Power of Blood: Darkness Never Leaves - Chapter 35

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Dhira stormed into Shivams room with the bloody earring . He was playing a game on his phone and jumped up in surprise to see Dhira . His phone fell and cracked . He opened his mouth to complain but before he could, Dhira shoved an earring in his face . He looked at it and saw blood on it . He looked at Dhira in confusion as he couldnt understand what this meant .
This is Priyas . That b*tch drugged Puppy on the quiz and pushed her down the stairs too .
What? But why? Shivam asked . Dhira had mentioned before that she was suspicious of Priya but they could never find out her motives .
She likes that asshole Vikram and is jealous . And guess who she asked for help?
Divya he already knew about the argument between Visha and her regarding the competition . So he could guess these two would join forces . He looked at Dhira to guess her next move as she stood there smiling . This confused him even more . She was definitely furious, but now that she had the culprits even he couldnt predict her actions, after being with her all these years .
Lets pay a visit to my younger sister tomorrow . she said as an evil grin appeared on her face . Shivam shuddered as he knew that Dhira must have something planned in her mind . And knowing her, it wouldnt be about getting justice .
A man rushed through the corridor of an old building in the dark night . From outside, it looked abandoned but no one knew that it was infact a base for a syndicate . It was difficult to imagine because of the rundown state of the building . It had a dense forest around it for a few kilometers and hence a secure place for their illegal activities .
The man opened an old wooden door to a room in the corridor and stopped for things to finish . He didnt want to interrupt them . There were five heavy men taking turns to beat a man while another man in a white suit was sitting on a chair enjoying the show .
The man couldnt bear anymore pain and somehow managed to rush to the man in the chair . He started begging him to be forgiven . He knew that man was the Boss . He scoffed at his bloody swollen face and kicked him aside . He looked at his men and then pointed to the bloody man who couldnt even get up anymore . The men nodded and started beating him up again . There were sounds of a few bones cracking and the men vomited blood .
The boss then held up his hand and the men stopped . He went to the crying man and bent to observe him . It seemed he was finally content by his pitiful state .
I might let you live but I have no guarantee that you wont go against me again . he shrugged his shoulders and turned away . The men nodded and were about to go at him again when he yelled out to their boss .
Ill give you anything you want . Please . and spat out more blood . He really was ready to give up everything . He could feel that his ribs were already broken and wont be able to survive another round of their tortures .

Their Boss turned around with an evil grin .
I heard your daughter just turned 15 and is quite beautiful .
The mans heart started throbbing as he heard that . He was well aware of their identity . They had numerous brothels across the globe . He could never imagine giving his daughter to such a man .
Please, Davar . She is just a little girl . and he started crying .
Dont worry . I wont send her to one of the houses till she is a legal adult . I dont want to end up in jail . Davar chuckled as he said that .
The man kept on breathing heavy and sobbing without a word . This started to annoy Davar as his face started twitching and he gave into his anger . He went up to the man and kicked his stomach .
I dont have all day . he yelled, Its either you or her . Decide .
The man sobbed and nodded as he wiped away his tears . He treasured his daughter a lot but not more than his life . Davar smiled as he saw the man submitting to him and felt proud . This was the man who had decided to give a statement against him not too long ago . But he had no idea the people he went to, were his men in the system .
Two of his men went and picked up the man to be treated and then took him away . They will be getting his daughter after they dropped him back . Once the man who had rushed in saw it being wrapped up, he hurried to Davar and gave him an envelope .
Davar took the black envelope with a golden seal on it . The seal had three . Bhairavi he mumbled before opening it . It was a warning for them to stop their illegal activities immediately or suffer punishment for breaking the rules . He knew their power and the zero chance he had against them if Rajesh was still leading . But it was signed by the heir he knew nothing about . Just what would a little girl do against criminals? Cry for help maybe . He laughed as he ripped the letter and threw it away .

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