Power of Blood: Darkness Never Leaves - Chapter 89

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What we had in mind, required a lot of power . I am unable to do it alone . I really have nothing up my sleeve . But something must have alarmed Drona to put up such a fierce defense . I see no threat here except the prayer I had made the night before this started .
His words shocked Shaurya as he kept staring at him dumbly . Is Priest Dharma trying to say that this had something to do with his prayer? But how? It was just a prayer . Right?
What do you mean by that? How can a prayer be a threat? Just what are you people hiding? Shaurya knew that the Northern Priesthood was the most powerful priesthood in the country . But no one knew why or how the powers of priesthoods were measured . What exactly had given this priesthood the status above all others? He could feel it in his bones, that the answers to these questions were the also explanation he was seeking . That there was something in this priesthood that stood out, something that was very powerful and it was not the Philosophers Stone .
Visha looked at the beauty walking beside her, the fierce aura she emitted was like that of a predator . If she wasnt used to powerful auras around her, she would have been terrified and wouldnt have managed to walk with her . But since this was the first time Visha had seen someone whose beauty could rival her own, there was a part of her that was curious to know the womans identity . But she knew that there was no point in knowing in something so useless in a situation like this . They were just working together for the time being, so she immediately crushed the bubble of curiosity inside her . Visha looked down at the bird comfortably sleeping in her arms . She ran her fingers through its soft feathers and continued to walk . Soon, they reached the end of the confined part, Visha remembered automatically reaching the lake after she went just a few more steps . The woman beside her stopped and turned to Visha . She grabbed Mr Feathers from her arms and threw him forward . The poor bir was abruptly awakened from his sleep and found himself being tossed away . It squawked loudly before it vanished!
What did you to him? Where is Mr Feathers? Visha screamed . She had forgotten all about the fear this woman had instilled within her an hour ago, as her anger took control of her . That bird had helped her through these tough days and was her only companion all this time .
The woman was slightly startled when she saw the slight spark in Vishas eyes as she yelled angrily . She knew this little girl was not normal as soon as she was able to see her on that tree . No human would have been able to see her until she wanted to but not this one . And now that spark in her eyes had proven her right . The woman sneered as she reached her conclusion . So she isnt human either! She thought .
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She kept on staring at the sparks flying in Vishas eyes and completely ignored her blunt remarks and insults . She just wanted to see the colour of her eyes . Every species have a different eye colour, if only she could see her full fledged eyes . Shed be able to tell what Visha was, just a little while longer, she thought .
But a squawk interrupted Vishas outburst and made her lose all her rage . She turned around to see the bird appear out of thin air and walk back as it angrily stomped its flippery feet . It squawked angrily at the beauty who seemed entirely uninterested and unaffected as well . There was no guilt in her eyes as she narrowed them to look straight at the bird .
How much longer do you want to put up this act? You wanna go around fooling with little girls? Does your wife know? she said and sneered at Mr Feathers . After hearing this, the bird felt wrongly accused as it gaped dumbly at her . How dare she accuse him of fooling around? He was absolutely loyal to his wife . Is she threatening to sow seeds of discord in their lives?
What do you mean? Visha asked .
This old man right here has been fooling you all this time .
Old man? Was she referring to Mr Feathers? Mr Feathers was an old man! Visha had always imagined him as a youth, newly paired up with Mrs Feathers, but he was an old man!
What act? Visha pushed her shock aside as the situation was dire and she needed to get out asap .
He is an ageless being, who can pass through different worlds . And that means he can pass through different dimensions too . You should have passed right through while carrying him, the very first time . I dont have the power to do so and he was following you around like some pet . Thats the reason I asked you to help . Because of him!

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