Power of Blood: Darkness Never Leaves - Chapter 93

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Contracted souls? So that means, this Drona guy practices Soul Mastery magic!
Soul Mastery? both Visha and Laksh asked in a monotone .
Danish nodded and continued, Its a dark magic which traps troubled human souls and uses them as slaves . As the souls grow older, their powers increase which in turn makes the practitioner more powerful as well . The more souls they have, the faster they progress .
Nati was still walking here and there behind Danish and Laksh . It was just impossible for Visha to listen to Danish, she was too distracting! Visha glared at her angrily and for some reason unknown to even herself, Nati stopped . Those eyes were terrifying, Nati thought as she quietly came and stood beside Visha who was now finally concentrating on Danish .
So, these souls are all trapped by him? How powerful does all these souls make him? Laksh asked in astonishment . There were hundreds of beasts in the forest, this means he has hundreds of these so called trapped souls!
That means he must be one of the Elders of their tribe! Visha concluded . What else could explain his command on over hundred souls! Danish nodded in agreement and sat back down . The little hope of getting out of here that had made them so happy a while ago, seemed so trivial now . Even if they do get out, how should they deal with an Elder of the Soul Masters tribe . Visha looked at their dejected faces and pursed her lips . The worst was yet to come . She hadnt even got to the bad part yet .
She hesitated a little but it had to be done . And shell do it just like that, like ripping off a band aid .
Hes using the stone to keep the original spirits out that means hes using something else to conjure the Hundred Chambers of Deception . she kept a low voice and said it all in one breath . She had no idea what she was hoping for but judging from their pale faces, they definitely heard it . Visha lowered her haze, she couldnt keep looking into those hopeless eyes!
Shaurya saw Priest Dharma wince in pain, he signalled Ashwin who nodded back in reply . Ashwin went and brought some medicinal pastes they had in store . He began redressing Priest Dharmas wounds . It had been a while and bandages needed to be changed regularly or it might become infected . Trisha turned away as soon as Ashwin pulled off the bandages revealing bloody gory wound . It was too much for her . Ashwin let out a sigh, thankfully it wasnt infected . He continued to tend to it . Shaurya kept on looking at the Priest that was wincing in pain every now and then . He couldnt help but wonder about what Priest Dharma had said . The doubts in his mind refused to let go . Does this man truly have the authority to request for a Celestial level Kill Order? Priest Dharma had admitted that his prayer that night might possibly be the reason for this fierce defense mechanism Drona had put up . Was this really possible? Is this why priests are believed to be so powerful? Could there be something more to this Priesthood than what meets the eye? There definitely must be .

First Priest Dharma! I have a question and I want an honest answer . Shauryas stern voice made everyone turn towards him and then at Priest Dharma who was just as startled by the sudden spotlight . As if having the impression of impending doom, he gulped and thought very seriously before giving a slight nervous nod .
This is not an ordinary Priesthood, right? his words were like lightning to everyone, including Priest Dravya as well .
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Priest Dharma already knew it had to be something along those lines and he couldnt lie anymore . These people went out of their way to help the priesthood, they were all stuck here because of his mistake, he just couldnt be dishonest with them . He nodded slightly and shocked everyone with it .
What is this place? Who are you people? What makes this Priesthood stand above all else? Shauryas questions were like darts that hit bulls-eye one after the other . All were to the point, and would answer every mystery about this place .
Because we arent a priesthood, we are guards, watchmen . You can even say Gatekeepers, of sort .

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