Chapter 37

Sister Liu Misunderstands

Gu Xiang re-entered the room and saw Yu Fu’s slightly-red face with Lian Zhu standing to the side with a vigilant look on her face .

As for Gu Yi, that idiot was still foolishly smiling without a clue as to what was happening .

“What happened?”

Gu Xiang looked at Yu Fu then at Lian Zhu; however, both kept their mouths shut and did not respond .

“Gu Yi, what mistaken thing have you said this time to make the two of them this mad? She is still sick . Why have you not apologized yet?”

As long as Yu Fu was unhappy, Gu Yi had definitely done something wrong, thus Gu Xiang hastily pushed Gu Yi to apologize .

“I haven’t said anything wrong!”

Gu Yi looked at Yu Fu in a daze then innocently at Gu Xiang, “I asked Yu Fu why she wanted to have her hair brushed when she heard that eldest brother had come, yet she doesn’t even bother getting changed when seeing us . Right, there was also a strange red string on her neck, but Lian Zhu pushed me away before I could pull it . ”

A strange red string on her neck?

Gu Xiang thought for a while then came to a sudden realization!

“You shitty brat, just shut your mouth!”

As he said this, he grabbed the back of Gu Yi’s collar and dragged him out with a look of shame on his face .

“Yu Fu, don’t worry . I will definitely tell father to cane him properly 20 times!”

“Ah, don’t…”

Yu Fu wanted to stop him, but Gu Yi had already been dragged off by Gu Xiang . Not even the sound of his screams could be clearly heard .

Lian Zhu, Lian Bi, and the others stood to the side . Their faces were red from holding it in, but they were finally unable to endure and began to laugh .

“The sixth young sir really is childish . Not knowing what a dudou is, he actually reached out to tug at it! I fear that he doesn’t even know what he did wrong even after being dragged out by the fifth young sir!”

Lian Zhu covered her mouth with a handkerchief . The more she thought about it, the funnier it became .

Lian Bi also laughed: “This really is the result of Lord Marquis’ strict teaching! The fifth young sir and sixth young sir are already 16 years old, and if this was any other house, they would already have a maidservant taking care of them . But in this home? Only the second young sir is a little more romantically inclined, but even he has never gone out and stayed the night with a woman . As for the rest, they are all very proper gentlemen . Them not knowing about a girl’s dudou is normal . ”

Saying this, she looked at Yu Fu, “Young miss, don’t be mad . The sixth young sir has an innocent disposition and did not do it intentionally . ”

“I’m not mad . ”

Yu Fu shook her small head, “I know that sixth brother didn’t do it intentionally . Quickly go and take a look, make sure that fifth brother doesn’t tell the head general, or sixth brother will get beaten!”

Lian Bi acknowledged this order and stepped outside; however, she was met by a colorful scene, as a group of noble young misses was walking toward the Western Wing .

Looking carefully, the one at the front was Princess DanYang, dressed in her official clothes . Upon seeing Lian Bi, her round and smooth face revealed a dignified smile .

“You are one of the people taking care of sister Yu Fu, right? I heard that sister Yu Fu’s place in Marquis Gu’s Manor is the only one that has any maidservants . You must be her maidservant . ”

Lian Bi was overwhelmed by this unexpected favor . This was her first time speaking with Princess DanYang, and she quickly bowed in response .

“This servant greets Princess DanYang and greets all of the young misses . Our young miss happened to catch a cold and is currently recovering . ”

“I know . That’s why I brought a few young misses to come and visit sister Yu Fu and to help alleviate her boredom . I have just come from visiting Lord Marquis Gu, and he has already granted us permission to come and visit . ”

Since they had already been given permission by Gu HuaiJiang, Lian Bi absolutely did not dare stop them, thus she ordered the maidservants in the yard to lead Princess DanYang’s group inside .

“It looks like you have some urgent business . Quickly go and take care of it . We can go in on our own . ”

Princess DanYang was always dignified and kind . Seeing that Lian Bi’s movements when exiting the room, she knew that Lian Bi had something to do, thus she simply had her go and take care of those matters .

Lian Bi was extremely grateful, “Thank you, princess, for your consideration . This servant will be leaving first . ”

“Young miss, Princess DanYang has come with a group of young misses . She said that she came to visit!”

Lian Zhu hastily entered the room to report . Yu Fu had just laid back down after drinking her medicine . Now, she wanted to get back up, but she was pushed back down by Lian Zhu .

“Young miss, don’t move . I already told Princess DanYang to wait outside for a moment . I came inside to take care of young miss’ hair and clothes . It won’t be too late to invite them in after that . ”

Saying this, she picked up the pale-yellow hairbrush and took care of brushing Yu Fu’s hair while she remained in bed, styling it into something that would be worn at home .

