bureau .

City Government supervising and investigating unit had in the past already followed on a case with Shizhong sub-bureau, but at that time it was just a subordinate under Yang Qiqi who went to the sub-bureau, and that time she just acted as a mediator between Supervising and investigating unit and sub-bureau .

But this time, she didn’t bring anyone with her and is even demanding to personally follow me to go to the public security bureau, He Dongping couldn’t help but become more scared . One could see from this point, that Mayor Zhang didn’t just pay lip service back then because she was at the scene by some coincidence .

While thinking, He Dongping smiled and said: “ Secretary-general Yang, how can I make you personally come for this type of insignificant matter? I will promptly report you in this case…… . . ”

“Chief He, just now I already said, this is city government main leader’s opinion . ” Yang Qiqi honestly said .

Why are you wasting your word? Can’t you understand what I just said? Do you really think that I want to go that hell like a place? This is government big leader’s arrangement .

If the main leader is arranging something, who am I to contradict her?

“ That’s good, that’s good, We will now leave for the bureau . ” He Dongping said and turned toward Liu Yang . He said to Liu Yang: “ Comrade Liu Yang, Just now we were impatient and didn’t explain clearly, this responsibility lies with me . We wanted to ask you to come with us, mainly to understand the circumstances from you and to ask you to cooperate our work… . . ”

He Dongping contrary to a moment ago when he was overbearing, took the initiative to lower his stance and admitted his mistake . Liu Yang also knew when to stop .

In any case, I have achieved my goal, not only have I alarmed Mayor Zhang but also troubled secretary-general Yang to personally follow us to public security bureau for understanding the circumstances of the matter, this is already sufficient for me .

Regardless of the purpose of Yang Qiqi, if she goes with us to the public security bureau, that is same as an emperor’s escort for me .

Thinking this Liu Yang nodded and said: “Cooperating public security bureau investigation is each and every citizen’s biggest obligation and duty . If bureau chief He has already said such, have I not already followed you all? See due to misunderstanding how noisy the situation has become .

Finally, everyone sat inside the police van and directly moved toward the public security bureau . He Dongping also finally found an opportunity to fish out his cell phone and dialed Zhang Yimin’s number .

Municipal Party standing committee member and Politics and Law Committee Book, as well as city public security bureau chief Zhang Yimin, was already 55 years old, but still, his face was full of vigor, and he had dyed his hair shiny jet-black . He looked just like 40-45 years old person, and not old at all from any point of his body .

When he received He Dongping telephone, he had barely finished eating his food and was lying down on the bed inside the room of his “ Rose Villa” and was preparing to fight a lost battle . A 24-25 years old beautiful woman was lying beside him .
Zhang Yimin’s one hand was on her waist, another was inside her half opened neckband of her shirt .

Due to the sound of He Dongping phone, Zhang Yimin was not happy . He unhappily groaned and picked the telephone from the side cabinet . After discovering the phone was from He Dongping, he answered the telephone .

Even though his other hand was still experiencing the softness and elasticity of that woman’s breast, he asked in dignified voice: “ For what matter are you calling? Unh… . what? She just came and still managing other’s business? … . I know… . ”

Putting down the telephone, Zhang Yimin couldn’t help but angrily scolded: “What thing she is, she just came two days ago and dare to meddle with me… . . ” while saying he reached for the cigarettes on top of the bedside cabinet .

The woman extended her small hand and snatched the cigarettes packet and said: “ What happened? Is this a proper time to smoke cigarette…” while asking, she charmingly looked at Zhang Yimin . Her voice was full of enticement . She continued: “
I still want that in the afternoon… “

This voice was an invitation to passion and the signal to the start of another battle . Zhang Yimin smiled, a moment ago that angry look on his face suddenly disappeared without a trace . He turned over and pressed that woman under his body .

His mouth pried opened the woman’s mouth and that woman also surrendered to his assault . She also started to vigorously kiss Zhang Yimin’s mouth . These two people were trying to taste each other’s mouths every nook and cranny and slowly removing each piece of clothes from their body .

In this type of situation, in most cases, it was always a man who occupies the commanding position . In summer one always wears few clothes, in short amount of time, the woman was stripped by Zhang Yimin into little white lamb waiting to be devoured . His hand was tracing the contour of her waist and climbed on top of her breast .

The woman’s whole body trembled, and she started to make very alluring sound from her rosy lips . After that, she slowly lifted her arm, tightly coiled around Zhang Yimin’s neck and more vigorously sucked Zhang Yimin’s tongue .

Zhang Yimin started to play with her round, soft and fully developed bosom . Then he breaks away from her tightly embracing arms and started to go down toward her valley . As he was going down, he kissed along her neck and bosom . After a short while, her pink cherry was in his mouth .

She was continuously moaning in low voice and her legs were trembling from the sheer excitement her body was experiencing .

When Zhang Yimin saw her writhing in heat like this, he increased his effort . His other hand secretly moved toward the woman’s waist, touched her black lace underwear . The woman felt his hand and lifted her hips and leg . Zhang Yimin effortlessly removed the last piece of clothing from her body .

She shifted toward the middle of the bed, spread her leg, and tightly wrapped around the Zhang Yimin’s waist .

Her legs were tall and smooth, the skin was tender, and the color of her skin was fair like chinaware and appeared to have a dazzling gloss .
Compare to her, the body of Zhang Yimin was a bit swollen and lax and his dark skin was in clear contrast with the lass pressed under his body .

Zhang Yimin’s hand turned like a tentacle and was experiencing the softness of the woman under him . The low moaning sound of the woman gradually increased . Zhang Yimin’s hand was tracing her thigh and now had reached her womanhood .

The woman suddenly grabbed his hand, coquettishly feigned the anger and said: “ Don’t… . don’t use your hand… . . ”


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