Perfect Feast - Chapter 9

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Ch . 9 The Police arrived


Even if Liu Yang came out from Wang Yifeng’s office, he was still a bit dizzy .

Book Wang is generally so busy, did he really call me inside his office, just to have a parent-child talk with me for more than ten minutes? To ask about my specialization and how is my work in the reception department, what is he really thinking?

Nevertheless, it still looks like Wang Yifeng really cares about me . Not like a perfunctory care but, a real one… 
Otherwise, would he have a chat with me for more than ten minutes?
Don’t tell me, He is thinking about giving me an important post . Is he really going to adjust me to a more suitable position?

Is it really like that? Till I came out, Book Wang didn’t say anything, not even gave me any clue .

While thinking Liu yang went outside from the inner office, Zhang Jian saw him and stood up while smilingly saying: “ Have you finished your chat? Let me deliver you down… . ”

” How can I let you do this? I can go down by myself . ” Liu Yang tactfully declined .

Is this a joke, Municipal committee first secretary’s job is to assist municipal committee Book’s work . How can he such easily came to receive me and now willing to deliver me like some lackey? When I came maybe he was afraid I might get lost so he personally came down to guide me, but now how can I now let him deliver me again .

“ It’s all right, otherwise I won’t bother to go down with you, in turn, the leader might blame me, unexpectedly you want me to be criticized by the leader? When he said so much, Liu Yang was unable to say anything again .

Just because I don’t want him to deliver me down, I can’t let him suffer criticism by the leader .

After entering the elevator, Zhang Jian looked like he wanted to chat with Liu Yang . He smoothly started a conversation and asked: “ You have graduated from B-University right? Our leader attaches great value to one’s talent, it is unlikely that he will let a gem like you remain in the dust?

Liu Yang modestly replied: “ Director Zhang, you are overpraising me, What jewel could I be regarded as? At most I can be considered an unpolished jade . I still need Director Zhang’s guidance and criticism in the future .

He didn’t say that he was an ordinary stone, but is an unpolished jade . This made secretary Zhang Jian amazed in his heart .

Zhang Jian smiled and looked at him while saying: “ Doesn’t dare to criticise you but can give you some advice, after all, I am many years bigger than you and working for a longer time . I have been following leader’s side for some time so I have some experience in it . If you don’t understand anything, try to come and find me .

“ I must thank Director Zhang . ” Liu Yang smiled and gratefully said .

“ Look at you? You are still treating me like an outsider, why are you so polite to me? From now on you must shout me Zhang elder brother . What Director Zhang? My title is Deputy director . Also even if I am carrying a Deputy Director tag on my shoulder, what I really do is run errands for the leader . In reality you have the relationship with the leader in the province, said again you are a person of great talent, moreover graduated from B-university, When in the future, you step by stem climb the official ladder, at that time don’t forget your Zhang elder brother…… . ”

Even though he was saying such, he was closely paying attention to Liu yang’s facial expression .

Hearing him say that he had a relationship with a leader in the province, Liu Yang heart suddenly skipped a beat, he said in his heart If I have relation with someone in the province, have I let Liao Hongxing bully me to death?

Only, he could think of the older sister, he had met in the guest house yesterday . Now that he thought about it, Wang Yifeng suddenly calling him, even if Liu Yang was still a bit confused, he could guess a little something .  Wang Yifeng meeting me might be because of that older sister .

Now that he mentioned it, even if that yesterday elder sister is not the big leader in the province, must at least be a Chief of an important department in the province . Otherwise, Wang Yifeng, the solemn Book of municipal committee, will not need to show respect to her in such a way .

Despite guessing clearly in his heart, Liu Yang whatsoever didn’t change expression on his face, he only smiled and said: “Zhang elder brother you are really thinking highly of me, I don’t think there will be such a day, and if really such a day ever come, even if I don’t know anyone, I don’t dare to not know Zhang elder brother . ”

Elevator finally arrived on the first floor, Zhang Jian delivered Liu yang to the gate of municipal committee building . Liu Yang waved his hand and went away . Standing inside the elevator and going above, Zhang Jian couldn’t help but praise Liu yang inside his heart .  Even though his age is not very big, he could really keep his composure .

Yesterday, Provincial Party Committee Organization Department Head, Minister Fang was before sitting in the car especially mentioned his name, can this be an ordinary relationship? This young man unexpectedly neither revealed the mountain nor the leakage . He unexpectedly behaved like he has nothing to do with it . This man is really complicated .

After he entered the room, Wang Yifeng looked at him and asked:” Sent him back? What did he say?”

Zhang Jian stood in front of Wang Yifeng, and respectfully said: “ He neither denied nor agreed . ”

“Oh? What do you think about him?” Wang Yifeng asked with interest .

Zhang Jian only said this eight character: “ neither servile nor overbearing, steady, calm and cool-headed . ”

“Oh?” Wang Yifeng knew that his secretary eyes were always accurate, he won’t spoke lightly . If he is saying so much about young Liu yang, then he really might not be bad .

Yesterday, Provincial Party Committee Organisation Head, Minister Fang Yuzhu before getting in the car, said on her own that there is a relative of her named Liu Yang, who go to work in the city government and due to her being in hurry was unable to meet him this time .

The speaker may have said unintentionally but the listener was very interested . How can such a big leader like her, could say anything unimportant?

