Perfect Feast - Chapter 6

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Ch . 6 Various Feelings


“Hunh, even if you don’t call, I will call the police . Once the police come…… . ” The girl behind his back suddenly pulled his hand and stopped him from saying anything else . Then she said quickly: “ Elder brother, we must run . Here’s police are with them, they won’t listen to us . Even last time this person had fought with a man and injured him, but police arrested the other person .

The meaning in girl’s words was obvious . This person had last time injured someone but still can walk free but now you have injured him, do you really think that the police will give you a medal .

When Liu Yang thought about this, he also felt she was right . Other’s father is a standing member of the municipal party committee . He is also in charge of Politics and Law department . Public security bureau is also under the jurisdiction of Politics and Law department . Will the police really support me?

“Hell, even if his father’s name is Book Wei, what about it?  Isn’t everyone same under the state’s law and order? Feeling the girl’s soft hand lightly pulling his arm Liu yang yelled . The irony was even if his mouth was unyielding he was already running with her .

That “Fatty Liao” is only a deputy department level officer, but depending on his mood he always tosses me around however he desires . Compared to deputy department level, the rank of a member of the standing committee in municipal party committee is very high, let alone he is also the book of Politics and law department . It won’t even take a minute if he wants to kill me .

Even if Liu Yang was fuming with rage, how could he compare with the power and prestige of Book Wei? He could only choose to silently run away from here .

Since I don’t dare to fight with him, I will hide . As the old saying goes “a wise man should know when to fight and when to retreat” . Even if your father is Book Wei, so what? Are You still not lying on the ground, groaning like a dog . Didn’t I still trample you?

Thinking this, Liu Yang couldn’t help but secretly felt proud of himself .

Regardless of your father is surnamed anything, it is impossible for him to know that it was me who has beaten you .

The girl was running with Liu Yang while holding his hand . They left the main street and took a small alley .
After running for some time, she suddenly staggered and a shriek escaped her mouth

“ Ouch…”

If Liu Yang had not held her waist on time, she should have fallen on the ground .

Liu Yang noticed that the pavement of the alley was full of holes . Since she wasn’t wearing sandal, she must have stepped on rocks and sprained her ankle . She was only wearing a white underwear on her bottom half . It looked even more attractive when she was swaying her hips while running .

“How, are you alright?” Liu Yang worriedly asked .

This girl was showing one of her white shoulder and half of her one breast . She was only wearing a white underwear and a black stocking full of holes . Both of her feet were naked . When Liu yang held her, her face got crimson .

Just now two were running like there life was depending on it, so nobody considered the inappropriate situation she was in . But after realizing the situation they were in, they suddenly got embarrassed .

The girl awkwardly said: “ No, it’s nothing important . I just stepped on some stone . We should run . ”

Liu Yang loosens the girl’s waist, took off his shirt and anxiously gave her .

He said: “ Hurry, wear it… . . ”

The girl turned and looked at Liu Yang’s naked chest, her complexion got even redder . She softly said: “ No… . . my house is just ahead . You… . you can take it back… . ”

“ You are a girl……” Liu Yang didn’t allow her to say anything else again and put his shirt on her shoulder .

He is giving me clothes even without caring that he himself is not wearing anything .  This situation has moved her heart .  Since childhood, apart from my parents, nobody has shown such concerned for me .

“Thank you… . elder brother, I am Jiang Haiyan . Can you tell me your name? She asked while anxiously covering herself .

Liu Yang was tall and sturdy, his shirt was far too big for her . It looked like she was wearing a one-piece knee length dress . The shirt was high around her hips which augmented her supple bottom . This looked kind of funny but was sexier than the previous scenery .

This half covering, half exposing was even more enchanting . It was enough to make any man’s thought wander .

Liu Yang hurriedly moved his eyes away from her body and smilingly said: “ Is there anything not to tell, My name is Liu Yang, I work in the city reception department . ”

“ I am sorry Liu elder brother, I have involved you……” Jiang Haiyan delicately looked at Liu Yang and a little worriedly said: “ I didn’t know, you were a public official…… That Zhang Qiang is not a good person, I am afraid that he will retaliate against you…”

“ Is there anything to be afraid about? Said again I didn’t know who he was and even if I knew I would not have stood there and watched him bully you . These few days pay attention to yourself, don’t let him caught you… . ” Liu Yang stubbornly said .

Even if Liu Yang was laughing, it was impossible for him to be not afraid, after all, Zhang Qiang’s father was the leader of Politics and Law Department . Even if he was afraid of his retaliation, he was unable to show his concern in front of Jiang Haiyan .

A real man will do things and take responsibility . Let alone me who is the hero of my story, even if the price is big I will not run away . Let alone, apart from losing my own face is there any other benefit from showing a cowardly face in front of this girl .

They were running while talking with each other and after some time stopped in front of the courtyard with a big iron gate . Here was Jiang Haiyan’s rented apartment .

She rotated around an iron disc of the gate and stretched her hand inside the hole . After some fumbling, she pushed open the iron gate .

