Perfect for me - Chapter 5

Grasping Nicks hands I felt happy and no longer did I feel lonely . I wanted to grasp that feeling and keep it for myself . In one way or another Nick freed one of his hands and touched my cheek in a loving cherishing way . Leaning into his hand I released a sigh of happiness and content . His thumb slowly traced across my cheek in loving strokes and I looked up . Leaning down Nick kissed my lips gingerly and straightened up . With that, he grabbed my hands with both of his and lead me into the kitchen . Not having the will to object I followed . Once in the kitchen Nick pulled out one of the chairs and seated me down . Looking at his face I saw the emotions which were incomprehensible in his expression . With that, He leaned down to my ear and whispered, I will love you forever and always remember that . With a blush on my face, all I could think about was his loving words and the feeling of his breath tickling my ear . Turning towards the table nick served me steaming hot egg-fried rice with sushi . Once I smelled the aroma of the food I clasped my hands together and said, You spoil me so much . Smiling at me Nick responded, You are worth spoiling . Now dig in I specifically made your favorite food . Laughing I quirked my brow and said, I love food, in general, I am a black hole when it comes to food . Maybe I love food more than you? With a quick twitch of his nose, Nick said, Than maybe I should start making terrible food? Shaking my head I said, No you wont besides, you love food just as much as I do . I love you more than food so Ill eat whatever you make even if it kills me . Smiling at my words Nick stole one of my sushi rolls . Surprised I exclaimed, Oi thats mine! Trying to get it back from Nick before he eats it, but it was too late by then and he had already eaten it . With that, I reached over and grabbed one of his egg rolls and stuffed it into my mouth . Looking at me with a dumbfounded expression he started to laugh and asked, Seriously? With a serious expression, I responded with sarcasm, I am always serious . After saying that I made a silly face and started to eat my own food . Laughing at what I hoped was my cuteness Nick started eating his food .
After eating we spent hours sitting at the table laughing and talking . We even played cards against each other winding up with me losing most of them . We were happy and having fun . With that, we both sat down in front of the TV as I relaxed in Nicks embrace . Being relaxed and comfortable after a while I fell asleep in his arms hoping that the night will never end . When asleep Nick kissed my forehead and lifted me in his arms . My head leaned on his chest as he carried me bridal style towards our bedroom . I was too asleep to wake up . Setting me on the bed Nick left the room to take a shower . While he was in the shower I could faintly hear the ringing of his phone . Thats when the water was shut off and all I could hear was the muffled sound of Nick talking . Being too tired to get up and try to overhear the conversation I fell back to sleep . It felt like hours had passed and nick was still not in bed yet . All I know is after I fell back to sleep Nick left for some important business . The time was about to hit midnight when Nick arrived home . Knowing he was back I stood up in my Pjs and decided to go back to sleep . After a while, I felt the bed shift and I knew that Nick was about to lay down and fall asleep . Rolling over I plopped myself on his chest giving him a little startled . It only a few seconds for him to lean in my general direction and embraced me in a lazy hug . With that, we both fell asleep embracing each other .