If she had said that one of her relatives go to work under my administration, that is more than enough for me to know that she wants me to take care of him “appropriately” . But if I in return for taking care of her relative, can climb the relation with Provincial Party Committee Organisation Head, Minister Fang Yuzhu, is there anything better?

This is actually a matter of mutual benefit, Wang Yifeng, how can he not be careful?

Thereafter seeing off Fang Yuzhu, Wang Yifeng immediately sent Zhang Jian to find Liu Yang . He really wanted to find the relation between Minister Fang and Liu Yang . Yesterday when he couldn’t found him, he again made Zhang Jian search Liu Yang and asked to make Liu Yang to not go to work and directly came here in the morning .

It was not suitable for Wang Yifeng to personally ask Liu Yang, that’s why he asked Zhang Jian to probe Liu Yang, Who would have imagined that Zhang Jian would only say eight characters about him, this was out of expectation of Wang Yifeng .

But when he thought that since Liu Yang is a postgraduate student from B-university, his head certainly won’t be a melon seed .  Since this young man is so calm and sturdy, I am relieved that now I can adjust him to a more important duty…… . ”

Liu Yang didn’t know that behind his back, Wang Yifeng was unexpectedly thinking such about him . Going out of Municipal Committee building courtyard, he returned to the reception department in city government building . He saw some of his colleague gossiping about something . Each and every one of them was smiling as if they were very excited today .

When Liu Yang came inside the building, those fellows at once stopped talking and every one returned to their respective seat . Since Liu Yang’s mind was occupied somewhere else, he didn’t notice that all of these people were stealing glances at him…

However, Li Shanshan from opposite desk lifted her head, came near him, extended  her neck, and in low voice asked: “ Liu Yang, has anything happened?”

This woman and Liu yang were of almost same age . She has a round apple like face and neat ear length hair . She was wearing a flower printed pink skin tight short sleeve shirt on her upper body and its top two buttons were open .   Since she was so much leaning forward, her two round, plump chest was pushing against the top of the table . Her breast was trying to spill out from the neckband and her gully was visible . Contrary to what one might expect, her breast was looking bigger than expected .

What a day, No wonder other people say, woman’s breast always try to spill out .

Liu Yang was away from the table and was getting the bird view of the mountain gully . He intentionally leaned toward her, sniffed Li Shanshan body’s fragrance and said in low voice: “ What can happen to me? You Heard anything?”

“ Annoying…… . I am really concerned about you!” Li Shanshan was throwing coquettish glances toward Liu Yang as if she really liked Liu yang vision on her breast a moment ago . “ I heard from other people that “Fatty Liao” has suspended you from your duties and asked you to be in charge of sanitation, is there really such thing?”

“ Did it spread so quickly? Do you all know?” Liu Yang asked while thinking that yesterday when “Fatty Liao” was saying these, there were not any acquaintances present at that moment, how did this information pass so quickly?

Yesterday, Xia Lan heard this news and made a phone call to break up with me, now Li Shanshan is asking me . Also when I was coming inside, those few people who don’t like me, might have been also talking about it .

Good thing doesn’t leave the house, bad news travels a thousand miles, don’t tell me these men have donkey’s ear?

Thinking this Liu Yang smiled and said: “Not only I am in charge of sanitation, he is even making me write self-inspection report . Well, what can I do, who make me a small and him a big officer?”

“ how, listening to your tone, it seems like you not going to write?” Li Shanshan smiled and said while leaning forward .

Speaking of which, Li Shanshan cannot be regarded as a beautiful woman . But this woman’s body stature is very plump and the mountain of her chest was like two impressive big balls . Said again, she can really dress . Her skin was snow white, and from head to foot looked very tender, She always looked very attractive .

Her father-in-law was former deputy mayor but later went to become vice-chairman of CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) . After him being changed from a person with real authority and power to someone like a manager of retired officers, for “Fatty Liao” Li Shanshan also became insignificant .

Therefore, she also didn’t have any good feeling for “Fatty Liao”, and she also couldn’t talk with other people who have power and money at their home .

In reality in this office, it was only Liu Yang with whom she could really talk .

“ I won’t write, he can do whatever he wants… . . ” Liu Yang strongly said . A middle-aged man wearing black framed glasses pushed open the gate to came inside, and rudely yelled: “ Liu yang? Liu Yang, you came…… hurry, what are you dilly-dallying for?

This man was section chief of the second branch in reception department, Hu Xiaoping . He was immediate superior of Liu Yang .

He and Liao Hongxing are jackal of the same lair and never paid any attention to Liu Yang . Liu Yang was already used to his gloomy complexion . Liu Yang calmly asked: “What are you talking about, section chief Hu, am I not already present here?”

Hu Xiaoping coldly said: “ you…what? Don’t you know what you have done? Hey, you really have a big face . Shizong public security sub-bureau chief personally came to city government building to arrest you, you can really give our reception office big face!”

Along with his words, six-seven pair of eyes immediately moved on Liu Yang’s body .

When Liu Yang heard, he also couldn’t help but got dumbfounded and suspiciously asked: “Section Chief Hu, What are you talking about? Are you saying Shizhong sub-bureau chief personally come to catch me? Why?”
Even if he had asked such, but Liu yang thought in his heart: “ Don’t tell me, it is related with Zhang Qiang, Do the public security bureau knows that it was me?”

Impossible? Yesterday I and Jiang Haiyan immediately ran away . I am not any famous person, say again there were not many people present at that time, Even if there was someone who looked at the scene, it is almost impossible to know that I hit him .

Then what matters security bureau chief have with me?

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