Perfect Feast - Chapter 12

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Ch . 12 Policewoman Chu Qin


Inside Shizong sub-bureau, Liu Yang was giving his account of the incident to the Public Security Brigade Team Leader Song Chengyu and his subordinate Chu Qin .

Since this case had already drawn Mayor Zhang interest, the case was transferred from Zhongxing Local Police station to Renzhou sub-bureau . Xu Mingjiang unexpectedly like an obedient child handover the case to public security brigade, maybe he had a lasting impact about the ice-cold behavior of Mayor Zhang or it might even be the expression in eyes of deputy secretary-general Yang .

Song Chengyu was the team leader of public security brigade and was personally trained by He Dongping to be his successor . The young policewoman beside him was Chu Qin, she was temporarily transferred from public security brigade to bureau office to be assistant to the leaders and but still could be considered as a member of public security brigade .

Chu Qin is 22 years old, and in just half a year after graduating from police school, she passed the recruitment exam for public security bureau . She was reassigned from public security brigade to bureau office for work mainly because she was very beautiful and after He Dongping first time saw her, he was very excited .

Both people didn’t lead Liu Yang to the interrogation room, but inside the bureau Conference room, to record his statement . Song Chengyu was asking questions, Chu Qin was writing the oral statement of Liu Yang .

Since He Dongping had already warned them repeatedly, Song Chengyu didn’t dare to create any difficulties for Liu Yang . He strictly according to established procedures, asked Liu Yang every detail of his brawl with Zhang Qiang and the whole sequence of event, furthermore, he even asked if he knew Jiang Haiyang address or contact information .

Liu Yang was also constantly thinking about this, he was afraid of telling Jiang Haiyan’s address . He was thinking after he went back, whether these police officers will create inconvenience for Jiang Haiyan or not . Since he was unsure, he was thinking of using the present opportunity to call her here and had her give the statement to these police officers in Yang Qiqi presence .

Therefore, Liu Yang at once without hesitation said he doesn’t know her address, but he knew her contact number and can call to tell her to come here and record her statement .

Song Chengyu whispered something to Chu Qin and left the room to find He Dongping for reporting the latest development .

For the whole time when Song Chengyu was inquiring, Chu Qin was quietly recording every statement while sitting behind the conference desk . After she saw Song Chengyu going outside, she at once put down her pen, opened her bright red lips and sighed with resentment: “I thought I was going to die… . ”

After that, she rotated her aching and numb wrist, swayed her slender white neck . Due to the shaking of the head, her soft long hair was swaying in the air .   she was wearing a skin color pantyhose and was swinging her leg back and fro, that tender, beautiful appearance simply looked extremely lovable .

Liu Yang was sitting opposite of her and was reclining to the side to had a good look at Chu Qin small feet swaying before his eyes . He felt that Chu Qin’s skin color pantyhose on her feet looked really alluring . He was just wishing to hold her little feet in her hand and gently rub and pinch it to his heart content .

Thinking this, he couldn’t help but compare this young policewoman’s beautiful feet with Fang Yuzhu and Jiang Haiyan’s feet . A warm feeling without his intention suddenly raised in his underbelly, and his thing couldn’t help but started to awake .

“haha… . You really don’t like writing . Does your back hurts when you write anything?” In order to conceal his impulse, Liu Yang hurriedly inclined his body and gave a forced laugh .

Damn it, Before I was never like this .

For last 27 years of my life, I was always content and steady, never my thing was such troublesome . That day at noon inside the guest house when I first lost my reason, it seems like at that time also it was because Fang Yuzhu had not worn the stocking on her feet . Again when I was massaging Jiang Haiyan and holding her slender little feet in my hand, It became difficult to self-control . Now looking at Chu Qin beautiful feet, even though she was wearing the stocking, I can still feel the strong enticement, her soft smooth leg can bring to me .

Damn, Do I have a foot fetish?

