Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories - Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040: 1040

Chapter 1040: Hide!!

It was all some basic medication for injuries .

What was unfortunate was that Monica still did not find a sniper rifle . They looked at all the teams, and there were five sniper rifles altogether . Monica and Maxi were especially anxious .

Without a sniper rifle, they were already at a significant disadvantage .

Regardless of how accurately they could shoot, if the enemy was on high ground and armed with a sniper rifle, they only had grenades and M4, which would definitely be unable to win against a sniper rifle . At this point in time, they could only pray that the shooting skills of the opposite party were lousier .

However, the shooting skills of the contestants who managed to get in would not be very lousy .

One bullet could cause her head to explode .

They practically had to hide within two seconds after shooting . Otherwise, they would lose their lives .

“F*ck, f*ck . ” Monica was rarely anxious .

There were only 10 hours left before the start of the official life and death battle . They also lacked an important piece of equipment . The bulletproof vest was useless . It was still alright for normal bullets, but for a big sniper rifle, it was not useful .

Shen Qianshu said, “The ruined city has more people . If I were a sniper, I would either ambush in the jungle or be at a commanding height in the city . We would be more secretly hidden if we ambush in the jungle . Since we don’t have… we can convince others to be in a team with us . ”

“No one will want to be in a team with you . You are the first target that they want to kill,” Monica said .

Shen Qianshu also became serious . “For so many years, this is the first time that I know how important I am . ”

The manner was a little too special .

It was quite regretful .

“Then let’s steal theirs,” Shen Qianshu said . “Since everybody is looking for me on the map, they will surely give a warning to the sniper . We can also easily know their position . That’s right . They are more lethal, but they are also not suited to fight at close range . They must have someone protecting them . ”

Maxi had already taken out the map . The three-point map had already been finished .

“Monica, take a look . These are all the commanding heights that can be ambushed . I have already marked them all out,” Maxi said . They understood better than anyone that this was a battle of life and death . Everybody would look for Shen Qianshu’s location .

Monica looked at the map . Her face was solemn .

Shen Qianshu said, “We have to hide from the first wave of attacks . ”

Maxi nodded her head . In the beginning, the situation would be chaotic . They had to avoid the crowd . They had sufficient resources, but they just had to avoid the crowd .

Monica asked, “Where should we go?”

They were ambushed on all sides . It seemed to be a dead-end no matter where they went .

“To the ruined city,” Maxi said . “After early morning passes, the battle of life and death will start immediately . I have already made use of the limited resources to install explosives at the power station . The electricity in the whole city will be cut off from the start . It’ll be pitch dark . They won’t know where we go . ”

“A normal person will think that we have definitely gone into the forest . We have to do just the opposite . We’ll fight in the streets . Let’s attract everyone to the city and create big chaos . It will be too disadvantageous for us in the jungle . ”

Shen Qianshu did not understand . “Why is it disadvantageous for us if we are in the jungle?”

Maxi said, “In the jungle, it’ll be easier for the sniper to hide . If Monica is given a sniper rifle, she can get rid of all the people in the jungle . Everyone will be looking for your location . Hence, we’ll attract all of them to the city . ”

Monica was a knife . She needed to be given a command . Maxi’s arrangement was their best shot .

Where was the most suitable to hide in the city?

Underground seemed to be easier to hide than on the ground .

Shen Qianshu’s eyes lit up . ” Train . ”


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