Power of Blood: Darkness Never Leaves - Chapter 94

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Because we arent a priesthood, we are guards, watchmen . You can even say Gatekeepers, of sort .
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Gatekeepers? How come I dont know this either? Priest Dravya asked . He had been in the priesthood for more than two decades and this was the first time he ever heard of this Gatekeeper thing .
This has always been kept within the Hall of Priests, and was passed down from one successor to another . Like my Master Daksha passed it on to me, and like I would have passed it on to you . Priest Dharma sighed again as he said this . Now that they were all trapped in here, he wont be able to pass it down himself . All that remained were the letters they had drafted before leaving, and since Priest Dravya was the successor he chose, someone else will have to step in now . Priest Dravya saw the reluctance on his face and couldnt stay quiet .
Soon, that shield will break and we will all die anyway . This is as good a time as any . Priest Dravya said as he glanced at the shield behind Priest Dharma . The vicious beasts ready to rip them apart at any moment . The fear they had initially instilled was still lurking deep within their hearts . Priest Dharma knew that it had taken the entire Hall of Priests to keep them away, as soon as that shield broke their lives would be over . In this trap they couldnt outrun them, or redo the shield since one of the knotted vine-rings of the binding spell was on the other side . He took a long breath and gave in . Since everyone here will literally be taking it to their graves, there seemed no harm .
Lets start with the beginning then! he announced and everyone quietly sat down to listen to this story . This was something they could never know if not in this life threatening situation .
This Spirit Forest lies on the outskirts of the Realm of Gods and thats what makes it so rich in spiritual energy . Its like a safe haven for all mythological beasts and spirits . Each and every spirit here is for the Gods to chose from . Theyre taken in as familiars, mounts, servants, disciples even . Every being here has their own status according to the Gods they serve .
Gods? Are you saying this place is where Gods live? exclaimed Trisha . Is this really happening? She wasnt listening wrong was she?
Priest Dharma shook his head to say no, This is where the Gate to their realm is . And that Gate once had a very strong and powerful Gatekeeper . He was an immortal who was leading a simple life, just fulfilling his duties . That simple minded man was mesmerized by the beauty of this place and requested the gods to let him settle beside it . He wanted to spend the rest of his life among its beautiful creatures . He begged and begged every God he could find . They advised him otherwise, after all everyone knew he was a good one with just his duty on his mind . But he refused to let it go . Soon, he was granted the permission to do so if he accepted to live as a mortal, since they couldnt allow an immortal to exist outside the Realm of Gods . This world had its own rules and it said everyone had to die some or the other day and if he wanted to live in this world hed have to follow its rules as well . He agreed to their condition and left to live his remaining days in peace . With the Gatekeeper now being a mortal, countless evil spirits started to gather in the forest because of its powerful energy . They all wanted to be powerful like the beasts here . The Gatekeeper fought them all with his weapon that he had brought along and kept them away . But he started to grow old with time and it started to get difficult . He couldnt rest without performing his duties either, so he found disciples . He trained them, showered them with the knowledge of these beasts and the Realm he had once served . He passed on his duties along with his weapon to his nine best disciples before he died . His disciples continued to protect this place after him and founded this priesthood in his honor .

Priest Dravya gasped in amazement as he stared at Priest Dharma . He never knew that there was such a story behind the priesthood . In all his life, he couldnt have guessed something like that to be the foundation of this place . So, they were like the successors of the Gatekeeper of The Realm Of Gods!

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