Chu Qin without thinking replied in agreement: “ Right, I most dislike this type of work… . ” saying this, she suddenly opened her big round eye and put down her feet, and coldly said to Liu Yang: “hunh, Did I ask for your care? Why are you looking at me like that? This is inside Public Security Bureau and you still dare to stare at me like that, I think you should be arrested and properly taught how to behave… . . ”

“I… . how am staring at you? You are so pretty, don’t tell me you are afraid of a man’s stare . ” Saying that Liu Yang impatiently explained himself: “ A moment ago didn’t you heard? I am so righteous and courageous, then for what reason you want to arrest and educate me?”

“Hehe… . . ” no one knew because Liu Yang complimented her to be beautiful or he pressed his head in defeat behind her, she got happy . The Young policewoman unexpectedly laughed and said: “Even if you say that you stood up bravely for the truth, you really think we will believe it? It all depends on how the above leader says . You hit is none other but Book Wei’s son, even if you don’t die you won’t escape unscathed, don’t think that secretary-general Yang will protect you .

“ How can you say that even if I don’t die, I won’t left unscathed? Does Zhang Yimin is law himself?” Liu Yang didn’t accept and annoyingly asked her .

“ You really don’t know life and death . Zhang Qiang is still admitted inside the hospital, I even heard, your that kick trampled his… . trampled his important position, specialist doctors are saying that he is seriously injured, you will at least be imprisoned… . . ” while saying, young policewoman blushed, and glanced toward Liu Yang’s “critical position”, and at once moved her vision .

After that, she pursed up her vermillion mouth and holding her smile said: “ anyway…you said you have a sense of justice, right? I think your courage also is really big… . . ”

Liu Yang knew where his kick landed on Zhang Qiang, After looking at the young policewoman meaningful glance, couldn’t help but at once clamped his both leg together .
After listening to young policewoman saying that the Zhang Qiang was seriously hurt by him, he couldn’t help but got anxious and asked: “What? I just kicked him a leg and he already got seriously injured, Is he made up of glass or what? Even if I injured him, that is also a reasonable self-defense… . ”

“…… . . ” Chu Qin slanted her eyes like he was a mothball . She disdainfully looked at him and said: “Is the level of the B-university graduate such low? Did you study there to become foolish or what? For reasonable self-defense one should meet several important criteria, Do you know who is going to classify and evaluate those criteria? Idiot…”

“I… . ” even though his mouth was open, Liu Yang was speechless . Yes!, Just because you are saying that it was reasonable self-defense, you really think everyone will say it is reasonable self-defense? It needs “a professional” to came and define . And who will these professional listen to? How can they not listen to Zhang Yimin? Of Course, they will .

Thousand people thousand words, but it is Zhang Yimin who has the final say .
Zhang Yimin is Renzhou is a member of the standing committee in municipal party, Politics and Law committee Book at the same time hold the concurrent post of Public Security Bureau, Bureau Chief . From a long time, everyone regards Public Security Bureau as his family building to some degree . He runs entire public security system as something where even a bird can’t come . He even makes sure that the air inside the system doesn’t leak outside . It is his iron fortress .

Inside this fortress what he says will always without doubt happens . If he says it’s reasonable defense then it is a reasonable defense, if he says it’s not then it’s not . In whole Renzhou city, there is not a single person who dare to stand before him and question his methods .

Liu Yang now knew how fearful it was to offend Zhang Yimin, after all in his hand, had the power and authority to deliver him inside the prison .

What I thought was really simple, I thought since Mayor Zhang personally come forward, and secretary-general Yang personally come to public security bureau to oversee my case, I don’t need to be worried about my safety, really I have taken thing for granted .

If this young policewoman is scolding me that I read a book to become stupid, she indeed has her reason!

“Liu Yang, just now I asked for instruction from He Dongping, he said, You ask for Jiang Haiyan to come here and accept the investigation . Now you can call her and ask her to come……” while saying this, the gate of the conference room was shoved open, and Song Chengyu came inside .

…………………………………… .

