Perfect Feast - Chapter 17

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Ch . 17 A group of rampant bastards


In the front was a thirty-years-old middle age man . This man looked identical to Zhang Qiang . Just behind him was standing a fifty-years-old lady accompanied by one man and one female, both were in their middle age .

They were shouting and abusing at Liu Yang and were relative of the youngster, Liu Yang had kicked . Apparently, it looked like the whole Zhang family has come to take revenge on Liu Yang .

“What are you all doing here?…… . ” Zhang Yimin’s this son is really arrogant and unexpectedly dares to come inside the City Government Courtyard to create trouble . It couldn’t be that the person of this whole family head is kicked by a donkey, right? Are they really thinking that the house of Zhang is the local emperor of Renzhou city and nobody dares to manage them?

When Liu Yang shouted, nobody knew how Li Shanshan reached behind him and pulled him while saying in low voice: “ Why you are trying to talk with them, just go away from here, hurry…… . ”

“Oh, even if this is a cowshed but look like everyone’s head here is of a donkey? Does the all men inside the room is dead that such a beautiful woman have to come here and meddle in this matter? Are you his wife or younger sister? This is not a place for you to meddle, you stay out of this matter, we are looking for Liu Yang to settle our account… . ” the middle-aged man in the front while saying looked at Liu Yang: “ Bastard, are you Liu Yang?”

Liu Yang Knitting his brow said: “ Who are you? Watch your mouth . This is inside the city government premises, not your family’s supermarket, that you can come at your will……… . ”

“ You are still blaming us, aren’t you? You have hit my son, now say what to do about this matter? Did your mother didn’t even educate you after giving birth……” the old lady aggressively walked in front of Liu Yang while reaching for Li Shanshan to push her aside and asked Liu Yang .

This old lady, I am respecting you because of your old age, everyone is raised by their parents, I am requesting you to not insult my parents……as for matter of Me and your child fight, a case has been already registered at Shizong sub-bureau, now what to do it will be all decided by them . It doesn’t require your whole family to come inside the office premises and create such a noisy scene… . . ”After hearing her ridicule his mother, Liu Yang got angry, but seeing her old age, Liu Yang restrained his anger .

“What the hell? My younger brother is still lying inside the hospital and you are talking about sense? Is this your manner?” This time it was that middle-aged woman . She came near Liu Yang and extended her fingers to scratch, Liu Yang .

Li Shanshan came in front of Liu Yang and said in a loud voice: “ Zhang Qian, what are you up to? Here is city government office, not your house?”

That woman stared at Li Shanshan and angrily said: “ You know me? Since you know me, get out of my way, here is not your matter, I don’t want to injure someone who is on my side… . . ”

“What don’t want to injure someone on my side? Here is city government bureau, you all are really thinking about fighting someone here?” Li Shanshan kept Liu Yang behind her back and without conceding even a half step said to her .

“Haha, here is office premises so what? Is this place have something amazing? Let me show you at once how daring can I be……” the man who looked like Zhang Qiang was actually the oldest son of Zhang Yimin, he while shouting turned around and picked the mop lying near the gate .

It was a mistake when Liu Yang vigorously kicked to flatten the balls of the second master of Zhang House Zhang Qiang . Even doctors after inspection said that he doesn’t have any big problem, If on time inflammation decreases and swelling reduced, it will be very unlikely to have any after effect, but where can people of Zhang house believe such thing?

All doctor likes to speak ambiguously . Even if they have hundred percent surety in treating any disease, their statement will still be conditional . They are just thinking that taking extra care is always good, after all, who wants to be responsible if there is an accident .

But in most cases, if a doctor says that there is nothing to worry, then it is highly unlikely that there will be any big problem .

But seeing the eggs of Zhang Qiang was kicked to flattened by some unknown man, his mother, his older brother Zhang Wei and older sister Zhang Qian were really seething with rage and didn’t even try to inquire further about him from the Doctor .
They just wanted to anyhow grab the man who had kicked Zhang Qiang and let him taste the same feeling .

This whole family was worried for Zhang Qiang as he was still in the hospital since two days, but suddenly hearing from He Dongping that the villain who had hit Zhang Qiang was released, that was the key which set the whole family on fire .

Zhang Yimin’s wife, son and daughter without caring for anything else, the first thing they did was to call Zhang Yimin to pressurize him for taking revenge for Zhang Qiang, But Zhang Yimin only said “hmm” put down the phone, this made whole Zhang family even more annoyed .

Everybody in this house was really spoiled and overbearing, in general, it was them who used to bully other, then how could they endure when someone else was bullying them?

Isn’t the other party just a little office worker who goes to work at City Government Office? Is working in the city government office anything amazing? He hit a man and unexpectedly sub-bureau released him, this is same as if he had hit the face of Zhang family . Are the members of Zhang family good to bully? If we don’t show him, his place and let him do as he pleases, won’t this pig, just like a dog will climb on our head and defecate?

Can’t let him go like this, we must find him and settle our account .

Therefore, after Zhang Qian instigated, her mother, her brother, and husband all these angry people came to City Government Office in hurry . In the eyes of other people, the solemn and dignified City government building premises first floor, in the eyes of these few people seems like really was a vegetable market .

However we want, we can come and go inside the Municipal Committee, then what thing is this City Government building?

Seeing the invariable unafraid appearance of Liu Yang like he had nothing to do with them, the members of Zhang family got even angrier .

When Zhang Wei picked the mop, Zhang Qian husband Sui Geqing stared at Li Shanshan and shouted loudly: “ What have you decided? Are you getting hell out of here or not?”

“ Beat him…… . ruthlessly beat him…… . . today if we don’t beat him to death, then from now on I will think our Zhang household doesn’t have the ability… . ” Zhang Yimin’s wife didn’t leave any stone upturn in showing off the arrogance of Zhang and stretched her neck to go against Liu Yang’s head .