“ Here is my apartment, I have co-rented with another woman . We don’t like the idea of carrying key so ………” She laughed and explained to Liu Yang .

The courtyard was not too big, but it was clean and neat . In the garden, there was a small pond and several flower plant of Rose, jasmine, white orchid, cape jasmine, and canna .
Since this was mid-June, each plant and flowers were blooming . Whoever entered the courtyard would have smelled a faint fragrance of flowers .

Besides, four rooms in the north, there were also three rooms in the west of courtyard . Jiang Haiyan’s room was in the west of the courtyard .

After entering the room, Liu yang couldn’t help looking around and gave a nod to the arrangement . It looked like Jian Haiyan was a girl who understands the beauty of life and takes special care of decoration .

Inside the rented house there weren’t a lot of things . There was a sofa, tea table, some windows curtains and few extra things . Even if the colour of the room was not much, there was a unique style in it . The room was quite comfortable and more one looked at it the more one finds it suitable to their taste .

“Elder brother, You first sit down, I am going to take a shower and change my clothes… . ” Doesn’t know what she was thinking, her cheeks were flushed red . After telling Liu Yang she ran away into the bedroom .

A moment later, Jiang Haiyan came out after changing her dress .
Jiang Haiyan had put on a pink long skirt . The skirt was accentuating her long stature . She had long hairs, thin eyebrow, and eyes which were deep like a lake . Her eyes were so hazy that one could not stop himself from drowning in it . She had a small pointed nose and her tender scarlet lips, looked like they were always smiling . Her white blushing cheeks was appearing to be even more attractive .

She had not worn stockings and her long skirt was only covering her only half leg . Her lower leg was in open and one could see her lovable feet . Even if she was wearing a long skirt, it didn’t stop someone from appreciating her slender and well-proportioned calf .

She is in her one hand was carrying a bucket and in other hands of her was Liu yang’s shirt . When she entered the room, there was a sudden change . The air inside the room became romantic .

Jian Haiyan while blushing gave Liu Yang his shirt and said: “I … . . I don’t have any man’s clothes, or I will return it after washing……”

“It’s all right…” Liu Yang anxiously covered himself, and looked at Jiang Haiyan: “ I should go now… . . ” .  Right now she is alone . She is so pretty, so charming, so dazzling said again right now she wants to take a bath . And I have even done what I had to do, she had also given me my clothes back . Is there any more reason for me to stay here?

“ No… . . elder brother, you should sit for some time, I will come back in a few minutes . You have saved me so I must thank you . It’s almost dinner time, can’t I ask you for a dinner with me? Her eyes were pleading to Liu Yang . It looked as if Liu yang rejected her she will cry .

Liu yang couldn’t help himself from touching his forehead . He had to give his consent: “ Ok……I am waiting for you . ”

“That good… . . ” Jiang Haiyan stretched out her orchid-like little finger and said: “ We do a pinky swear……”

“Hahaha… . ” looking at her childishly asking for a pinky swear with him, Liu yang couldn’t help but started laughing and stood up: “good, we pinky swear, I will wait for you… . . ”

“Good, pinky swear to hang oneself, 100 years not allowed to change… . ” a smile bloomed on her face and both started to laugh . They locked their little finger and Liu yang’s thumb covered her thumb and like a child, she said: “Who breaks the promise, is a puppy… . ”

This moment Liu yang’s chest got warm, he felt like he had returned to his childhood .
The bathroom was in the west of the living room, the soundproofing of the house was clearly very bad . Inside the living room, Liu Yang could easily hear the sound of falling water as well as Jiang Haiyan’s singing from the bathroom .

No wonder this girl could sing at the entertainment house . Originally her voice is so pleasant to listen .

When she came out of the bathroom, Liu Yang noticed that she was not able to walk properly . He asked: “ How is your leg” . Liu Yang looked very concerned .

After taking bath, Jiang Haiyan’s hair was wet and water drops were falling on the ground . Her ruddy face was very appealing .

“Foot…… . probably after washing with hot water, it is paining a little . ” Jian Haiyan said while knitting her eyebrows . She had run so far on her naked feet and maybe after washing with hot water, the pain in her injured leg became unbearable .

“ Do you have any wine here ?” Liu Yang asked being unable to ignore her .

In the afternoon, I have already given a foot massage to a beautiful mature ladies, now two hours later, I am again going to give another foot massage to this beautiful girl . Is this a sign of fortune or bad luck?

Jiang Haiyan blushed and said: “ No, won’t safflower oil will do?”

She said and kneeled down . From under the small tea table, she took out a bottle of safflower oil . Liu Yang took the bottle and said while looking at her: “ Sit here, I will give you a massage…”

Jiang Haiyan’s oval-shaped face became even more ruddy, and she stood like a lovable child without moving . Only after some time, she sat beside Liu Yang .

“ You show me your injured foot ……” Liu Yang said and reached out to hold Jiang Haiyan leg . He put her injured foot on his thigh and carefully rubbed her sprained foot .

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