Perverted Romance

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Smut , Romance

Chapters: 134

Last update: a year ago

4.11 /5

FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY ***some scenes/chapters have mature content, language, gore, and violence that might not be suitable for general audiences. Readers discretion is adviced. ***Meet Tia kim she is a pretty, young and smart woman. She's a role model for exuding grace and class her peers and colleagues labeled her as their "goddess". Her simplicity and modest attitude charms the hearts of many. But like everyone else, she keeps a deep dark secret that can shatter her reputation in a blink of an eye. She can't imagine what will happen if people found out that she's not as pure and innocent as they thought she is.Meet Ian Lee, a handsome, domineering CEO with an abusive past. He's a successful businessman who loves to torture people for entertainment. By accident he found out Tia Kim's secret.

Perverted Romance