Perfect for me - Chapter 11

Shaking I shot up awake alone and still in my wedding dress . Touching my face I started to laugh with a sigh I said, That had to be a dream, NICK ARE YOU HOME? Standing up I almost fell trembling my legs felt weak and sore . Reaching down I removed the heels off my feet . Looking around once more I shouted out once more, NICK WHERE ARE YOU? No answer and now feeling dread I rushed around the house . In our bedroom, NICK? In the spare room, NICK?! In my office, THIS ISNT FUNNY NICK!! Looking in the bedroom again I looked through the drawers and saw none of his things . Almost like he hasnt been here in the first place . Shaking my head I shook off the feeling of doom . It cant be true he didnt leave me he wouldnt .
Standing up I started ransacking the house . Items were strewn on the ground but all the things were mine . None were or are his . It cant be true it just cant . Heading to the kitchen I saw a note hanging from the fridge . My hands trembled as I reached for the thing that should be my lifeline . It wasnt and it will never be . Reading the note over and over I didnt believe the words on the page until I started reading it out loud .
Dear Ann, If you are reading this then I have left and you are probably denying it . I will tell you what you refuse to believe until you believe it . I dont want you I fell in love with someone else . I have been seeing her behind your back a month after I proposed to you . My midnight trips to work were just to see her . She is perfect for me she is not a constantly depressed person who cries or break down over the simplest of things . She is proud, brave, smart, and beautiful unlike you . Also, we found out that she is pregnant with my kid I will make her life perfect . You were always a toy for me yet when your father died of cancer I felt an obligation to make it so that you could stand on your feet . I was never happy you were an obligation and a game . Until I found out with the person who I love is her not you I decided to drop you but I didnt want to tell you in person so I left . You are worthless, depressing, clingy, and opinionated . So here you go I hope you actually discover something better for yourself .
Trembling I read the note again this time in my head while shouting out in confusion and anger, What the hell did I just read . Sniffling tears streamed down my face as I ripped the letter in half . While trying not to crumble I started to mumble, No . . . No, it cant be true . It just cant I cant believe it . Yeah, it cant be true . Laughing I felt myself numbing falling down my legs now had no strength as my head hung low . Reaching into my storage area I grabbed the birthday gift that Nick had gotten me . Lifting the glass rose to the light I saw the beauty of the gift . that was when I noticed something engraved on the glass . Flipping it over I felt that denial will no longer work . Reading what was on the back out loud I felt my heart shatter, I love you Krystal and I will love our child .
Shaking I realized the one thing that I will never forget him for . He forgot it was my birthday and gave me his ex-fiancee his lovers present so that I wouldnt suspect him . In that instant depression didnt grip me any longer . All I felt was rage pure rage that I couldnt contain . The glass rose that was once was in my hand was now shattered on the floor while blood pooled around my hand . Lifting up my hand I started to pull the glass out of my hand and stood up . Falling over blood dripping from my hand I slid onto the spare bedroom and fell asleep . all the while thinking Please let this all just be one big nightmare . I didnt feel the need to eat and I slept not wanting to wake up .