“ You all……what are you doing?…… . ” In this bureau premises for half a year, Li Shanshan and Liu Yang sat on the same desk opposite to each other, although she didn’t bully Liu Yang like other several colleagues like making Liu Yang do all the dirty job such as mopping the floor, but she wasn’t very fond of talking with him . Though both had to sit opposite to each other, even so, they were used to just gave a restrained smile whenever their eyes meet .

But unexpectedly today she was doing so much to help Liu Yang, no matter how a person of Zhang coerced her to leave, she didn’t even show a little bit of cowardly expression .

Seeing that she was keeping his mother-in-law from hitting Liu Yang’s head, Sui Geqing stretched his hand to slap Li Shanshan face: “ Didn’t you hear me? Step aside… . . ”

This domestic animal is going to hit a girl, he really is not a man . Liu Yang took advantage and threw a kick at him .

Sui Geqing was a tall and sturdy guy, but he was really not used to fighting and was a novice . Due to Liu Yang kick on his knees, he gave a shout and leaned forward to kneel down, it looked like from someone perspective as if he was begging for Liu Yang’s forgiveness .

“ You courage is really touching the sky, you dare to hit my son-in-law?” Zhang Yimin’s wife got even more reluctant to leave the matter as such, and like a mother hen who is willing to go out with someone to protect her egg, she opened her both hands and pounced on Liu Yang while trying to scratch his face with her fingernails .

Although Liu Yang didn’t want to let her scratch his face, he was even more against hitting a 50+ years old woman . He still wasn’t shameless to the extent of Sui Geqing .

“Mother, you get out of my way… . . ” Zhang Wei shouted loudly while swinging the mop in this hand to hit Liu Yang .

To avoid being scratched Liu Yang dodged her fingers by moving to the side . Li Shanshan also to stop Zhang Yimin’s wife from scratching Liu Yang, pulled away from Zhang Qian’s clutches and moved beside where Liu Yang was standing right now .

Damn it, if a tiger doesn’t roar, you all really think of him as a silly cat?

Liu Yang stretched his left hand and grabbed the handle of the mop, and with right hand pounded a fist on Zhang Wei . Zhang Wei dodged by leaning his head . Liu Yang then threw a kick…… and heard Zhang Wei painful cry “ah” . Zhang Wei started to shout: “ Mother, It is really hurting……”

Zhang Yimin’s wife heard her child’s cry and she stopped trying to scratch Liu Yang, turned around and saw that her child was using his both hand to hold his crotch and with a yellow complexion, he was squatting on the ground .

“ Son… . . Son, what happened to you?” Zhang Yimin’s wife anxiously asked .

“By…… . . by this bastard’s kick…… . . he kicked me in the same place where he had kicked my younger brother… . . ” Zhang Wei painfully grasping to breath said in one breath .

“ Son…… . . my son, is the pain unbearable?” Zhang Yimin’s wife really loved dearly her child, Zhang Wei was in his thirties, even though she still care for him like he was a child .

“Mother… . . what are you saying? Quickly deliver me to the hospital?” thinking about how his younger brother’s that toy swelled like an eggplant and how he was still lying in the hospital bed opening his leg without even daring to turn his body, Zhang Wei body got cold from fear .  Originally I came here to beat this person, who would have thought that this youngster unexpectedly dares to hit me, if I had known he is such a cow, I wouldn’t have come here .

“You hit my little child, now again you hit my big child, I, today I am even at the risk of my life going to spell with you… . . ” that old woman had still not seen the situation clearly, and still blindly shouting at Liu Yang .

Right at this moment, the echo of a dignified sound coming from the gate had started to reverberate inside the hall: “ is there nothing to do that you all are idle, what are you all looking at, is there any good thing? Since you have so much idle time, then why don’t you all just take half a month of salary this time… . ” along with this sound the crowd in the corridor outside the gate scattered like a bird . Wearing a spectacle, with a dignified appearance Secretary-General Chen Weichang appeared from the gate .

Chen Weicheng was knitting his brow and had a  black line on his forehead . He didn’t enter but stood at the gate while saying: “ Why are you all making a racket? Everyone in this building is able to hear what is happening… . . Liao Hongxing, what do you eat? Why are you still not kicking them out of this premises? Liu Yang, you follow me… . . ”

“ That is out of the question, he cannot walk away like that, he is a villain who has hit… . . ” When Zhang Qian while rubbing Sui Geqing knee, heard Chen Weicheng statement, she at once put aside her husband, and while standing up spread her both arm to block the gate .

One cannot guess the difference between the age of Zhang Qian and Liu Yang, square face and two big eyes, pointed nose, two rosy lips, white neck, a white shirt wrapping two plump graceful erect mountain and along with the movement of her spreading her arms, the swaying of those mountains were really pleasing to the eyes .

Really can’t imagine, even if Zhang Yimin that domestic animal is nothing special, his daughter and son both have such making .  Even if Liu Yang didn’t like this family from the bottom of his heart, he had to admit that Zhang Qing was really a ripe beautiful young married woman .

Thinking this, Liu Yang glanced toward Sui Geqing, and said inside his heart “this tom dick harry like a guy, even if a spineless coward is really blessed!

He knew that this spineless coward in his eyes is actually City Industry and Commerce Bureau Deputy-Bureau Chief, someone whose stamping his foot on the ground can make many people tremble in fear .

Spreading her both arm, and showing her erect mountain peak, the woman standing in front of him, she was also Central City District Industry and Commerce department newly appointed officer .

When a man achieves the dao, even his poultry and dogs rise to the heaven, let alone their father was a member of the standing committee in Municipal Party Committee and Book of Politics and Law Committee .

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