Shizhong Sub-bureau inside reception room, He Dongping, and Yang Qiqi were sitting around the tea table facing each other, their facial expression was a little awkward and indignant .

Just now Song Chengyu reported them that they have taken down the Liu Yang’s statement . Yang Qiqi wanted to take Liu Yang and do back to the city government .

Yang Qiqi was originally a member of the standing committee in Quzhang county and county deputy-head, because former mayor Zheng Junjian when went to Quzhang county on inspection and saw her young and beautiful body, wanted to have male-female relationship with her, but by her was rejected,that’s why she was transferred to city government to hold the office of deputy secretary-general .

Deputy-secretary this position although appears very important, but the disparity between those two post was like the difference between ground and sky . Zheng Junjian many times suggested, only if she accepted his proposition and obediently surrendered to him, at once he would send her back to be county head or even county committee book .

Speaking the truth, Yang Qiqi also wavered in front of such enticing, but whenever she thought that a pig like a body of the old man will be pressing her, she was unable to take another step in that direction .

Now the name of Zheng Junjian was a matter of past, now in Renzhou came a young beautiful female mayor . After taking the office the first thing, she did was unexpected to make me accompany this young man to public security bureau to oversee his case .

Yang Qiqi was clear, regardless of any relationship between this young man and mayor Zhang, only if she managed this case well, maybe she might have a chance to make a comeback .

That was the reason why Yang Qiqi was sitting here quite patiently for Public Security personnel, to complete the process of taking Liu Yang’s statement . And when the whole process was completed she wanted to personally take him back with herself .

But He Dongping unexpectedly refused to comply with her request, and said that Liu Yang had heavily injured Book Zhang Yimin’s son, he can only carry out the whole investigation according to the legal procedure .

You are going to handle according to law, didn’t that means I came here in vain? Do you really think Mayor Zhang sent me here to just understand the case? Good, He Dongping, you really didn’t give a bit of face to me, neither have you care about my position of deputy secretary-general or supervising and investigation unit director . You not giving me face is equal to not giving the face to Mayor Zhang . The ranking of Zhang Yimin inside the member of the standing committee is far below Mayor Zhang, don’t you even know that .

What? Do you all want to bully Mayor Zhang because she is new here?

Actually, I am also embarrassed, I am also aware that Yang Qiqi coming here is Zhang Jing idea, but when I called Book Zhang, he only said “I know”, but didn’t told me to release this person . If I release him on my own and Book Zhang got angry and hold me accountable, what will I do? This responsibility you Yang Qiqi cannot take for me, can you?

I am able to sit in the position of Shizhong Public Security Sub-bureau Chief is all by following closely with Zhang Yimin . I must always be Book Zhang’s person .

Originally I thought that the person who beat Zhang Qiang in Renzhou city must absolutely is some stupid . Who would had imagined, that other person is unexpectedly city government reception department staff member, and even have some relation with the newly arrived Mayor Zhang .

Moreover, Mayor Zhang has newly arrived, even so, she dared to meddle in Book Wang’s matter . Didn’t she overestimate her capability?

Let’s not talk about Mayor Zhang, even Book Wang is already dissatisfied with Book Zhang . Even though both have fought much time in the back, isn’t the matter still unsettled?

Behind Book Zhang has the support of Provincial committee Deputy-Book Li Jigao . Even if Book Wang to have resentment for Book Zhang in his heart, what he could do to Book Zhang . And you are a woman who has just come for two days, thinking to contend with Book Zhang? You really don’t know about the person you are dealing with……”

It just that Book Zhang maybe not afraid of Mayor Zhang, but it doesn’t mean that I am also unafraid to Mayor Zhang?

Yang Qiqi is representing Mayor Zhang, and she is sitting opposite to me . I have not given her face . When she goes back to report mayor Zhang, who knows what broken record her mouth will play in front of her . Just in case if Mayor Zhang bear grudge against me, would a bottle of wine be enough for me to forget about her .

This matter is really fucking hard to do!

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