Chapter 803: 803

Chapter 803: Clearly Related

The truth Gu Yuanli revealed was too heavy to bear .

Shen Qianshu felt really conflicted .

She found it hard to accept at that moment .

Gu Yuanli looked at her intently and said, “Little Shu, I had no intention to hurt you . ”

Ye Ling scoffed and retorted . “Your hiding this secret is the greatest source of pain to her . ”

“Ye Ling, if not because of you, everything would not have happened,” Gu Yuanli said harshly . “If not for you, Little Shu would not get pregnant . If not for you, she would not be financially distressed . I would not have paid so much attention to her too, and she would not have attracted Black Rose’s attention . We were actually each living in peace, and no one knew that she’s Ghost City’s little princess . You are the start of this whole mess . ”

Ye Ling was silent .

“Second Brother, this has nothing to do with Master,” Shen Qianshu said .

“How does this have nothing to do with him? It was all caused by him!”

“Whether to give birth or not, it was my decision . It has nothing to do with him . ”

“You…” Gu Yuanli felt conflicted and also felt unexplainable anger .

Ye Ling had no reaction at all . His amber eyes were staring intently at Shen Qianshu . No one knew what he was thinking about . Shen Qianshu held onto his hands and calmly said, “Second Brother, thank you for telling me the truth back then . ”

“You have to quickly think of a way to take out the thing in your body . ”

Ye Ling came back to his senses and took out an X-ray film . “The doctor did a full body checkup on her . It will not be easy to take it out . The thing is absorbed by her kidney and has already assimilated into her organs . If we want to extract it out, it will be a huge matter . Black Rose will then surely get hold of the news . ”

She would not allow it .

“So we can only let it continue remaining inside her body?” Gu Yuanli asked .

The two of them fell silent .

For a long time .

“The doctor suggested to leave it in her body . ” Ye Ling answered .

When Gu Yuanli returned back to the Gu Manor, Second Old Master Gu was watering the flowers . The sky was already bright, and he was watering a bed of water-lilies . Gu Yuanli reported about everything that had happened to Second Old Master Gu . His reaction was really cold .

“Got it . ”

After Gu Yuanli left, Second Old Master Gu’s hands slightly trembled .

Tong Hua is not Qianshu’s biological son?

How is that possible!

He had always forgotten something . Nobody told him before that Tong Hua was Shen Qianshu’s adopted son .

He always thought that he was her biological son .

He did not have many suspicions too .

Now, a huge plot twist was dropped on him . Tong Hua was actually an adopted son .

How was that possible!

Tong Hua was clearly related to him .

This child looked a lot like the young Fangfang . If he was not related to him, how was this explainable?

Ah Xi hurriedly rushed forward and took away his watering can . “Second Old Master, your hands are trembling . What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” Second Old Master Gu said deeply . “Nothing!”

No wonder Black Rose never once touched Tong Hua before but was always targeting Qianshu . So, they thought that Tong Hua was Qianshu’s adopted son and thus did not bother at all .

Second Old Master Gu had long decided . This was clearly his biological grandson!

He sat at the side and closed his eyes slightly . The water-lilies’ fragrance came flying over bit by bit, but his senses were still really clear .

After a moment, he actually started laughing .

Ah Xi was shocked . “Second Old Master, what is it that you’re so happy about?”

“Interesting,” Second Old Master said . “Ah Xi, this news sure is interesting!”

Ah Xi was completely at a loss .

“This is great too . This is great too!” Second Old Master Gu exclaimed .

Just let everybody think that Tong Hua was Qianshu’s son! There was no need to say the truth . At least, the target was Qianshu, and Tong Hua would be safe . If the truth was revealed, both of them would become targets . There was no need to let the child be embroiled into this conspiracy .

“Ah Xi, Yang Lihua cannot live anymore,” Second Old Master said calmly . “Find her and kill her . ”


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