Power of Blood: Darkness Never Leaves - Chapter 50

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The anchor cleared his throat before he began, Welcome everyone, to the final of our Ms Fresher competition for this year . We had a lot of smart, gorgeous and amazing participants and six made it to the final . Unfortunately, half have quit the competition for some reasons and well be continuing with the other half . So, the competition today is a Talent Showcase . The first performance is by the new highly popular and extremely gorgeous freshman, Visha!
Everyone was dumbstruck for a while, as they stared at each other in confusion . Wasnt Divya supposed to be first? And why did the anchor say only half were left? Does this mean Divya backed out too?
Sound of someones claps pulled them back to reality and everyones gaze followed the sound . It was Dhira! No one dared to offend her and thus followed suit and the auditorium echoed with claps as they looked upon the stage . Soon, a girl with sharp features dressed in a beautiful violet dress stepped out onto the stage . The audience felt enchanted by her and refused to look elsewhere . Her beauty was elegant and mesmerizing and silent gasps could be heard all over the venue . Since only the stage was lit, Visha couldnt see anyone clearly into the audience . But she was sure that her friends were somewhere among this crowd supporting her and felt at ease . However, her gaze fell on a very familiar figure in the front row and her face started to twitch in anger . She couldnt see his face clearly, but could easily recognize that figure among a crowd of thousands . It was that shameless, arrogant brat who humiliated her, Yash! She grit her teeth and controlled the rage surging within her . This man had already soiled her image she wont let him do the same to her performance . Today, she will definitely make him regret acting like a stranger that day . Once he listens to her sing, hed wish he knew her .
Among the crowd, Divya flared up as soon as she saw Vishas gaze fall upon Yash . This b*tch just wouldnt let Yash go . Even now she was shamelessly trying to seduce him . Giving him her sl*tty looks from the stage . Thank God her Yash had high standards and would never look at that sly vixen . He can only be hers, why doesnt that b*tch just accept it . But she could think all high and mighty about herself as much as she wanted but it wont last long . Tonight it will all be over . Soon, that sl*t wont be able to seduce anyone ever again . Divya smiled wickedly as she thought about her brilliant plan . This time Visha had nowhere to hide or run . In her eyes, Visha was one of those woman who stole boyfriends and others men just for fun . What she failed to recognise or maybe refused to admit was that Yash had no such relationship with her .
Visha took a deep breath to calm herself down . Even though she had a good voice and was quite confident about her singing, this was her first time doing it in front of so many people . Until now, it was just her mother but seeing all the filled up seats anyone would be anxious . To counter her nervousness she decided to close her eyes while singing . She nodded at the anchor to begin the background music and closed her eyes . The song she chose was a melodious romantic song . After hearing her beat she began to sing leaving people stunned by her voice . It was clear, crisp, and soothing to the ears . As she began, everyone started to sway with the music . They could feel the songs every word drop right into their hearts . They kept on swaying and before even one paragraph was completed, the background music stopped . The band members felt so overwhelmed by her voice, it felt as if they were ruining it with their music . Visha continued to sing and her voice now sounded clearer without the background music . Everyone seemed to have fallen in a trance . It looked so harmonious without any disturbances, not even the sound of breaths .

Dhiras eyes widened as she looked around helplessly . The guy sitting beside her had just drooled on her arm . She felt disgusted as she looked up at the guy who seemed to be in some sort of fantasy . And judging by the rise in his pants, it definitely was a perverted one . She looked at Shivam who was as shocked as her . People were acting very weird . The guy beside Shivam was staring at the stage without blinking and had a part of his body involuntarily rise up in his pants too!
Dhira and Shivam stood up and saw all the other guys sitting with the same expression . They were either drooling or aroused or both! Dhira felt like throwing up . She wasnt a neat freak but drool was too disgusting and right now half of the auditorium seemed to be doing that at the same time . The only thing these men had in common was their gaze as they refused to look away from the stage . They all seemed to be under some kind of spell or enchantment .
Dhira looked up at the stage as Visha looked graceful while she sang in her angelic voice . It was her! It was her voice!

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