Power of Blood: Darkness Never Leaves - Chapter 3

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He entered the room quivering in fear and stood on his knee . He was aware of his masters temper . He would be furious .
We have found its location, Master . he gulped . But . . . But we are unable to pinpoint the source . he knew this questions his capability as his right hand . His position has been questioned and challenged ever since he got it . But his master had never doubted him and refused to let anyone else take his place . He has let his master down . He was ready to accept punishment . But to his surprise his master laughed . He laughed! This scared him even more . He looked up still unable to understand this reaction . His master never laughs . Never .
Yash hadnt had a hearty laugh in such a long time . Whatever it was he sensed that night was very powerful and apparently well hidden too . Something that powerful can not be hidden easily . It would require a lot of power to suppress it . This piqued his interest even more .
Vir, move closer and wait till it fills the air again . And then we shall make our move . he smiled . This was the first time a hunt had excited him to this point . Vir stood up, bowed and left the room while Yash retreated to the shadows again . Vir couldnt help but wonder why his master was interested so much . He just had a whiff of its blood by accident . How could a humans blood interest him to this extent . .
It has been a week since the first day . Priya saw Visha enter the college in a white knee long dress today . She looked like a pure angel ascending from heaven . Just like everyday, guys turned to look at her . Priyas face twitched as she saw the attention Visha grabbed just by walking in . But unlike before, even the girls were looking at Visha too . She smiled and continued to walk to the campus . She was too excited to see todays events unfold . Right then a black sedan swept past her . Priya barely saved herself . The car parked a little further away and she saw a girl in a blue dress get off . And from the passenger seat got off a boy . Arrogant b*stards . Priya thought . She walked upto the girl who was driving . Just when she was about to pull her back, she saw something creep out of the small opening in her bag . Everyone turned her way as Priya screamed . It was a snake . The girl turned and caught its head . It was Dhira, she looked surprised but not scared like everyone else . She turned to Priya and bowed, Im sorry I scared you . Its a pet . It must have slipped in unnoticed . Priya nodded but the fear was clearly visible on her face . Dhira then turned to Shivam, You go to class, Ill get this back home . Shivam looked at the angry Dhira as she pulled out her car keys . She once again turned to Priya, I really am sorry to scare you . she got in the car and left . Dhira has a pet snake! Who keeps a pet snake? These people really are weird . And it looked like a Krait snake . Arent they poisonous, are they allowed as pets?
Visha felt like something was strange like something was hissing and slithering . This voice came from her back . She turned towards the sound and saw Dhira and Shivam . This hissing sound was coming from Dhira . Dhira seemed to have noticed her gaze as she turned to her . She then suddenly turned around and caught the snakes head . Visha was surprised to see Dhira holding a snake . Dhira then turned to face her again . Visha turned away and quickened her pace . She left without wanting to see anything else .

She continued to walk to the cafeteria to meet up with Priya and others . She went in and saw the whole group sitting and chatting . Visha went up and sat down . Everyone turned to her and smiled, she smiled back and joined in the conversation . Soon she noticed that not just her group but everyone in the whole cafeteria was looking at her . They were giggling and whispering while looking at her .
Oh my God! This is that freshman isnt she?
Look at her, so shameless and unaffected . Coming here and casually acting like nothing happened .
Yeah . I thought she might be crying in some corner . It doesnt look like we should pity her, she is enjoying the attention .
What do they mean? She picked up her bag and left . Wherever she went, everyone had the same reaction . But why?
Visha turned around to see a huge crowd around the notice board . She immediately went to see what this commotion was about .
Dhira stopped the car in a secluded spot and looked around before she got out . She had driven quite far from the residential areas . Snake hissed at her as she pulled it out by its head and threw it aside . As she expected, it didnt go into the woods like a normal snake . It dashed towards her ready to bite . A bloodlust emitting from its hisses as if it was possessed .
Dhira knew now that it was not a real snake, she picked it up again and bashed its head with a rock . As its blood spilled over, Dhira soaked her fingers in its blood and started chanting . The dead snake blew up in fire and smoke . Dhira jumped back . She failed to track this attack back to anyone and banged her hand on the car angrily . Whoever it was, is really good at hiding themselves . There was no point in staying anymore . She got back into the car and called Shivam, I have nothing . It went quite far this time . They sneaked up a poisonous snake at me .
Calm down . Anger wont do anything . Maybe we should go back tonight and report this . Shivam knew that this has crossed Dhiras bottom line .
No . I can handle it myself . If someone wants to play hide and seek with me, theyll soon regret it . Dhira gritted her teeth .

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