Pokemon Master - Chapter 31

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At the same time.

Liu Le sighed and retracted the Munchlax.

Fang Yuan also called Eevee back. Apart from consuming some physical strength, Eevee did not suffer any injuries.

Faced with an opponent whose speed was far lower than its own and has not undergone any training, if it was injured, then Eevee’s three-week special training results could be fed to the dog.

“Fang Yuan…Fang Yuan…”

After the little fat man Liu Le took back the Munchlax, he kept mumbling Fang Yuan’s name, as if he had suddenly remembered something.

Facing this boy of his age who easily defeated him, although he felt a little frustrated in his heart, he had to admit that he and Munchalx were a bit worse than the other side.

“You just said, your name is Fang Yuan?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?” Fang Yuan asked in confusion.

“Damn, Fang Yuan, that ruthless man from Class 12?” Liu Le finally remembered.

A secret realm appeared in Nanwu Town, and a student from Pingcheng No. 1 High School was in danger. He persisted in the secret realm for several hours and successfully waited for the rescue. The other party seemed to be called Fang Yuan.

Of course, this was what he heard from his circle of friends.

“You are that unlucky one who accidentally strayed into the secret realm?”

Fang Yuan’s mouth twitched, was he already so famous?

“I’m that unlucky guy.”

“Vee…” Eevee smiled secretly.

“It’s really you! Forget it, Losing is losing.” Liu Le accepted the fact. The opponent was a ruthless person who could survive in the secret realm.

The secret realm has always been linked to danger and casualties in the eyes of ordinary people. Fang Yuan was lucky, and the danger level he encountered in the secret realm was not high, so he managed to survive.

Take the example, last month a secret realm appeared in the great valley in the Western Liaoning region, where the carnivorous ancient Pokemon were not comparable to the Rattata and the Spearows.

The overlord Aerodactyl of that secret realm chased four professional trainers and beat them!

Fang Yuan also has seen related news.

At this time, Mr. Shan Mi and Liu Le’s father also walked down from the audience seat.

Hearing the dialogue between Liu Le and Fang Yuan, Liu Le’s father was also very surprised. He naturally knew what happened in Nanwu Town. He didn’t expect that this Fang Yuan was the person who was in danger.

In contrast, Shan Mi was relatively calm, he had already learned most of Fang Yuan’s information from Yang Han.

After walking over, Mr. Shan Mi applauded and said: “It was a very exciting match, it is hard to imagine that it happened between two new trainers.”

“Yeah.” Liu Le’s father smiled kindly, looked at Fang Yuan, then looked at Liu Le seriously, and said, “Liu Le, look at other family’s child and then at yourself. If you don’t work hard, then in the future don’t blame me for not acknowledging you as my son!”


Fang Yuan showed a weird expression, I became the “other family’s child”?

This feeling…it’s pretty good.

“This…” Looking at Fang Yuan’s smile that owed him a dozen of beating, Liu Le shrugged. Okay, after losing the game, he couldn’t speak hard.

“That’s it for today. I have to deal with some things, Liu Le, let’s go home first.” Liu Le’s father glanced at helpless Liu Le and smiled in his heart. He has already thought of a way to treat his own son.

“Okay.” Liu Le said.


Father and son did not stay in the Xingyao Battle Club for a long time. After Mr. Shan Mi sent them away, then he received Fang Yuan.

“Let’s get to know each other again. I’m in charge of the Pingcheng branch’s Xingyao Battle club. Just call me Uncle Shan.”

“Uncle Shan.” Fang Yuan said.

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“Vee!” Eevee who was on his shoulder also followed.

Shan Mi smiled slightly and said, “Your performance is good. I’ll give you the contract later and take a look.”

Fang Yuan was overjoyed that he could earn money.

“Okay, enough about work matters, let’s talk about the important things, “Shan Mi said.

“Yang Han told me about your affairs. You want to participate in the Young Phoenix King Cup Cup, right? Judging from the situation just now, your training for Eevee is really attentive and comprehensive. I am afraid that you have put a lot of effort into it. I think you should be at the forefront in Pingcheng, among the new trainers..”

Fang Yuan heard it, only he and Eevee knew how bitter their special training was.

“Yang Han requested me to help you make up for your shortcomings. I think I know how to do it. Do you and Eevee now have the means to deal with ghost-type pokemon?” Shan Mi asked.

“No.” Fang Yuan shook his head, and then said: “I originally wanted to buy a prop for Eevee to bite, and try to see if I can make it learn Bite move in this way… But someone told me that it was useless.”

“Of course it’s useless. Bite involves dark energy. It is to use Dark energy. Teeth are just carriers of energy. Even if the teeth are sharp and you don’t understand the use of dark energy, you will never be able to learn Bite.” Shan Mi said.

“Moreover, the distribution of dark energy in the outside world is relatively rare. It is not that simple to learn Dark-type moves, but fortunately, Normal Pokemons like Eevee are strong in adaptability. If the right method is found, You can grasp the Bite move in a short time.”

“Then…what about the Shadow ball?” Fang Yuan asked greedily.

In the game, Bite was a move that Eevee could learn through leveling up, and the shadow ball must be learned through TMs.

One could distinguish the difficulty of learning.

“Shadow Ball…” Shan Mi smiled: “Don’t think about it. I don’t have any secret book for the shadow ball. Even Yang Han has to spend a lot to find it, you have to remember, secret books of moves with attributes such as Psychic, Ghosts, and Dragons are the rarest, and the average trainer is not willing to share them with others.”

“Of course, if you have that talent, you can also create a set of moves. When you can do this, you will be one step closer to becoming a Professional trainer.”

Fang Yuan: “…”

Ten rules for Professional trainers. The second was that Professional trainers must have a minimum training experience. The so-called minimum was to create their own advanced moves.

Of course, Fang Yuan was clear about this.

“We seem to digress. Anyway, as you can see, your personal trainer is me. Because it is my personal business with Yang Han, I am too embarrassed to ask others. During this period, I will teach your Eevee for free to learn Bite move.”

“Besides, I heard that your Eevee was lucky enough to eat Salac berry. The effect of the berry shouldn’t be unearthed yet, right? I will also help you with this.”

“The rest… We’ll see the details afterward.”

Fang Yuan nodded, and Eevee nodded. It seems that after completing the training in the Xingyao Battle Club, there would be a way for them to deal with the Ghost-type pokemon.

However, Fang Yuan felt that these alone are not enough. Eevee’s basic quality has reached the standard, and the attack moves could be completed immediately, but if talked about Eevee’s advantages it could be only the ability which has to be trained more

Should I consider… During this period, let Eevee have one more hidden card?

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