After this, she put on a goose yellow top . She was then laid back down in bed and covered in her blanket . Behind her, a few large pillows were added to prop her up .

Yu Fu watched her move and handled every matter with great care . This improved her view of Lian Zhu .

“Sister Lian Zhu, that’s Princess DanYang, His Majesty’s first daughter from his first wife . You left her waiting outside; are you not afraid?”

Lian Zhu bowed, “Young miss, don’t blame this servant for acting on my own . Young miss is currently sick . Regardless of whether it’s the princess or anyone else, young miss’ health is most important . If Lord Marquis was here, this servant thinks that he would also be in agreement; moreover, this servant left Yin Ling and Yin Xue outside to bring them tea and pastries . Princess DanYang has always been kind and will not be unhappy over this little bit . ”

“I rather feel that sister Lian Zhu is quite methodical, never getting flustered and acting in haste . I admire you far too much, so how could I ever blame you?”

Lian Zhu warmly smiled from the bottom of her heart then turned around and went outside to fetch Princess DanYang’s group .

Seeing Yu Fu’s little figure lying in bed, Princess DanYang felt a bit of heartache . She quickly sat down next to the bed and inquired about her condition .

As for the young misses who accompanied her here, they also found seats in the room, and the atmosphere inside became quite a bit livelier .

“Sister Yu Fu, I heard that you fell into the water because a drunk guy picked a fight . Where could such an unruly person with such a lack of understanding have come from and how could they dare to be so impudent! Don’t worry, I heard brother ShuBai say that the drunk guy has already been captured and interrogated . I will definitely make sure to have him voice sister Yu Fu’s frustrations!”

Hearing Princess DanYang speak, Yu Fu could not help but be surprised .

The tone of these words made it sound as if she and Gu ShuBai had become closer, while Yu Fu had become an unrelated person…

Yu Fu had not yet spoken, but someone else sneered in response .

“Could it be that Princess DanYang has become muddled? Young miss Yu Fu is the heir’s younger sister . It’s natural that he would need to get revenge for young miss Yu Fu . What is there any need for Princess DanYang to remind him?”

Yu Fu had a bit of an impression of the girl who had just spoken . Wearing a set of jade green clothes, it was none other than Liu RuYi, whom she had met during the dragon boat festival .

She had always had some complaints about Princess DanYang monopolizing Gu ShuBai, and now she was able to catch her mistake . It was natural that she would be a little abrasive .

Princess DanYang’s expression was sluggish and slightly embarrassed, but she quickly recovered .

She turned her head slightly and replied with a fitting smile: “It momentarily slipped my mind . Seeing sister Yu Fu in bed from being sick, I lost myself . ”

“It can’t be helped . Sister DanYang had good intentions . In truth, my illness is nothing serious . I’ve troubled everyone with coming to visit . ”

Yu Fu spoke up to ease the tense atmosphere the smiled at Princess DanYang .

Liu RuYi then hurriedly said: “Young miss Yu Fu, there’s no need to be reserved . The marquis’ manor is a lofty existence . Normally, we could not come so easily even if we wanted! It’s only thanks to young miss Yu Fu that we are able to come and visit . We were even able to see the eldest and second young sir in the front!”

It was clear that she was very happy . When she mentioned the eldest young sir, she held her handkerchief a little tighter, and a look of joy burst forth .

It turned out that they had not come to visit her . Rather, they were coming to visit her eldest brother and second brother while and merely visiting her in name only…

“Right, young miss Yu Fu, I heard that Imperial Physician Sun went crazy after coming to treat your illness . He said that a twelve-year-old little girl had better medical knowledge than him . What’s going on with that?”

Liu RuYi became quite talkative when happy . Once these words came out, everyone looked at Yu Fu .

When it came to her life experiences, outsiders would incessantly try to find out more . This included the girls who should be quiet and pure .

Yu Fu bit her lip and was a bit hesitant .

Princess DanYang spoke up for her: “Sister Yu Fu said it before that she grew up in Immortals Valley and was the disciple of the Deity of Medicine . The medical abilities of the Deity of Medicine are unfathomable . If Yu Fu’s medical abilities are said to be greater than those of Imperial Physician Sun, that would definitely be possible . ”

“Isn’t that status as the disciple of the Deity of Medicine just something that Lord Marquis is using to deceive people? Could it be that young miss Yu Fu, the blood of Lord Marquis, actually went to endure the hardship of studying medicine?”

As if seemingly making a decision of great importance, Yu Fu raised her head and forced a smile at Liu RuYi .

“Sister Liu, you’ve misunderstood . I’m actually not the head general’s daughter . ”