Princess and the General - Chapter 36

Red String

“Young miss, it’s time to take your medicine!”

Using the excuse of being sick to laze about in bed, Yu Fu wrapped herself up in a blanket like a caterpillar in a cocoon . She would not move for anything .

Lian Bi entered with the medicine . This left Yu Fu with no other choices . Helplessly shaking her head, she shot a pleading look at Lian Zhu .

Lian Zhu stepped forward . Speaking in a gentle tone, she tried to pull open the blanket cocoon .

“Young miss, good young miss, let’s take the medicine to feel better . You won’t want to stay holed up in bed . Look at how nice the weather is outside . What is so fun about being in bed?”

Lian Bi smiled and nodded at her, mouthing: “Well said!”

Yu Fu wavered for a moment under the blanket then instantly wrapped the blanket around herself even tighter .

“But I feel bad right now and just want to stay in bed . Good older sister, could it be that I’m not allowed to act a little spoiled when feeling sick?”

Her voice was already quite stuffy from the cold . Now that there was a blanket muffling it further, it sounded even worse, making Lian Zhu’s heart soften .

Even under normal circumstances when she was not sick, all of her requests would be granted if she acted spoiled!

Lian Bi stood there with the medicine, not knowing whether she should move forward or leave .

If the medicine was not taken, the medicine would lose its efficacy once it got cold!

It was at this moment that they suddenly heard Gu Yi shout from the outside, “Eldest brother has arrived!”

Yu Fu immediately popped her head out of the blanket . On her pale little face, her large eyes were filled with horror, “Why did eldest brother come so early? I still haven’t brushed my hair or gotten changed!”

She anxiously rubbed her head, “Sister Lian Zhu, quickly brush my hair . If I am seen like this by eldest brother, he will laugh at me! Sister Lian Bi, quickly go and stop him . Go quickly!”

“Hah, I’ll be going!”

Lian Bi walked out with a smile, but she did not think that Gu ShuBai had truly come .

Gu Xiang and Gu Yi liked to use Gu ShuBai to scare Yu Fu . This was not the first time, yet Yu Fu believed it every single time .

She lifted the bead curtain and walked out . Sure enough, she saw Gu Xiang and Gu Yi casually walk in .

“Fifth young sir, sixth young sir, the young miss ordered that I come out to stop the eldest young sir! Since the presence of the eldest young sir was made up by you two, this servant will be stopping you two . ”

Hearing Lian Bi, the two brothers began to laugh .

“How did she fall for it again? Hahaha, if eldest brother really did come, you really would not be able to stop him!”

Lian Bi was merely joking . It was natural that she would not truly be stopping the two, thus she smiled and bowed, “This servant will go and pour some tea for you two . ”

“Little Yu Fu, have you gotten out of bed yet?”

Gu Yi did not even attempt to hide anything, directly walking into the room . Gu Xiang hesitated for a moment before following him in .

Lian Zhu was currently tidying Yu Fu’s hair while she continued to sit in bed . Yu Fu leaned against the head of the bed . Because she was a little emotional, her face was slightly red . She looked to be a little more energetic than the previous day .

If Yu Fu was still unable to figure out what was happening after seeing Gu Yi’s mocking look, she would truly be too stupid .

She instantly gritted her teeth and fiercely glared at Gu Yi while grabbing Gu Xiang, “Fifth brother, sixth brother is too mean, deceiving me again! Give him a beating for me!”

Gu Yi had a joyous expression and did not expect that he would be given a slap by Gu Xiang .

His eyes instantly turned to the side, “Very well, Gu Xiang, you have Yu Fu and have forgotten about our brotherhood . You actually really dare to hit me?”

“You show no respect for your elders . I am your older brother, so what’s wrong with hitting you?”

Gu Xiang squinted his eyes at him . He was completely unmoved and had a natural expression .

“My ass! You’re only one hour older than me . What sort of older brother are you? Who knows, maybe they made a mistake after we were born, and father was unable to tell the difference . I might actually be the older brother!”

Gu Yi answered sarcastically, causing Yu Fu to giggle . Only then did the two stop arguing .

“You should be awake after laughing a bit . Quickly take your medicine!”

Yu Fu was stunned . It turned out that the two of them had deliberately started arguing for the sake of making her laugh .

It was fine . The prescription was one that she had dictated . She knew what it would taste like, thus she received the medicine from Lian Zhu and downed it in one gulp .


Yu Fu clicked her tongue, as a bitter taste filled her mouth causing her to furrow her brow .

“So bitter, so bitter, this isn’t the medicine that I prescribed?”

It was so bitter that she began jumping around with an expression that fully expressed her suffering . Lian Bi hastily handed her a piece of candied fruit, “Young miss, eat this . It will reduce the bitterness!”

Yu Fu placed the fruit in her mouth, and its sweetness quickly filled her mouth . Like this, the bitterness was finally eased a little .

Gu Yi secretly laughed: “It’s the prescription that you described while half asleep . You have no clue just how much Imperial Physician Sun worshipped that prescription and how depressed he became upon finding out that it was you who came up with it . He said that he had practiced medicine for an entire lifetime but was not even on par with a little girl! But when he left, he told Steward Qi that the sugar was purely for the sake of adjusting the taste and to put in a little less . It’s possible that Steward Qi did not add any . ”

No wonder it was so bitter . It turned out that no sugar was added!

Yu Fu frowned, “That prescription is not one that I came up with . It was master who came up with it . Back when I was in Immortals Valley, whenever I caught a cold, master would always use this prescription . With it happening so often, I was able to remember it!”

“No wonder, you’re clearly a practitioner of poison . How could your prescriptions be better than what Imperial Physician Sun could come up with . It turns out that it was the divine doctor’s work! I need to quickly send someone to tell Imperial Physician Sun to ensure that he doesn’t feel too down about it and do something stupid!”

As Gu Xiang said this, he walked out of the room and gave instructions to his servant .

Gu Yi was carefully watching Yu Fu . She had been hopping around earlier from the bitterness, and the brocade robes had slipped quite a bit, revealing her autumn-yellow undergarments .

Her hair was still slightly messy from sleeping and had not yet been tidied up . There were still tufts that were resting on her neck that fell under her collar .

“Do you not find the hair resting on your neck to be itchy?”

Gu Yi reached out a hand to pull that strand of hair out, but his handed ended up catching a strange string .

“What is this?”

Gu Yi’s finger was tangled in some red string . No matter how he pulled, he could not get free .

Yu Fu looked down, and her eyes immediately grew wide!

“Sixth young sir, quickly let go!”

Lian Zhu quickly stepped forward to smack Gu Yi’s hand away . She then tidied up Yu Fu’s collar and hid the red string once more .

Gu Yi did not understand why there was such a massive reaction and thought that it was because he had messed up Yu Fu’s hair, thus she did not let him pull it out .

He simply let out a bit of a sigh .

“Oh right, little Yu Fu, why is it that you will get your hair brushed when eldest brother comes, but you don’t even bother putting on any outerwear when we come? Aren’t you looking down on us a little too much?”